Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Fast and Easy

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Fast and Easy

by Coletta Witherspoon



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Microsoft Internet Explorer 5: Fast and Easy by Coletta Witherspoon

Internet Explorer 5.0 Fast & Easy is designed for home and business Internet users who have a limited amount of time to become proficient with Microsoft�s newest Internet browser. This book guides you visually from a beginning to an intermediate level by helping you surf the Internet with Internet Explorer 5.0, use Outlook Express mail and news program, and master other Microsoft Internet software tools. This book provides you with a practical learning experience using Internet Explorer 5.0 and all of its components.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780761517429
Publisher: Premier Press
Publication date: 03/10/1999
Series: Fast and Easy Series
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Internet Explorer Up and Running
Chapter 1: Starting and Exiting Programs
Starting Explorer Programs
Beginning from the Start Menu
Using Internet Explorer Components
Using Toolbars
Executing Menu Commands
Finding Shortcut Menus with a Right-Click
Using Command Shortcuts
Working with Dialog Boxes
Moving around with Scroll Bars
Resizing Frames
Exiting Internet Explorer Programs
Exiting a Program from the File Menu
Exiting a Program from the Title Bar
Chapter 2: Getting Help
Getting Help Using the Help Button
Searching the Help File
Using the Contents Tab
Using the Index Tab
Printing Help Files
Getting Help on the Web
Accessing the Online Web Tutorial
Finding Online Help
Part II: Learning to Use the Internet Explorer Browser
Chapter 3: Navigating the Web
Starting from the Address Bar
Typing URLs
Using AutoComplete to Enter a URL
Accessing URLs from the Drop-Down List
Navigating between Web Pages
Clicking through Hyperlinks
Using the Back and Forward Buttons
Looking at the Recent History List
Using the Status Bar
Chapter 4: Customizing the Browser
Setting Your Home Page
Working with Toolbars
Displaying and Using Hidden Toolbar Buttons
Rearranging Toolbar Buttons
Moving the Position of a Toolbar
Changing the Size of Toolbar Buttons
Making Web Page Text More Readable
Working with Browser History
Displaying Your Internet History
Changing Your History Settings
Chapter 5: Browsing Your Computer with Internet Explorer
Sending E-mail Messages
Opening Folders
Typing the Path Name
Browsing the Contents of Your Computer
Previewing Files
Starting Applications
Typing Shortcut Names
Viewing the Desktop
Part III: Surfing the Web with the Internet Explorer Browser
Chapter 6: Searching and Saving
Saving Files
Storing Web Pages on Your Hard Drive
Saving Web Page Elements
Printing Pages
Sending a Page to Your Printer
Printing Backgrounds with the Web Page
Changing the Page Layout Settings
E-mailing Web Pages to Your Friends
Searching the Web
Using Search Engines
Performing Quick Searches from the Address Bar
Using FTP to Retrieve Files
Chapter 7: Working with Favorites
Getting Started with Favorites
Adding a Site to Your List of Favorites
Viewing a Favorite Page
Organizing Your List of Favorites
Sorting Your List of Favorites
Changing the Order of Favorites
Adding Favorites to the Links Bar
Adding a Web Page to the Links Bar
Adding a Hyperlink to the Links Bar
Sharing Favorites with Your Friends
Exporting Your Favorites List
Importing Favorites from Another Computer
Viewing Your Favorites Online
Selecting Favorites for Offline Viewing
Downloading Pages for Offline Viewing
Viewing Web Pages While Offline
Chapter 8: Keeping Your Computer Safe
Blocking Content from Harmful Web Sites
Preventing Access to Undesirable Web Sites
Activating the Content Advisor
Changing the Supervisor Password
Securing the Cookie Jar
Disabling Multimedia Elements for Faster Downloading
Chapter 9: Playing with Multimedia
Enjoying Web Entertainment with Media Player
Playing Multimedia Files Stored on Your Computer
Exploring Virtual Worlds with the VRML Player
Part IV: Managing Mail and News with Outlook Express
Chapter 10: Becoming Famililiar with Outlook Express
Setting Up Your E-mail Account
Checking Your E-mail
Recieving Your E-mail
Reading Your Messages
Deleting Messages
Customizing the Outlook Express Window
Rearranging the Window
Viewing Message Headers
Adding Buttons to the Toolbar
Sorting Messages into Folders
Creating Folders
Moving Messages into Folders
Chapter 11: Handling E-mail
Sending Messages
Sending a New Message
Replying to a Message
Forwarding a Message
Sending Attachments
Formatting Your Message
Choosing a Stationery
Filtering Your E-mail Messages
Chapter 12: Working with the Address Book
Creating a List of Contacts
Adding a New Contact
Updating Contact Information
Forming Groups
Sending Mail from the Address Book
Printing an Address List
Searching for People
Chapter 13: Using News
Locating a News Server
Making the Most of the News
Subscribing to Newsgroups
Reading Newsgroup Messages
Saving Attachments
Downloading Newsgroup Messages
Automatically Marking Messages as Being Read
Marking a Thread as Being Read
Finding Messages
Posting Messages
Using Newsgroup Filters
Part V: Communicating with Others on the Web
Chapter 14: Becoming Familar with Microsoft Chat
Setting Up Your Identity
Switching between Comic Strip and Text Modes
Changing the Appearance of the Chat Window
Changing How Frames Display
Selecting the Display Font
Saving Your Chat Sessions
Chapter 15: Participating in a Chat Group
Finding a Chat Room
Joining a New Chat Room
Accessing Your Favorite Chat Rooms
Participating in the Chat Discussion
Asking Questions First
Speaking Up
Playing Sounds
Whispering in a Chat Room
Connecting with Others
Getting Personal Information
Sending E-mail to Chat Room Members
Inviting Others to Join a Chat
Using URL Addresses During a Chat Session
Displaying a URL Address
Accessing Web Pages
Getting More Chat Characters
Chapter 16: Getting ready for Video Conferencing
Setting Up NetMeeting for the First Time
Blocking Incoming Calls
Searching for ILS Listings
Creating SpeedDial Entries
Adjusting the Volume
Chapter 17: Participating in NetMeeting Conferences
Connecting to Others
Finding a NetMeeting Server
Calling Directly on the Internet
Using SpeedDial
Using Chat to Have a Private Conversation
Opening the Chat Window
Changing the Chat Format
Saving the Chat Conversation
Making Your Point with Whiteboard
Opening the Whiteboard
Adding Text
Adding Shapes
Moving Objects
Adding Images to the Whiteboard
Saving Whiteboard Comments
Chapter 18: Sharing Documents During a Conference
Sharing Applications
Transferring Files
Sending a file
Receiving a File
Part VI: Creating a Web Page with FrontPage Express
Chapter 19: Getting Started with FrontPage Express
Getting Started with Wizards
Writing Web Page Text
Adding Text
Editing Text
Deleting Text
Moving Text
Copying Text
Formatting Text
Saving Web Pages
Viewing FrontPage Toolbars
Chapter 20: Making Your Web Pages Look Good
Creating Hyperlinks
Adding Graphics and Multimedia
Giving Your Web Page a Background
Inserting an Image into Your Web page
Adding Sound to Your Web Page
Previewing Your Web Page
Appendix Installing Internet Explorer
Installing Internet Explorer from the Web
Adding Components to Internet Explorer

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