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Metal-Containing and Metallo-supramolecular Polymers and Materials

Metal-Containing and Metallo-supramolecular Polymers and Materials

by Ulrich S. Schubert

ISBN-10: 0841239290

ISBN-13: 9780841239296

Pub. Date: 03/23/2006

Publisher: American Chemical Society

The last few years have brought a dramatic boom in the area of metal-containing systems and materials, both in supramolecular and polymer chemistry as well as nanoscience. Besides synthetic advances, a major increase in knowledge regarding metallopolymer characterization has been apparent. Moreover, recently a growing interest in the application of these materials


The last few years have brought a dramatic boom in the area of metal-containing systems and materials, both in supramolecular and polymer chemistry as well as nanoscience. Besides synthetic advances, a major increase in knowledge regarding metallopolymer characterization has been apparent. Moreover, recently a growing interest in the application of these materials can be seen. Potential applications are identified in the areas of smart or intelligent materials, systems with special photochemical and photophysical properties (such as LEDs or solar cells), nanoscience, sensory materials, as well as materials with very special thermal and mechanical properties. This symposium series book covers the complete range of metal-containing polymers and materials by first-hand articles from the world-leading groups. These include design, synthesis, characterization as well as selected applications.

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American Chemical Society
Publication date:
ACS Symposium Series , #928
Product dimensions:
9.10(w) x 6.20(h) x 1.40(d)

