MICAI 2004: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: Third Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Mexico City, Mexico, April 26-30, 2004, Proceedings

MICAI 2004: Advances in Artificial Intelligence: Third Mexican International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Mexico City, Mexico, April 26-30, 2004, Proceedings


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ISBN-13: 9783540214595
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 05/27/2004
Series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science , #2972
Edition description: 2004
Pages: 930
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Applications.- Pattern-Based Data Compression.- Using Simulated Annealing for Paper Cutting Optimization.- Extracting Temporal Patterns from Time Series Data Bases for Prediction of Electrical Demand.- The Synergy between Classical and Soft-Computing Techniques for Time Series Prediction.- Intelligent Interfaces and Speech Processing.- A Naïve Geography Analyst System with Cognitive Support of Imagery Exploitation.- Don’t You Escape! I’ll Tell You My Story.- Querying Virtual Worlds. A Fuzzy Approach.- Infant Cry Classification to Identify Hypoacoustics and Asphyxia with Neural Networks.- N-Best List Rescoring Using Syntactic Trigrams.- Continuants Based Neural Speaker Verification System.- Knowledge Representation.- Agent Protocols as Executable Ontologies.- Evaluation of RDF(S) and DAML+OIL Import/Export Services within Ontology Platforms.- Graduated Errors in Approximate Queries Using Hierarchies and Ordered Sets.- Finding the Most Similar Concepts in Two Different Ontologies.- ADM: An Active Deductive XML Database System.- Web-Based Intelligent Service for Coalition Operation Support in Networked Organizations.- Knowledge Acquisition and Management System for an Intelligent Planner.- Logic and Constraint Programming.- Stability Analysis for Dynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problems.- Evaluation-Based Semiring Meta-constraints.- Invariant Patterns for Program Reasoning.- Closing the Gap between the Stable Semantics and Extensions of WFS.- A Framework for Agent-Based Brokering of Reasoning Services.- Machine Learning and Data Mining.- Faster Proximity Searching in Metric Data.- Data Mining with Decision Trees and Neural Networks for Calcification Detection in Mammograms.- An Optimization Algorithm Based on Active and Instance-Based Learning.- MultiGrid-Based Fuzzy Systems for Function Approximation.- Inducing Classification Rules from Highly-Structured Data with Composition.- Comparing Techniques for Multiclass Classification Using Binary SVM Predictors.- Analysing Spectroscopic Data Using Hierarchical Cooperative Maximum Likelihood Hebbian Learning.- Feature Selection-Ranking Methods in a Very Large Electric Database.- Automatic Case Adaptation with a Hybrid Committee Approach.- Class Imbalances versus Class Overlapping: An Analysis of a Learning System Behavior.- Advanced Clustering Technique for Medical Data Using Semantic Information.- Multiagent Systems and Distributed AI.- Strict Valued Preference Relations and Choice Functions in Decision-Making Procedures.- Adaptation in the Presence of Exogeneous Information in an Artificial Financial Market.- Design Patterns for Multiagent Systems Design.- A Faster Optimal Allocation Algorithm in Combinatorial Auctions.- An Agent Based Framework for Modelling Neuronal Regulators of the Biological Systems.- Possibilistic Reasoning and Privacy/Efficiency Tradeoffs in Multi-agent Systems.- Natural Language.- A Biologically Motivated and Computationally Efficient Natural Language Processor.- A Question-Answering System Using Argumentation.- Automatic Building of a Machine Translation Bilingual Dictionary Using Recursive Chain-Link-Type Learning from a Parallel Corpus.- Recognition of Named Entities in Spanish Texts.- Automatic Enrichment of Very Large Dictionary of Word Combinations on the Basis of Dependency Formalism.- Towards an Efficient Evolutionary Decoding Algorithm for Statistical Machine Translation.- The Role of Imperatives in Inference, Agents, and Actions.- Automatic Multilinguality for Time Expression Resolution.- AQUA – Ontology-Based Question Answering System.- Phrase Chunking for Efficient Parsing in Machine Translation System.- Uncertainty Reasoning.- Motion Planning Based on Geometric Features.- Comparative Evaluation of Temporal Nodes Bayesian Networks and Networks of Probabilistic Events in Discrete Time.- Function Approximation through Fuzzy Systems Using Taylor Series Expansion-Based Rules: Interpretability and Parameter Tuning.- Causal Identification in Design Networks.- Bayes-N: An Algorithm for Learning Bayesian Networks from Data Using Local Measures of Information Gain Applied to Classification Problems.- Methodology for Handling Uncertainty by Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems.- Online Diagnosis Using Influence Diagrams.- Toward a New Approach for Online Fault Diagnosis Combining Particle Filtering and Parametric Identification.- Power Plant Operator Assistant: An Industrial Application of Factored MDPs.- Vision.- Scene Modeling by ICA and Color Segmentation.- Non–parametric Registration as a Way to Obtain an Accurate Camera Calibration.- A Probability-Based Flow Analysis Using MV Information in Compressed Domain.- How Does the Hue Contribute to Construct Better Colour Features?.- Morphological Contrast Measure and Contrast Mappings: One Application to the Segmentation of Brain MRI.- Gaze Detection by Dual Camera and Dual IR-LED Illuminators.- Image Processing and Neural Networks for Early Detection of Histological Changes.- An Improved ICP Algorithm Based on the Sensor Projection for Automatic 3D Registration.- Structure and Motion Recovery Using Two Step Sampling for 3D Match Move.- Multiscale Image Enhancement and Segmentation Based on Morphological Connected Contrast Mappings.- Active Object Recognition Using Mutual Information.- An Approach to Automatic Morphing of Face Images in Frontal View.- Evolutionary Computation.- A Study of the Parallelization of a Coevolutionary Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm.- Reactive Agents to Improve a Parallel Genetic Algorithm Solution.- Simple Feasibility Rules and Differential Evolution for Constrained Optimization.- Symbolic Regression Problems by Genetic Programming with Multi-branches.- A Preprocessing That Combines Heuristic and Surrogate Constraint Analysis to Fix Variables in TSP.- An Evolutionary Algorithm for Automatic Spatial Partitioning in Reconfigurable Environments.- GA with Exaptation: New Algorithms to Tackle Dynamic Problems.- Modeling and Intelligent Control.- Intelligent Control Algorithm for Steam Temperature Regulation of Thermal Power Plants.- A Fed-Batch Fermentation Process Identification and Direct Adaptive Neural Control with Integral Term.- A Fuzzy-Neural Multi-model for Mechanical Systems Identification and Control.- Tuning of Fuzzy Controllers.- Predictive Control of a Solar Power Plant with Neuro-Fuzzy Identification and Evolutionary Programming Optimization.- Modeling of a Coupled Industrial Tank System with ANFIS.- Neural Networks.- Robust Bootstrapping Neural Networks.- A Kernel Method for Classification.- Applying Genetic and Symbolic Learning Algorithms to Extract Rules from Artificial Neural Networks.- Combining MLP and RBF Neural Networks for Novelty Detection in Short Time Series.- Treatment of Gradual Knowledge Using Sigma-Pi Neural Networks.- Robotics.- A Method to Obtain Sensing Requirements in Robotic Assemblies by Geometric Reasoning.- Intelligent Task Level Planning for Robotic Assembly: Issues and Experiments.- Wrapper Components for Distributed Robotic Systems.- Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Robotic Manipulators Based on Genetic Algorithms.- Collective Behavior as Assembling of Spatial Puzzles.- Towards Derandomizing PRM Planners.

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