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Methods in Membrane Lipids / Edition 1

Methods in Membrane Lipids / Edition 1

by Alex Dopico
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This book presents a compendium of methodologies for the study of membrane lipids, varying from traditional lab bench experimentation to computer simulation and theoretical models. The volume provides a comprehensive set of techniques for studying membrane lipids with a strong biophysical emphasis. It compares the various available techniques including the pros and cons as seen by the experts.

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ISBN-13: 9781617377037
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC
Publication date: 11/19/2010
Series: Methods in Molecular Biology , #400
Edition description: Softcover reprint of hardcover 1st ed. 2007
Pages: 621
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.39(d)

Table of Contents

Methods in Membrane Lipids: Table of Contents

Introductory Chapters:
1 A glance at the structural and functional diversity of membrane lipids
Alejandro M. Dopico and Gabor J. Tigyi

2 Membrane lipid polymorphism: relationship to bilayer properties and protein function
Richard Epand

Lipid distribution, membrane lipid structure, and lipid-lipid interactions:
3 Acrylodan-labeled intestinal fatty acid binding protein to measure concentrations of unbound fatty acids
Jeffrey R. Simard, Frits Kamp, and James A. Hamilton

4 Measuring molecular order and orientation using Coherent-anti Stokes
Raman scattering microscopy
Hilde A. Rinia, George W.H. Wurpel, and Michiel Müller

5 Preparation of oriented, fully hydrated lipid samples for structure determination using X-ray scattering
Stephanie Tristram-Nagle

6 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance investigation of oriented lipid membranes
Olivier Soubias and Klaus Gawrisch

7 Molecular dynamics simulations as a complement to Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance and X-ray diffraction measurements
Scott Feller

8 Use of inverse theory algorithms in the analysis of biomembrane
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance data
Edward Sternin

9 Statistical thermodynamics via computer simulation to characterize phospholipid interactions in membranes
Mihaly Mezei and Pál Jedlovszky

10 Fluorometric assay for detection of sterol oxidation in liposomal membranes
Parkson L-G. Chong and Michelle Olsher

11 Fluorescence detection of signs of sterol superlattice formation in lipid membranes
Parkson L-G. Chong, Berenice Venegas, and Michelle Olsher

Characterization of lipid phases:
12 Differential scanning calorimetry in the study of lipid phase transitions in model and biological membranes: practical considerations
Ruthven N. A. H. Lewis, David A. Mannock, and Ronald N. McElhaney

13 Pressure-perturbationcalorimetry
Heiko Heerklotz

14 Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy in the study of lipid phase transitions in model and biological membranes: practical considerations
Ruthven N. A. H.Lewis and Ronald McElhaney

15 Optical dynamometry to study phase transitions in lipid membranes
Rumiana Dimova and Bernard Pouligny

Lipid movements and diffusion:
16 Fluorescence assays for measuring fatty acid binding and transport through membranes
Kellen Brunaldi, Jeffrey R. Simard, Frits Kamp, Charu Rewal, Tanong
Asawakarn, Paul O'Shea, and James A. Hamilton

17 Measurement of lateral diffusion rates in membranes by Pulsed
Magnetic Field Gradient, Magic Angle-Spinning Proton Nuclear Magnetic
Klaus Gawrisch and Holly Gaede

18 Using Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching to measure diffusion in membranes
Conrad W. Mullineaux and Helmut Kirchhoff

19 Single molecule fluorescence microscopy to determine phospholipid lateral diffusion
Michael J. Murcia, Sumit Garg, and Christoph Naumann

20 Modeling two- and three-dimensional diffusion
Michael Saxton

21 Measurement of water and solute permeability by stopped-flow fluorimetry
John C. Mathai and Mark L. Zeidel

Pressure between lipids, mono- and bilayer lipid curvature and stress:
22 Fluorescence microscopy to study pressure between lipids in giant unilamelar vesicles
Anna Celli, Claudia Y.C. Lee, and Enrico Gratton

23 X-ray scattering and solid-state deuterium Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance probes of structural fluctuations in lipid membranes
Horia I. Petrache and Michael F. Brown

24 Determination of lipid spontaneous curvature from X-ray examinations of inverted hexagonal phases
Michael Kozlov

25 Shape analysis of giant vesicles with fluid phase coexistence by laser scanning microscopy to determine curvature, bending elasticity and line tension
Samuel T. Hess, M

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