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Microorganisms by Yiu H. Hui

Food Biotechnology: Microorganisms is the only book that compiles comprehensive information on: nucleic acid systems, proteins and enzymes, organic molecules and microorganisms in the context of food biotechnology. It will revolutionize the practice of food biotechnology by explaining how microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, yeasts) can be modified by means of molecular genetics or genetic engineering. This volume offers appendix listings of genetics and probes, microorganisms, compounds and enzymes. This reference is unlike any other work because of its extensive coverage of: new developments in food technologies, current priorities, new uses of basic science and technologies in the context of traditional or new foods. Also included are unpublished material from patents and/or public domain research.

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ISBN-13: 9781560815655
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 03/01/1995
Series: Food Science and Technology Series
Pages: 938
Product dimensions: 7.09(w) x 10.24(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Principles and General Applications
Section 1. Principles
1. General Microbial Genetics and Food Biotechnology
George G. Khachatourians
2. Microbial Growth and Physiology
Graham A. Jones and Alison M. Jones
3. Cloning, Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, and Karyotyping Technology
Heather A. Koshinsky and George G. Khachatourians
4. Eukaryotic Cells and Expression Vectors
J. S. Yadav and N. C. Mishra
5. Protein Engineering
Robert L. Jackman, Timothy J. Cottrell, and Linda J. Harris
Section 2. General Applications
6. Microorganisms for Organic Acid Production
Ramunas Bigelis and Shih-Perng Tsai
7. Application of Genetic Methods to the Generation of Volatile Flavors
Ralf G. Berger
8. The Candida Species: Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Industrial Applications
Ronald D. Klein and M. Anne Favreau
Part II: Production Of Enzymes and Food Ingredients
Section 1. Bacteria
9. Bacillus Species
Fergus G. Priest and Col. R. Harwood
10. Microorganisms for Amino Acid Production: Escherichia coli and Corynebacteria
Marcos Malumbres, Louis M. Mateos, and Juan E Martin
11. Microorganisms for Cellulose Production
Svein Valla
12. Genetics and Biochemistry of Xanthan Gum Production by Xanthomonas campestris
Nancy E. Harding, Joseph M. Cleary, and Luis Ielpi
Section 2. Fungi
13. Molecular Genetics of Penicillium Species for Food-Related Enzymes
N. A. Sahasrabudhe and Anil H. Lachke
14. Rhizopus niveus
M. Takagi and H. Horiuchi
15. Lipases of the Genera Rhizopus and Rhizomncor: Versatile Catalysts in Nature and the Laboratory
Michael J. Haas and Rolf D. Joerger
16.Trends in Microbial Production of Pullulan and Its Novel Applications in the Food Industry
Anil H. Lachke and Vinay B. Rale
Part III. Manufacture of Fermented Foods
Section 1. Bacteria
17. Dairy Lactobacilli
Keizo Arihara and John B. Luchansky
18. Lactococci
Mary Ellen Sanders
19. Biotechnology of Dairy Leuconostoc
Stéphane R. Dessart and Larry R. Steenson
20. Propionibacteria
Wanda J. Lyon and Bonita A. Glatz
21. Lactobacillus plantarum: Physiology, Genetics, and Applications in Foods
Mark A. Daeschel and Ingolf F. Nes
22. Pediococcus in Fermented Foods
Bibek Ray
23. Lactobacillus (Baking)
Clas Lönner and Siv Ahrné
Section 2. Yeasts
24. Brewer's Yeast
Graham G. Stewart and Inge Russell
25. Yeasts in Distilling
David R. Berry and John R. Johnston
26. Saccharomyces (Wine)
R. E. Subden
Appendix I. Genetics and Probes
Appendix II. Microorganisms
Appendix III. Compounds
Appendix IV. Enzymes

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