Messages From Heaven

Messages From Heaven

by Les Feast


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This book and CD set are about bringing balance to the journey

from our inner source of power. It will help you move from the

negative aspects of your life into the positive, dealing with and

opening the introspection into:

• Competition to cooperation

• Conflict to loving, healthy relationships

• Aloneness to all oneness

• Controlling others to acceptance

• Greed and exploiting practices to serving

• Acquiring to giving and sharing

• Fragile health to robust health

• Worry to peace of mind

• Personal self to universal self

Therefore as you explore your inner self, your dominant

thoughts will become more positive and you will begin to feel a

part of a greater universal Love.

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ISBN-13: 9781452504735
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/30/2012
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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Messages from Heaven Is Anyone Listening?

By Les Feast

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Les Feast
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-0473-5

Chapter One


Over the years following my connection with Archangel Michael, many other Archangels and ascended masters have appeared to me, as if once the gate was open and I offered myself as a channel or medium, I was contacted by these divine souls to help spread the word of light and love. I never take what I receive for granted and feel so very blessed that I am able to offer what is to follow to you my brothers and sisters.

Here he goes in opening the following passages for you to consider;

"My friend and companion, Les, is one of all of us who seeks to bring you the WORD. For in the beginning was the word and the word was God. I love you all and have been helping your planet since time began to unfold the paradise in which you come to experience human existence. I am Michael your beloved and I thank you and pray you will read these words with an open mind and soul. Try not to engage your Ego in assessing whether this is me or not for I tell you as you read these words I am standing with you, reading them with you. For as I write these words through this vehicle of expression, I want you to know that, we like you, seek to help. I am not here to tell you what to do. You all have free will and choice and at any time you can close these pages and even burn the book.

However, I am going to challenge you to think and use your intellect to at least read what I have to say. You and your ancestors have been lied to by the dark forces that have clouded this earth plane for too long. We have tried over many years to advise you. I have fought beside you for good when we knew that if we didn't, the balance of the divine plan would be disrupted.

Remember, the Battle of Somme in the First World War and recently, the failure of a nuclear test in North Korea, just to name a few things. For too long, have people had been told what to do and how to do it, in the name of religion or Country stability. Women who are the holders of the key to the future of mankind and have been suppressed and only just in the last 50 years have they started to stand up to be counted. I will tell one truth right now that will turn many a religious person to scoff and remember, even as I am using a man here to relay these messages.

First truth for all you Christians, Mother Mary, Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist), Mary Magdalena, Naomi, Martha where in charge of the Divine plan for Jesus, the Christ, to fulfill his mission on Earth to show you that everyone is of God and not separate or less than the divine source of all that is.

Second truth, Abraham was not asked by God to put his Son to death to prove his love to God. But it is a good story and is the truth that you must put God first in your love and devotion, for this is the way to know you are the creators expression on Earth and everything that comes your way is from the source, Allah, God, Universal mind or whatever you wish to call the one God of all that is. Your human minds are very limited in knowing what or who God is and so I have been likened to him, which is another myth. I am portrayed with wings but just so you would accept me and not fear me in my role as a guide and protector of the planet.

Archangels are but a small part of what you would call Heaven. I will talk more of this in latter chapters and may even repeat myself a little so you will accept the messages.

I do not want to shock you but to love you and help you unfold your wings, so to speak, for we see each person as an Angel, Which means messengers of God or Elohim. Many of our names will end with EL because it stands for that, Elohim or God and so we are all here bringing messages from heaven to you, not to interfere or control your journey but hopefully for you to see that there is something greater than your self that will inspire you to greatness.

For once you have a truth, it is your truth and no one can take that experience from you. If it is as we have come to many souls in the past, they have opened the eyes of many. I am sure if I start you will recall many others, for example Father Peos, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther, Johanne of Arc ( known as the maid of Lorraine), Sister Bernadette, Saint Catherine, Krishna, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Mohammed, Buddha and of course, you, but just to name a few. So over thousands of years we have been sending messages to you by whatever means we could muster. It may even be this book you are reading or a friend who has just rung you.

As humans, you all battle your own demons in the course of your lives and retaining and maintaining harmony and peace, appears a difficult quest for most of you. I realize you would not be here having an earth experience if we did not sign up to the lessons that will help us all advance into oneness with our God/Goddess energy within. You see we need you, as hopefully as much as you need us. We are all on the journey to oneness.

As many a visionary or prophet will tell you that unless you walk in the valley you will never know how high the mountain is and the feeling of what it is like on top of the mountain is love.

