Mezzanine de l'Alcazar: Collector's Box

Mezzanine de l'Alcazar: Collector's Box


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Release Date: 11/06/2007
Label: Pschent Music
UPC: 3596971267124
catalogNumber: 312671


Disc 1

  1. Soul Vibration @@J-Walk
  2. Lady
  3. Vuelvo al Sur
  4. Brain Thing @@Matthew
  5. Outro Lado @@Zuco 103
  6. Lebanese Blond
  7. Paul's Pal @@Paul Hunter
  8. Speechless Drum'n'bass @@Count Basic K&D Session
  9. Velcorsquat Light
  10. Your Revolution
  11. Orozco @@Tosca

Disc 2

  1. Dream of You
  2. No Communication, No Love
  3. Over the Waves
  4. Jazzy Kinda Sum'n
  5. Pure
  6. Thigns You Said
  7. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  8. Flight Time @@Pascal
  9. Fly with Me @@Glenn Underground
  10. Two Stones Ahead @@TO-KA Project
  11. Everything @@Spero
  12. You Are Love
  13. Rise-Up & Walk

Disc 3

  1. Yellow Is the Colour @@Bugge Wesselftoft
  2. Ocean Jive
  3. Get Misunderstood
  4. Riders on the Storm (Pink Solidism)
  5. Enchant Me
  6. Gai Soleil
  7. Breathe
  8. Snooze for Beginners @@Snooze
  9. Chorus Down @@Olivier Sexan
  10. Yoruba Road
  11. Ay Ay Ay
  12. Tanto Tempo
  13. Brasilia 2000
  14. I Cry @@Llorca

Disc 4

  1. Harmony
  2. Lovestruck @@Swag
  3. Put Your Hands
  4. Tonight
  5. Everytime
  6. Choose Your Way
  7. The Vogue
  8. First Corner @@Patrick Richard
  9. Calabi You @@Clément
  10. Loin de Moi @@Rework
  11. Junge Dame mit Freundliche Tel.
  12. Miura @@Metro Area 4
  13. Dark Side of the Funk @@E-Troneek
  14. I Hate Dancing @@Chloé
  15. The Audience @@Herbert
  16. Lovin' Life @@Billy Sprockets

Disc 5

  1. End of Summer @@Maurocat Y Esteban
  2. Notre Disque Dur
  3. Les Choses Sont... @@Peeping Tom
  4. Cut out to FL @@RJD2
  5. Late at Night
  6. Desert
  7. State of Grace
  8. Astronaut @@Square²
  9. I Blue It
  10. Mundo by Analog Bronca
  11. The Date
  12. Valley of the Sausages @@Mr. Scruff
  13. Happy (Love Is Everywhere) @@Spencer Experience Filipsson

Disc 6

  1. I'll Do It @@Herbert
  2. Summertime
  3. Awshashen
  4. Mouth
  5. Exposed @@Marlow
  6. Pride @@Nadhirah Shakoor
  7. Midnight
  8. Only One
  9. Don't Stop (The Bodyrock)
  10. I Think
  11. Temptations & Lies
  12. Skippy
  13. Main Course @@Formule Express
  14. One & One

Disc 7

  1. Never Ending Story
  2. F'acing That Void
  3. Try Me
  4. Chotto Chodaï @@Osaka Roses
  5. Bassob
  6. Why Me
  7. Old Times
  8. Man of Constant Sorrow
  9. Izquitos
  10. Bip Bip
  11. Tomorrow @@Soul 'N' Soda
  12. My Man
  13. We Can Work It Out @@Emmanuel Santarromana
  14. Twisted Cupied @@Slow Train

Disc 8

  1. Jus' Dance @@Mr. V
  2. Life Everlasting
  3. Black Music
  4. Bird in a Gilded Cage
  5. Babylon @@Nu Rhythmix
  6. Thena
  7. Live in the Light
  8. Spirit
  9. Soulful Things
  10. Stockholm-Go Bang!
  11. Shake @@Double
  12. Calma Mix

