Mexican Joe in the Caribbean

Mexican Joe in the Caribbean

by Mitchell Torok

CD(4 Cd Set / Includes Book)

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Mexican Joe in the Caribbean

Mitchell Torok had a number one country hit in 1953 with "Caribbean," but a four-disc box set of his recordings from the late '40s through the early '60s comes as a bit of a surprise, especially when there is no available single-disc anthology. Despite his relative obscurity, Torok was a versatile performer and a talented songwriter who recorded in a variety of styles including country, pop, and rockabilly, which makes an extended set such as this more listenable over the course of 111 tracks. Torok was practically the king of the ethnic novelty, recording dozens of songs about the Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, China -- even Hungary, from where his parents hailed. Although the prospective audience for this expensive set is small, the few who make the financial leap will find much to enjoy.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/16/1996
Label: Bear Family
UPC: 4000127159069
catalogNumber: 15906
Rank: 242772


Disc 1

  1. Nacogdoches County Line
  2. I'll Get My Lovin' from Someone Else
  3. Clingin' Heart
  4. Piney Woods Boogie
  5. Yearnin'
  6. Someday (When Someone Hurts You)
  7. Table Hoppin' Blues
  8. Sober Up
  9. Little Hoo-Wee
  10. Judalina
  11. Caribbean
  12. Weep Away
  13. Caribbean
  14. Hootchy Kootchy Henry (From Hawaii)
  15. Gigolo
  16. Edgar the Eager Easter Bunny
  17. Living on Love
  18. The Haunting Waterfall
  19. Dancerette
  20. The World Keeps Turning Around
  21. A Peasant's Guitar
  22. Roulette
  23. Havana Huddle
  24. Smooth Talk
  25. My Silly Old Heart
  26. Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat
  27. Too Late Now
  28. My Kind of Woman
  29. Little Hoo-Wee

Disc 2

  1. Marching My Blues Away
  2. Country and Western (That's for Me)
  3. Red Light, Green Light
  4. No Money Down
  5. It'll Be Alright
  6. A Woman by Your Side
  7. I Wish I Was a Little Bit Younger (And Knew What I Know Now)
  8. Memories of You Haunting Me Night and Day
  9. When Mexico Gave Up the Rhumba (To Do the Rock and Roll)
  10. Go Ahead and Be a Fool
  11. Drink Up and Go Home
  12. Take This Heart
  13. Pledge of Love
  14. Another Love from Now
  15. What's Behind the Strange Door
  16. You Never Belonged to Me
  17. Sweet Revenge
  18. Love Me Like You Mean It
  19. You Win Again
  20. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
  21. Love Your Touch (Love You So Much)
  22. Two Words (True Love)
  23. You're Tempting Me
  24. You Can't Keep a Good Man Down
  25. Honolulu Baby
  26. Filipino Baby
  27. How Much (Do I Love You)
  28. Be Kind to Me
  29. These Things I Hold Dear
  30. A Date With a Teardrop
  31. All Over Agian, Again
  32. You Can't Get There from Here

Disc 3

  1. You Drive, Buddy
  2. The P.T.A. Rock and Roll
  3. Here I Come Cruel World
  4. Teenie Weenie Bikini
  5. Cryin' Honky Tonk Blues
  6. Caribbean
  7. New Guitar
  8. You Are the One
  9. Especially for You
  10. Kish Leon
  11. Johnny's Gone Away to College
  12. Mexican Joe
  13. Little Hoo-Wee
  14. Rig-A-Jig-A-Boom
  15. You Are the One
  16. That's My Desire
  17. Guardian Angel
  18. A Rose-Covered Garden
  19. When the Stars Get in Your Eyes
  20. I Want to Know Ev'ryrthing
  21. Guardian Angel
  22. Pink Chiffon
  23. The Seventeenth Summer
  24. What You Don't Know (Won't Hurt You)
  25. Happy Street
  26. Little Boy in Love
  27. King of Holiday Island