It is by just knowing that you are always loved by the divine forces that surround you and which is within you; that you have nothing to fear.

So the journey goes moment by moment. If we can train our minds about this how better it will we be?

So are you listening?

Are you ready to begin a journey that is going to bring you home?

Do we have to tell you that we love you because we do?

So open your heart and mind to what we are going to tell you and feel the energy passing through your body as we re-align and energize your soul for this wonderful journey ahead.

I am Michael your Archangel!

God said," What keeps you away from great joy? What is it that, when you see beyond it, you will know only full and pure joy? What keeps you back? I will tell you. It is your sighting of imperfection and citing it as such. You name a manner or appearance as flawed. The flaw is the splinter in your eye.

Nothing needs to change but your perception. Your perception is flawed, beloveds.

The day will come when you will see through or beyond what you now see as imperfection. When you see a scar, for example, you won't sort it out in your mind as a flaw. You will merely see a scar, and your attention will not be drawn to it. A scar will be a scar, a symbol of a wound healed.

By the same token, height will reflect an objective measurement and not stature; Attributes will not be added on to anything. Everything will be what it is. This world is here for you to enjoy, not to be picked at.

Dwell less on what seems to intervene in your enjoying more and you will enjoy more. Do not cast aside the world and the beating hearts that dwell in it. Make the world a better place merely by your presence in it. Be pleased and you will please.

Let your eyes be eyes of love and let others bask in the sunlight of your love. So says your God.


So, ever thought what you are doing in life. Have you ever given yourself time to sit down and just read a book or watch the grass grow? Too many of us are just so busy making a living looking after our families or planning the day ahead that we forget to be just in the moment. Every hour and every minute you should be conscious of the thought that you have just this moment to make a difference and who cares if you do or not make a difference. You of course, are the answer but why do we try so hard to find meaning in this life rather just enjoy the moment.

This little story might help illustrate what I am trying to say, I was in a Public toilet the other day which happened to be a Friday night and a young guy came in and stood next to me seemingly very happy. I said to him "did you just win Lotto" and his response "NO" it is Friday and I have finished working in that rotten job all week, so me and my mates are going to get stoned (drunk or similar) and have a great night doing it."

How good it is he was having fun on this one night in the week, but also sad that he had to find joy in his life just on just one night a week rather that every hour of every day. That he could then try to celebrate by numbing his brain of the life he currently was living by getting stoned or drunk.

How many of us do just that by such destructive behavior of hurting our bodies and then suffering the day after just to say," wasn't that fun".

The days when we can just be in love with life in every moment, isn't this what we should be trying to do? What says you my beloved friend!

Chapter Two


Archangel Michael channeled the following message for all of you and here is some of the context of his message. "My beloveds, as I will call you in honour of your divine journeys here on earth and in heaven. Did you know that to find paradise in heaven that you first must find it on earth? I want you to think on that for a minute as I tell you that your destiny is now squarely in your hands.

It is so important for you as Earth Angels, to now ascend to heights not reached by any person on your planet since time began. Even though you may find that hard to believe, however, with the coming of the cosmic Christ energy into you plane of existence on Christmas day, the miracles that he performed are now within your reach.

It is time for you to "remember" and accept the words he told you all those years ago, "As I do so can you but greater things can you do than I"Remember!! The reason I am asking you to remember is because you have downloaded all knowledge into your being and it just a manner of how to access it. I already know your next question and believe me that you will access it when your higher self agrees that you can handle it.

So begin to move up through you divine cord from your crown chakra to you divine love self and keep going until you re-unite with your higher or Monad self.

Who are you—the essence of the God Force within you. This is Spirit, Fire, Water, Air and Earth.

The nature of all manifestation. These are the elements that must be held in balance within you, in order to create balance in your physical being and on your path. Let us first look at Spirit.

Spirit: When you are in balance with Spirit, you will be connected to your Heart and you will radiate Universal Love, Joy and Peace. You will feel that "All is One" and you will live in Harmony and Respect with all life. You will walk your path in confidence, following your Heart's guidance. When you lose balance and the connection, you will fall into patterns of ego and mind analysis. Here you will seek to judge and categorize, and you will rely on the thoughts and guidance of others to feel safe. You will feel a distinct lack of love and Joy in your life, for you are not connected to your inner Source of Light. When you feel this imbalance, your work to create balance again is to reconnect with the Love and Joy at your Heart's core that is the essence of who you are. Release all fear and all judgment; release the hold of the mind and the Ego. Surrender to the flow of Spirit in your Life, until you can feel the Joy and the Love again. Know that all else is illusion.