Disc 9

  1. Kiss the Sky
  2. The Last Wig
  3. She's from Mexico
  4. Magnifique
  5. Walk on the Wild Side
  6. L' Hélicoptère
  7. Cosmological Constancy
  8. Disco's Revenge
  9. Solid Ground @@Ms. John Soda
  10. The Pant
  11. Michelle Plays Ping Pong
  12. Nin-Com-Pop @@Lali Puna
  13. How Long Do I Have to Wait for You? @@Sharon Jones
  14. Robots Will Save Us @@Léonard DeLéonard
  15. Another Station @@Lindström
  16. Grandfathered
  17. Birds Fly by Flapping Their Wings

Disc 10

  1. Spread Some Love
  2. Life Is
  3. A Thousand Words
  4. Dandy Dancer
  5. Flying High
  6. Keep on Shining
  7. Glory of Life @@Mink
  8. Aurora
  9. The Way
  10. Animal Vibes @@Reverend P
  11. My Life
  12. Serenity

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Bob Marley   Composer
Astor Piazzolla   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Lou Reed   Composer
Serge Gainsbourg   Composer
Martin Fisher   Composer
Bebel Gilberto   Composer
Geir Jenssen   Composer
Eric Kupper   Composer
Cole Porter   Composer
Fernando E. Solanas   Composer
Byron Stingily   Composer
Lucy Wilkins   Composer
Albert Willemetz   Composer
James Collins   Composer
Morgan Geist   Composer
Richard Dorfmeister   Composer
Rupert Huber   Composer
John Gibbons   Composer
Peter Kruder   Composer
Peter Legat   Composer
Harry "Slick" Sommerdahl   Composer
Jerome Sydenham   Composer
Yukihiro Fukutomi   Composer
Iz & Diz   Composer
Markus Acher   Composer
Robert MacDonald   Composer
Bosco Mann   Composer
Daniel Varga   Composer
Jacques Charles   Composer
Channing Pollack   Composer
Maurice Yvain   Composer
Micha Acher   Composer
Nicolas Errèra   Composer
Darshan Jesrani   Composer
Andy Riley   Composer
Cyril K   Composer
Pompon Finkelstein   Composer
Espen Horne   Composer
Reggie Hall   Composer
Charles Schillings   Composer
Sporto Kantes   Composer
Martin Iveson   Composer
dZihan & Kamien   Composer
Maxime Cohen   Composer
Mark Harbottle   Composer
Peter Heider   Composer
Florian Seyberth   Composer
Jean-Claude Thompson   Composer
Dan Ghenacia   Composer
Osunlade   Composer
Martin Desai   Composer
Chris Duckenfield   Composer
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Sami Liuski   Composer
Kelley Polar   Composer
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Ludovic Llorca   Composer
Michael Tordjman   Composer
Greg Van Bueren   Composer
Ernst Wawra   Composer
Karl Leury   Composer
Lucas Razgallah   Composer
Stefan Schwander   Composer
Flying Pop's   Composer
DJ Spettro   Composer
B.J. Robson   Composer
Brett Johnson   Composer
Mikael Nordgren   Composer
Jay Cowley   Composer
Samuel Waermo   Composer
Mandel Turner   Composer
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Morten Varano   Composer
Caitlin Simpson   Composer
Christophe Deramaix   Composer
Julien Barthe   Composer
Michael Vater   Composer
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Nathan Fake   Composer
Pastor A.L. Smith   Composer
Roberto DeCarlo   Composer
Dom Navarra   Composer
Roog van Bueren   Composer
Felix Stecher   Composer
Nicolas Gueguen   Composer
Noémie Brosset   Composer
Greg Kozo   Composer
Florian Opahle   Composer
Phil Kullmann   Composer
Jan Lysdahl   Composer
Klement Bonnelli   Composer
Michael Ehnes   Composer
Mark Grant   Composer

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