Disc 4

  1. El Tigre
  2. Eating My Heart Out
  3. The Commancheros
  4. Rio Grande
  5. Fool's Disguise
  6. A Mighty, Mighty Man
  7. For Somebody Who's Supposed to Be Hurtin'
  8. I'm Not Myself
  9. Hawaiian Sunset
  10. Little Secrets
  11. I Wish
  12. Timid Soul
  13. El Tigre
  14. Summer Romance
  15. Your Love
  16. Too Bad
  17. For Your Precious Love
  18. The Tree
  19. What Goes on in Your Heart
  20. Imagination
  21. Hidin' the Hurt
  22. Little Teenage Heart
  23. Country Music I Gave You the Best Years of My Life

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Mitchell Torok   Primary Artist,Guitar,Leader,Vocals
Floyd Cramer   Organ,Piano
Hank Garland   Guitar
Jordanaires   Choir, Chorus
Don Bagley   Bass
Cozy Cole   Choir, Chorus
Marni Nixon   Choir, Chorus
Jimmy Day   Steel Guitar
Don Helms   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Fiddle,Guitar,Bongos
James Joyce   Choir, Chorus
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Owen Bradley   Piano
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Ray Edenton   Guitar
Bob Foster   Steel Guitar
George French   Piano
Buddy Harman   Percussion,Drums
Hoyt Hawkins   Choir, Chorus
John Johnson   Saxophone
Douglas Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
Millie Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Roy Nichols   Guitar
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
Boots Randolph   Saxophone
Robert Tebow   Choir, Chorus
Tiny Timbrell   Guitar
Marijohn Wilkin   Choir, Chorus
Joe Hayes   Fiddle
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus
Jerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Ronnie Lewis   Drums
Marvin Montgomery   Banjo,Guitar,Leader,Vocals,Concert Master
Bob Moore   Bass
Sam Pruett   Guitar
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Choir, Chorus
Jack Halloran   Choir, Chorus
Glaser Brothers   Choir, Chorus
Roy Lanham   Guitar
Ray C. Walker   Choir, Chorus
Thomas Lee Jackson   Fiddle
Walter Garland   Guitar
Arthur Shapiro   Bass
William Guilford Wright   Choir, Chorus
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Bill Kanady   Choir, Chorus
Joe Hermann   Fiddle
Betty Jane Baker   Choir, Chorus
Eddie McDuff   Cardboard Box
Sonny Harville   Bass
William Cole   Choir, Chorus
George French   Piano
Jimmy Wayne   Steel Guitar
Anita Kerr Quartet   Choir, Chorus
Donald D. Davis   Bass
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters   Steel Guitar
Homer "Boots" Louis   Saxophone
Harold Kenneth Cobb   Drums,Cardboard Box
Cleone Duncan   Choir, Chorus
Kenneth Allen "Little Red" Hayes   Fiddle
Culley Robert Holt   Choir, Chorus
Sally Lee   Vocals,Soloist
Edward C. McDuff   Guitar
Marion Nixon   Choir, Chorus
Gail Ramona Redd Torok   Vocals
Tulane Sisters   Choir, Chorus
Howard Osmond Jr. White   Steel Guitar
Ron Lewis   Drums

Technical Credits

Joe Maphis   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Freddie Hart   Composer
Tom Glazer   Composer
Johnny Bond   Composer
Owen Bradley   Producer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer,Producer
Billy Cox   Composer
Colin Escott   Liner Notes,Illustrations
Elmore James   Composer
Marvin Moore   Composer
Wesley Rose   Producer
John Rotella   Composer
Marshall Sehorn   Composer
Shelby Singleton   Producer
T.E. Kellison Warren   Composer
Weisman   Composer
Ben Weisman   Composer
Paul White   Producer
Marijohn Wilkin   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Jim Franklin   Producer
Marvin Montgomery   Producer
Arlie Duff   Composer
Tillman Franks   Composer,Producer
Don Reid   Composer
Mitchell Torok   Composer,Producer
Phil Wells   Contributor,Tape Comparison
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer,Tape Research
Clive Blewchamp   Artwork
Fabor Robison   Producer
Philip Licata   Composer
Carroll Loveday   Composer
John Lupton   Composer
Hal Marquess   Composer
Mitchell Tableporter   Composer
Carroll Carroll   Composer
Stanley Clayton   Composer
Bob Davie   Composer
Julia Dillman   Composer
Ramona Redd   Composer
Helmy Kressa   Composer
Paul Cohen   Producer
Mercer Schertzinger   Composer
Peters   Composer

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