Mezzed Up!: God and Religion through the Eyes of a Master Hypnotist

Mezzed Up!: God and Religion through the Eyes of a Master Hypnotist

by Ron Berry


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This book is a summary of thoughts and ideas comprised solely from that of the life experiences of the author. It's my way of thinking and understanding life as I now see it. It has been greatly influenced by my involvement with and my retreat from the church and organized religion and most importantly my fascination with and career as a comedy stage and clinical hypnotist.
What am I trying to say? Religion started out as an easy answer to a hard question and grew into a way of life based upon feelings and emotions rather than truth and fact. It has become a divisive force and a deadly foe. It's time we as a people, a nation, and a world finally woke up from the delusions of religion and face the real world head on and deal with the global crisis that is at hand. Waiting for a god or a cosmic genie to answer our prayers or grant our wishes is just a waste of precious time which we are running out of. We must take charge and find the hard answers that will save us from ourselves. As a hypnotist I know and have seen firsthand how susceptible the mind is to suggestion. Combine that suggestion with authority and you create a new reality. The idea of god and religion are just such a reality that have been propagated throughout the history of man to the point that to question them would be unthinkable. Well, it's past time to stop and think and wake up from the hypnotic trance we have all been placed under. It is time to take back what is rightfully ours. It's time to just say no to the fabrications of religion and become our own authority and escape from the cult like traditions of religion which have bound us by guilt, shame, and threats of punishment.
Take a few steps back and remove yourself from the fantasy. Look at the whole picture and remove the blinders from your narrowed microscopic religious views. God does not exist in the way you think he exists if he exists at all. Religion is manmade not god inspired. This is a realization and a truth that we must accept if there is to be any hope for us at all. In order to save our world and avoid the inevitable destruction of mankind we must come together united outside of religious contexts and work together for a solution. Divided we will fall. United we at least have a chance to survive.
Religion does not have to be extinguished. It just needs to be understood that it is no more than a belief system based upon a moral structure for guidance and strength. It is not the only way. It is a way of faith and faith is a construct of the imagination. This is obvious with the thousands of religions across the globe each claiming to be the true path to god or enlightenment and each also claiming that all of the other religions are wrong. Each religion not caring what the other religions have to say only knowing that they are being fooled and mislead away from the truth. If religion is to survive you must keep it in your own way and let others keep it in theirs. It's okay to be religious and even vocal about your beliefs just respect others and their beliefs and afford them the same privileges. Do no harm to others or yourself and I'm okay with it. Claim that all others who don't believe as you do are wrong and destined for a painful demise and I do have a problem with it. This type of religious practice is divisive, judgmental, cliquish, controlling, hateful, spiteful, arrogant, overbearing, and out of place. A religion should be loving, caring, and benevolent. It should be source of strength and hope. A moral compass when you feel lost and alone. It should be real to the touch and fulfilling to the desires of the heart. It should bring about satisfaction and contentment and be a tool to peacefully resolve conflict. It should be based upon the truth and not the fabrications of time. In the spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge, you keep religion in your own way and let me keep it in mine.

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About the Author

Ron Berry always felt out of place. He tried to fit in but always felt like something was missing. It wasn't until his mid-forties that he found the missing part of his life. Growing up in South Carolina in the southern part of the bible belt, the church was his doctrine and life and he was extremely fanatical about it. At the same time he had questions about the world outside the church and wrestled daily with his hypocrisy. Ron is a magician and a master hypnotist under the stage name of "The Mez". He performs his comedy hypnosis show, "Mezzed Up!" across the country. He runs his own hypnosis clinic in Green Bay, WI, "On Purpose Hypnosis" where he guides his clients into taking back the authority over their own lives and actions and helps them effect permanent and positive change. He does team building and motivational seminars based on the teachings found in this book. He is a man of many talents with an insatiable appetite for learning. In the past Ron has been an inventor, linguist, sculptor, musician, song writer, ordained minister, youth pastor, faith healer, entertainer, standup comic, bum, and a candidate for suicide. He has been married twice, divorced once, and married again. In a horrific water skiing accident, Ron died and was brought back to life. Living his life as the ultimate do-over, he is his own authority and he is in control of his own life and destiny. He loves his wife and his son and nothing means more to him than family.
Ron is available for speaking engagements, comedy hypnosis shows or a combination of both. He is an inspiring performer and has the utmost respect for his audience. His Mezzed Up! Comedy Hypnosis show is hilarious and mezmerizing from beginning to end. His motivational talks on Matching Expectations and Reclaiming your Authority will have you and your guests or clients ready to take on the world and move on to the next level. When you combine the two into one presentation you have an event that will be talked about for years to come.

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