#MeToo: Women Speak Out Against Sexual Assault

#MeToo: Women Speak Out Against Sexual Assault

by New York Times Editorial Staff


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ISBN-13: 9781642820027
Publisher: Rosen Publishing Group, Incorporated, The
Publication date: 08/15/2018
Series: Rosen In the Headlines Series
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.80(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 14 - 17 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 7

Chapter 1 The Start of the #MeToo Movement

Harvey Weinstein Paid Off Sexual Harassment Accusers for Decades Jodi Kantor Megan Twohey 10

Statement From Harvey Weinstein Harvey Weinstein 21

Harvey Weinstein's Fall Opens the Floodgates in Hollywood Jim Rutenberg Rachel Abrams Melena Ryzik 23

#MeToo Floods Social Media With Stories of Harassment and Assault Anna Codrea-Rado 28

The Raw Power of #MeToo Margaret Renkl 30

The Woman Who Created #MeToo Long Before Hashtags Sandra E. Garcia 34

The 'Click' Moment: How the Weinstein Scandal Unleashed a Tsunami Jessica Bennett 37

The Silence Breakers' Named Time's Person of the Year for 2017 Jonah Engel Bromwich 43

Chapter 2 The International Response to #MeToo

France Considers Fines for Catcalls as Women Speak Out on Harassment Dan Bilefsky Elian Peltier 45

'Revolt' in France Against Sexual Harassment Hits Cultural Resistance Alissa J. Rubin 49

A #MeToo Moment for the European Parliament Milan Schreuer 54

Yes, It Happens in Sweden, #Too Jenny Nordberg 56

In Italy, #MeToo Is More Like 'Meh' Jason Horowitz 60

The #MeToo Moment: What Happened After Women Broke the Silence Elsewhere? Somini Sengupta 64

In Canada, a 'Perfect Storm' for a #MeToo Reckoning Ian Austen Catherine Porter 68

Chapter 3 The Effects of #MeToo

Men at Work Wonder if They Overstepped With Women, Too Nellie Bowles 72

Gymnastics Doctor Who Abused Patients Gets 60 Years for Child Pornography Maggie Astor 78

Larry Nassar Is Sentenced to Another 40 to 125 Years in Prison Christine Hauser 81

Mea Culpa. Kinda Sorta by The New York Times 84

Alabama Women 'Make a Stand' in First Election of the #MeToo Era Jess Bidgood 92

The Politics of #HimToo Thomas B. Edsall 97

Microsoft Moves to End Secrecy in Sexual Harassment Claims Nick Wingfield Jessica Silver-Greenberg 106

Business Schools Now Teaching #MeToo, N.F.L. Protests and Trump David Gelles Claire Cain Miller 110

The Patriarchs Are Falling. The Patriarchy Is Stronger Than Ever Susan Faludi 116

Powerful Hollywood Women Unveil Anti-Harassment Action Plan Cara Buckley 121

#MeToo Has Done What the Law Could Not Catharine A. Mackinnon 126

Chapter 4 Criticism of the #MeToo Movement

Matt Damon Draws Rebukes for Comments on the #MeToo Movement Christina Caron 129

When #MeToo Goes Too Far Bret Stephens 132

Publicly, We Say #MeToo. Privately, We Have Misgivings. Daphne Merkin 135

Catherine Deneuve and Others Denounce the #MeToo Movement Valeriya Safronova 139

Catherine Deneuve Apologizes to Victims After Denouncing #MeToo Anna Codrea-Rado 142

Trump, Saying 'Mere Allegation' Ruins Lives, Appears to Doubt #MeToo Movement Mark Landler 144

#MeToo and the Marketing of Female Narrative Ginia Bellafante 148

Chapter 5 What's Next?

Dear Men: It's You, Too Roxane Gay 152

The #MeToo Stories We're Not Hearing Thomas Chatterton Williams 157

The Conversation: Seven Women Discuss Work, Fairness, Sex and Ambition by The New York Times Magazine 160

Russell Simmons, R. Kelly, and Why Black Women Can't Say #MeToo Shanita Hubbard 180

Should We Forgive the Men Who Assaulted Us? Danielle Berrin 184

The #MeToo Moment: What's Next? Jessica Bennett 188

The #MeToo Moment: I'm a Straight Man. Now What? Daniel Victor 191

Sexual Misconduct Spurs New Elections: The #MeToo Races Trip Gabriel Jess Bidgood 195

#MeToo Called for an Overhaul. Are Workplaces Really Changing? Jodi Kantor 199

Glossary 209

Media Literacy Terms 211

Media Literacy Questions 213

Citations 215

Index 219

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