MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape 2nd Ed.

MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape 2nd Ed.

by Suzy Prudden, Joan Meijer

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Best Selling author Suzy Prudden at her groundbreaking best linking the thoughts you have about yourself with the way those thoughts play out in your life and your body.


MetaFitness: Your Thoughts Taking Shape utilizes affirmations, visualizations, self-hypnosis and movement. It combines working with your body (the exterior) and working with your mind (the interior) to heal your relationship with yourself. Your body and the various components of your life (i.e., money, relationships, work, home, etc.) are the out-picturing of your inner self. As you heal your relationship with yourself, your relationship with your body and all other areas of your life begin to shift in a positive direction.

I believe that:
* Your body is the physical manifestation of how you feel about yourself.
* Everything "out there" (situations in your life) is a picture of what's
going on "in here" (inside yourself and your belief system).
* By healing your relationship with yourself, you heal your body and you
heal your life.

Results, such as long-term weight loss, can occur where they have been difficult in the past. Changes in posture are possible, and permanent relief from pain can be experienced where no pathological causes are apparent (and even sometimes when there are pathological causes). Weight, pain and posture problems are usually symptoms of blockages in your life. Look inside for the causes, heal them and the symptoms are released.

Your body serves as a weather vane for what's going on in the rest of your life. If you suddenly have shoulder pain, look at the burdens you carry in your life to see if they are heavier than usual. If you get a sore throat or laryngitis, look to see what you are not saying either to yourself or to an important person in your life. If you put on weight, look to see why you are protecting yourself and what you are protecting yourself from. Your body communicates what is going on before you can see it in your life. Until the cause is rooted out, the symptom will continue. So, allow the symptom to lead you to the cause, and then the cause can be healed.

That is the foundation of MetaFitness and it’s not that easy. In order to heal your body and your life you have to get into action. If you realize that you have pain in your body because you are not exercising, it becomes important to start an exercise program. If you are overweight, changing your eating patterns becomes vital. MetaFitness is not simply a matter of thinking about change; it is a matter of taking action to change.

In metaphysics, it is said, "What you focus on expands," and "Thought is creative. What you believe is true becomes true for you." If you focus on being fat by talking about it, by worrying about it, and by continually trying to do something about it, your body will respond by creating more fat.

For many people, fat is believed to be negative when actually it is something positive. Fat is a life-limiter, but it is also a great protector. It protects some people from unwanted sexual advances. For others, fat addresses the questions, "What would happen if I really became as successful as I want to be? Could I handle it?" Fat can be a boundary-setter. Some people do not know how to protect themselves from the intrusions of others. They do not know how to say "no." In order to be protected, the body takes over and creates a boundary of fat to keep out anyone who gets too close too fast. The body says "no."

For me, extra weight cushioned me during times of extreme stress and feelings of fear as I left one way of life and created a new one. The body fat I developed limited my forward motion and gave me needed time out of the public eye to create and integrate my new work. I did not know it at the time, but the extra weight slowed me down and protected me from further burnout. I learned that fat is my body's way of protecting me during periods of drastic change; it keeps me safe when I am afraid. By reprogramming my mind during these fearful times, and by learning the reasons for my fears, I can let go of my excess weight and keep it off.

MetaFitness is not simply a process for weight loss. It can help you learn to like parts of yourself that, in some cases, you cannot even look at; to listen to your body and respect what it tells you, and to achieve good health and good feelings.

I found in my own life that I was programmed from childhood to ignore what my body told me: "Finish everything on your plate, other people are starving," so I ate when I wasn't hungry. "It's time for bed," but I wasn't sleepy. "Stop wiggling and sit up like a grown-up." "Stop acting like a child." In so many words and experiences, I was told that my body did not know anything, that it did not have any knowledge like the mind did; that it was merely a "thing." And what is worse, that I was a "thing,"

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Publisher: Joan Meijer
Publication date: 11/10/2011
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About the Author

Suzy Prudden is the best selling author of 15 books in the areas of fitness, metafitness and weight loss including the best selling "Spot Reducing."

Joan Meijer is the author of 20 books and a dozen short stories. She has co-authored five books with Suzy Prudden.

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