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Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Methods in Stream Ecology / Edition 1

Methods in Stream Ecology / Edition 1

by F. Richard Hauer, Gary A. Lamberti


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ISBN-13: 9780123329066
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 05/01/1998
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 674
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 8.96(h) x 1.25(d)

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Table of Contents

Contributors     ix
Preface     xiii
Physical Processes
Landscapes and Riverscapes   Jack A. Stanford     3
Valley Segments, Stream Reaches, and Channel Units   Peter A. Bisson   David R. Montgomery   John M. Buffington     23
Discharge Measurements and Streamflow Analysis   James A. Gore     51
Dynamics of Flow   Robert W. Newbury   David J. Bates     79
Temperature, Light, and Oxygen   F. Richard Hauer   Walter R. Hill     103
Hyporheic Zones   Clifford N. Dahm   H. Maurice Valett   Colden V. Baxter   William W. Woessner     119
Material Transport, Uptake, and Storage
Fluvial Geomorphic Processes   Mark S. Lorang   F. Richard Hauer     145
Solute Dynamics   Jackson R. Webster   H. Maurice Valett     169
Phosphorus Limitation, Uptake, and Turnover in Benthic Stream Algae   Alan D. Steinman   Patrick J. Mulholland     187
Nitrogen Limitation and Uptake   Jennifer L. Tank   Melody J. Bernot   Emma J. Rosi-Marshall     213
Dissolved Organic Matter   Stuart Findlay     239
Transport andStorage of FPOM   J. Bruce Wallace   John J. Hutchens, Jr.   Jack W. Grubaugh     249
CPOM Transport, Retention, and Measurement   Gary A. Lamberti   Stanley V. Gregory     273
Stream Biota
Heterotrophic Bacteria   Amelia K. Ward     293
Fungi: Biomass, Production, and Sporulation of Aquatic Hyphomycetes   Vladislav Gulis   Keller F. Suberkropp     311
Benthic Stream Algae: Distribution and Structure   Rex L. Lowe   Gina D. LaLiberte     327
Biomass and Pigments of Benthic Algae   Alan D. Steinman   Gary A. Lamberti   Peter R. Leavitt     357
Macrophytes and Bryophytes   William B. Bowden   Janice M. Glime   Tenna Riis     381
Meiofauna   Margaret A. Palmer   David L. Strayer   Simon D. Rundle     415
Macroinvertebrates   F. Richard Hauer   Vincent H. Resh     435
Macroinvertebrate Dispersal   Leonard A. Smock     465
Role of Fish Assemblages in Stream Communities   Hiram W. Li   Judith L. Li     489
Community Interactions
Primary Producer-Consumer Interactions   Gary A. Lamberti   Jack W. Feminella    Catherine M. Pringle     537
Predator-Prey Interactions   Barbara L. Peckarsky     561
Trophic Relationships of Macroinvertebrates   Richard W. Merritt   Kenneth W. Cummins     585
Trophic Relations of Stream Fishes   Frances P. Gelwick   William J. Matthews     611
Stream Food Webs   Anne E. Hershey   Kenneth Fortino   Bruce J. Peterson   Amber J. Ulseth     637
Ecosystem Processes
Primary Productivity and Community Respiration   Thomas L. Bott     663
Secondary Production of Macroinvertebrates   Arthur C. Benke   Alexander D. Huryn     691
Decomposition of Leaf Material   E. F. Benfield     711
Riparian Processes and Interactions   G. Wayne Minshall   Amanda Rugenski     721
Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Periphyton   Catherine M. Pringle   Frank J. Triska     743
Surface-Subsurface Interactions in Streams   Nancy B. Grimm   Colden V. Baxter   Chelsea L. Crenshaw     761
Ecosystem Quality
Ecological Assessments with Benthic Algae   R. Jan Stevenson   Scott L. Rollins     785
Macroinvertebrates as Biotic Indicators of Environmental Quality   James L. Carter   Vincent H. Resh   Morgan J. Hannaford   Marilyn J. Myers     805
Establishing Cause-Effect Relationships in Multi-Stressor Environments   Joseph M. Culp   Donald J. Baird     835
Index     855

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