Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10: The No Nonsense Guide!

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10: The No Nonsense Guide!

by David Rivers


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ISBN-13: 9780973532869
Publisher: Mimosa Books
Publication date: 04/01/2005
Pages: 362
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.77(d)

About the Author

David Rivers is a software trainer who develops training media. He lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Installation
Using the Installation Wizard16
Upgrading Previous Versions21
Chapter 2Exploring Digital Image Suite
Launching Digital Image Pro from the Start Button23
Taking the Startup Tour25
Accessing Tour Topics and Subtopics25
Getting Tour Help26
Playing Tour Videos27
Tour Options and Closing the Tour29
The Startup Window30
Accessing Startup Window Topics30
Getting Help from the Startup Window31
Startup Window Options and Closing the Startup Window33
Chapter 2The User Interface
The Menu Bar37
Accessing Menu Items38
Other Menu Commands39
Working with Toolbars40
Identifying Toolbars41
Accessing Toolbar Buttons42
Using Keyboard Shortcuts43
Chapter 4Getting Around
The Common Tasks List47
Using Scroll Bars48
The Workspace51
The Canvas51
The Files Palette52
Using the Zoom Tools53
The Stack56
Chapter 5Importing Pictures
The Import Pictures Wizard61
Launching the Wizard Automatically62
Manually Launching the Wizard67
Importing from a Digital Camera70
Importing from a CD or DVD73
Importing from a Scanner74
Importing from a Media Card78
Chapter 6Opening Pictures
Using the File Browser to Open Pictures86
Opening Pictures from Web Pages90
Chapter 7Fast and Easy Image Editing
Resizing a Picture95
Adding Text to an Image97
Removing Red-Eye102
Removing Unwanted Spots106
Removing Wrinkles108
Using Smart Erase109
Straightening a Picture111
Rotating a Picture113
Flipping a Picture114
Cropping a Picture115
Correcting a Color Cast117
Using Exposure Auto Fix120
Adjusting Backlighting120
Using the Add Flash Feature122
Chapter 8Advanced Image Editing
Working with Objects125
Selecting Objects Using the Object Tool126
Using the Marquee Tool128
Using the Freehand Tool134
Using the Edge Finder136
Using the Magic Wand139
Using the Selection Brush141
Resizing and Moving Objects143
Deleting Objects145
Aligning Objects145
Grouping Objects147
Flattening Objects148
Locking and Unlocking Objects150
Using Lighting Tools152
Adjusting Exposure and Lighting152
Adjusting Levels and Curves154
Using the Tint Brush155
Changing Source Lighting and Color Temperature156
Using Color Tools157
Changing a Color Photo to Black and White158
Adding Color to Black and White Pictures159
Reducing Noise160
Using Filters162
Emphasis Effects162
Adding Shadows163
The Negative Effect166
The Antique Effect166
The Sepia Effect167
The Diffused Glow Effect168
Distorting a Picture169
Paint Effects171
Freehand Painting172
Using the Airbrush174
Painting with Photo Strokes178
Painting with Art Strokes179
Using the Clone Brush181
Using the Blending Brush182
Inserting Lines and Shapes183
Drawing Lines and Shapes185
Adjusting Line and Shape Properties187
Working with Text191
Adding and Editing Text191
Adding and Editing Shaped Text193
Wrapping Text195
Adding Text Effects196
Using Drop Caps197
Checking Spelling198
Batch Editing Using Mini Lab200
Chapter 9Getting Creative with Pictures
Creating Edges205
Applying a Highlighted Edge206
Applying a Stamped Edge208
Applying a Soft Edge210
Applying a Photo Stroke Edge211
Applying a Designer Edge212
Creating Borders215
Adding Framing and Matting216
Inserting Clip Art218
Animating a Picture220
Creating a Flipbook224
Creating a Greeting Card227
Creating a Calendar229
Creating a Panorama232
Creating a Photo Collage235
Chapter 10Saving Pictures
Saving a Picture239
Saving a Version of a Picture241
Saving to a Different Format241
Saving a Picture for Email and the Internet242
Chapter 11Printing Pictures
Printing One or More Pictures247
Adjusting Print Quality and Size249
Printing an Index Sheet252
Chapter 12Exploring Digital Image Library
Launching Digital Image Library259
The Library Work Area260
The Menu Bar260
The Toolbar261
The View By Pane262
The Table of Contents263
The Thumbnail Pane264
The Preview Pane265
Chapter 13Adding and Importing Images
Adding Pictures by Browsing269
Adding Pictures by Scanning the Computer271
Adding Pictures by Importing274
Chapter 14Viewing and Sorting Pictures
Using the View By Pane279
Grouping and Arranging Pictures283
Changing Views on the Thumbnail Pane284
Using the Table of Contents286
Viewing and Editing Picture Properties287
Chapter 15Organizing Pictures
Using the Keyword Painter291
Using the Keyword Editor295
Rating Your Pictures297
Flagging Pictures299
Working with Pictures301
Moving and Copying Pictures302
Deleting Pictures304
Using Batch Commands on Pictures306
Batch Renaming306
Batch File Format Conversions308
Batch Resizing310
Chapter 16Printing Pictures
Printing Individual Pictures315
Printing Multiple Pictures317
Printing an Index of Pictures319
Chapter 17Archiving Pictures
Archiving Pictures to a CD or DVD326
Archiving Pictures with Advanced Archive330
Archiving Pictures to Removable Media333
Setting Archive Options335
Chapter 18Photo Story
Starting Photo Story and Adding Pictures342
Recording Narration345
Adding a Title Page350
Adding Music to a Photo Story353
Selecting Quality Settings for a Story355
Saving a Photo Story356
Completing a Photo Story359

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Microsoft Digital Image Suite 10: The No Nonsense Guide! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I learn the way this guy teaches, with lots of pictures and step by step instructions on how to perform hundreds of tasks in Digital Image Pro and Digital Image Library. Thank you!!!