Table of Contents

1. Editorial: Recent advances in metal-containing and metallo-supramolecular polymers and materials
Metallo-Supramolecular Polymers
2. Dendronized Copper(I)-Metallopolymers, Julia Kubasch, Matthias Rehahn
3. A Comparative Study of Polymer Composition, Molecular Weight and Counterion Effects on the Chelation of Bipyridine Macroligands to Iron(II), Robert M. Johnson, Anne Pfister, Cassandra L. Fraser
4. Aqueous Metallo-Supramolecular Micelles with Spherical or Cylindrical Morphology, Jean-François Gohy, Bas G. G. Lohmeijer, Alexander Alexeev, Xiao-Song Wang, Ian Manners, Mitchell A. Winnik, Ulrich S. Schubert
5. Thermodynamics of 2,2':6',2''-Terpyridine - Metal Ion Complexation, Rainer Dobrawa, Pablo Ballester, Chantu R. Saha-Möller, Frank Würthner
6. Grid forming metal coordinating macroligands: Synthesis and complexation, Richard Hoogenboom, Jurriaan Huskens, Ulrich S. Schubert
7. Light-active Metal-based Molecular-scale Wires, Anthony Harriman, Abderahim Khatyr, Sarah A. Rostron, Raymond Ziessel
8. Triads containing terpyridine-ruthenium(II) complexes and the perylene fluorescent dye, Harald Hofmeier, Philip R. Andres, Ulrich S. Schubert
9. The Preparation of Metallo-supramolecular Polymers and Gels By Utilizing 2,6-bis(1'-methyl-benzimidazolyl)pyridine/Metal Ion Interactions, J. Benjamin Beck, Stuart J. Rowan
10. Thermal stability, rheology and morphology of metallo-supramolecular polymers based on terpyridine ruthenium(II) complexes, Harald Hofmeier, Marielle Wouters, Daan Wouters, Ulrich S. Schubert
11. Novel Block Copolymers with Terpyridine Pendant Groups, Gregory N. Tew, Khaled A. Aamer, Raja Shunmugam
12. Complexation parameters of terpyridine-metal complexes, Philip R. Andres, Harald Hofmeier, Ulrich S. Schubert
13. Poly[2-(acetoacetoxy)ethyl methacrylate]-based hybrid micelles, Theodora Krasia, Helmut Schlaad
Metallo-Supramolecular Dendrimers
14. UMetallo-dendrimers: Fractals and Photonics, Tae Joon Cho, Charles N. Moorefield, Pingsham Wang, George R. Newkome
15. Encapsulation Effects on Homogeneous Electron Self-Exchange Dynamics in Tris(bipyridine) Iron Core Dendrimers, Young-Rae Hong, Christopher B. Gorman
16. Extraction of Metal Nanoparticles from within Dendrimer Templates, Joaquin C. Garcia-Martinez, Orla M. Wilson, Robert W. J. Scott, Richard M. Crooks
17. Metalla Groups Linked to the Surface of Phosphorus-containing Dendrimers, Jean-Pierre Majoral, Anne-Marie Caminade, Régis Laurent
18. Hyperbranches Polyynes containing cobaltcarbonyls as precursors to nanostructures magetoceramics, Matthias Häußler, Jacky W. Y. Lam, Hongchen Dong, Hui Tong, Ben Zhong Tang
19. Syntheses and Nonlinear Optical Properties of Alkynylruthenium Dendrimers
Organometallic Polymers, Materials and Nanoparticles
Ferrocene-containing systems
20. Synthesis, Self-Assembly and Applications of Polyferrocenylsilane (PFS) Block Copolymers, Xiaosong Wang, Mitchell A. Winnik, Ian Manners
21. Carbanion-Pump Mediated Synthesis and Bulk Morphologies of Ferrocenyldimethylsilane - Methyl Methacrylate Diblock Copolymers, Christian Kloninger, Matthias Rehahn
22. Lithographic Patterning and Reactive Ion Etching of a Highly Metallized Polyferrocenylsilanes, Scott B. Clendenning, Alison Y. Cheng, Ian Manners
23. Poly(ferrocenylsilane-block-methacrylate)s via Sequential Anionic and Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization, . Mark A. Hempenius, Igor Korczagin, G. Julius Vancso
24. Synthesis and Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Water-Soluble Polyferrocenylsilane Polyelectrolytes, Zhuo Wang, Geoffrey A. Ozin, Ian Manners
25. Synthesis and Bulk Morphology of Styrene-Ferrocenylsilane-Methyl Methacrylate Tri-
and Pentablock Copolymers Christian Kloninger, Uttam Datta, Matthias Rehahn
26. Evolution of Lowest Singlet and Triplet Excited States with Electronic Structure of Fluorene Group in Metal Polyyne Polymers, Wai-Yeung Wong, Ka-Ho Choi, Guo-Liang Lu, Li Liu, Jian-Xin Shi1, Kok-Wai Cheah
27. Peptide Films on Surfaces: Preparation and Electron Transfer, G. A. Orlowski, H. B. Kraatz
28. Neutral and Cationic Cyclopentadienyliron Macromolecules Containing Azo Dyes, Alaa S. Abd-El-Aziz, Patrick O. Shipman
Organometallic Polymers, Materials and Nanoparticles
Non-ferrocene-containing systems
29. Ring-Collapsed Alternating Copolymerization (RCRAC) of Organoaresenic Homocycles and Acetylenic Compounds, Kensuke Naka, Tomokazu Umeyama, Akiko Nakahashi, and Yoshiki Chujo
30. Photodegradable Polymers Containing Metal-Metal Bonds along Their Backbones; Mechanistic Study of Stress-Induced Rate Accelerations in the Photochemical Degradation of Polymers, Rui Chen, David R. Tyler
31. Spectroscopic and Liquid Crystal Properties of Phthalocyanine Macromolecules with Biomedical Applications, Ernie H. G. Langner, Wade L. Davis, Rebotsamang F. Shago, Jannie C. Swarts
32. Synthesis, Reactivity and Ring-Opening Polymerization of Sila-Metallacyclobutanes, Hemant K. Sharma, Keith H. Pannell
33. Luminescence Properties of Phosphine / Isocyanide Cu(I)- and Ag(I)-Containing Oligomers in the Solid State, Pierre D. Harvey, Éric Fournier
34. Facile Synthesis of High-Quality Large-Pore Periodic Mesoporous Organosilicas Templated by Triblock Copolymers, Wanping Guo, Jin-Woo Park, and Chang-Sik Ha
35. Assembling Prussian Blue Nanoclusters Along Single Polyelectrolyte Molecules, Anton Kiriy, Vera Bocharova, Ganna Gorodyska, Paul Simon, Ingolf Mönch, Dieter Elefant, Manfred Stamm
em 36 Reactive Polymers Possessing Metallacycles in the Main Chain, Ikuyoshi Tomita
37. Coordination compounds for functional nonlinear optics: Enhancing and switching the second-order nonlinear optical responses, Inge Asselberghs, Michael J. Therien, Benjamin J. Coe, Jon A. McCleverty, Koen Clays
38. Designing Supramolecular Porphyrin Arrays for Surface Assembly and Patterning of Optoelectronic Materials, Jayne C. Garno, Chang Xu, James D. Batteas, Charles Michael Drain

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