The following was received and goes like this.

"Sometimes the thing to do is to lay back and do nothing. Sometimes you need to give yourself a mini vacation, be it a week, a day, or even an hour. You know my beloveds there is no law that says you have to accomplish everything you have set out to do in this life time. God does not rate how much you get done or not done. You rate yourself as to how much you get done.

Do you think you are better off if you make the bed each day or if you don't! What is all the urgency about getting your work done so you can be! How about just being? Your value is not really on what you do but in who you are. I am really not advocating that you no longer work or contribute in a useful way.

I do not advocate that you sit and do nothing all day, every day or let go of responsibility to yourself or others you are serving. I am saying that your life does not have to be ruled by "achievements".

I am saying that you cannot always be ruled by the outside and that includes the mighty Clock is it "time" that runs your life?

If so, then no wonder you feel tense, for you work for a hard taskmaster. Your clock might as well have a whip. Instead of winding the clock, it winds you. Could you not enjoy your life more sometimes if you slowed down and asked yourself, "what's the hurry?" A heart beats at a certain pace, so therefore is your heart better if it beats faster? Are heartbeats beating to win a race? Is life a race my beloveds? As I look upon the earth and my children, I see that there is more speed than there is taking time. I suggest that right now you take time for a while and throw it aside and see what life is like when you simply look out the window and enjoy the sights that fill your being. I love you so much.

It is important to think what it is that you manifest via your thought process. For as you think, you body feels and it is from these feelings you physical body reacts.

Therefore, it is important to nurture yourself with thoughts of love, peace and harmony. If you have a "critical parent" mind that keeps telling you, you are stupid or dumb or keep you in fear, then when will you take back the control of your body by governing your thought processes?

We, your angels, can't do it for you but we will support your thinking process, until you decide to change. So if you want drama and/or struggle in your life, and it is that because we love and honour you so much, we will support you in your quest to go through such matters. Simply because we feel you must love it so much that in this life journey you want to experience it to a level when you get to a stage of saying," enough is enough" and you change the things you want to have in your life.

Did you not know how powerful you are, our beloved human angel and that it is your free will to say what it is you want and then believe that it will be delivered.

Have we not helped you with inspiring so many others to write material on this very subject because you have forgotten to listen to us? So we use any avenue to get our message through to you. That is how much we love you and so want you to enjoy this journey as a human being. This journey is a good one and you will all accomplish more this time than you ever have done in the past and that is why we are so delighted to see such progress on earth. If we can help, we are here and get so excited when you ask for our help.

My beloved children and that is who you are, to us your Angels. We love you so much that we watch in wonderment while you live your life in play. We realize that your play on earth can seem very serious and depressing from time to time but lift up your hearts because great times await each one of you. Let go of the drama and realize you have each other as you always have us. Only we stay in the background and are not always seen by those who are so involved in living life on earth, with all its trappings.

Do not be fooled by what is happening around you; because the inhabitants of the planet are going through the birth pangs of transformation into a new life. Fear may grip you but love is always the key. Stay patient and at peace with yourself and everything will work out for you. We will continue to "nag" like your mother or loved one wanting to see you change your ways and in so doing keep reminding you that the Kingdom of Heaven is upon you and that the search must be, that you go within.

Please, love the journey and remember that if you have good health, you will have great relationships because you will be positively humming like a bird and if you have great relationships, then you will be able to be more of service to others and this will produce the things you like to do and the reward of abundance in all aspects of your life will be the fruit of your labors. Can you not see now that mankind gave his power away to other human beings by establishing other people rather than God to be the guidance for them?


Excerpted from Messages from Heaven Is Anyone Listening? by Les Feast Copyright © 2012 by Les Feast. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


About the Author....................vii
Forward Introduction....................xi
Chapter 1: The Messages Begin....................1
Chapter 2: Let The Journey Begin!....................7
Chapter 3: Do As I Say Not As I Do!....................16
Chapter 4: Messages For The Years To Come....................26
Chapter 5: I Am Always With You....................63
Chapter 6: You're Zodiac Messages From Your Angels....................68
Chapter 7: I Am The Light The Truth And The Way....................80
Chapter 8: As Above So Below....................90
Chapter 9: You Are The Light To The World!....................99
Chapter 10: What Now!....................109
Chapter 11: Change Your Vibration....................117
Chapter 12: Intermission—Lift UpYour Hearts....................149
Chapter 13: The Coming Of Age—The Story Continued....................166

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