Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Step by Step (BPG-Step by Step Series)

Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Step by Step (BPG-Step by Step Series)

by Peter Weverka

Paperback(2003 ed.)

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780735621091
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 08/11/2004
Series: Microsoft Step by Step Series
Edition description: 2003 ed.
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 7.38(w) x 9.26(h) x 0.79(d)

About the Author

Peter Weverka is a long-time author who has written on a variety of Microsoft applications, including all the Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Money. He is the author of Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 Step by Step.

Table of Contents

What's New in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003ix
Getting Helpxi
Using the Book's CD-ROMsxv
What's on the Book CD-ROM?xv
Minimum System Requirementsxv
Installing the Practice Filesxvi
Using the Practice Filesxvii
Uninstalling the Practice Filesxviii
Conventions and Featuresxix
About the Authorxxi
Quick Referencexxiii
1Getting Acquainted with OneNote1
Starting OneNote2
Understanding the OneNote Environment4
Saving Notes in a Specific Folder7
Opening Folders and Sections8
Moving Around in OneNote9
2Storing Notes12
Organizing Notes13
Creating Folders and Sections14
Password-Protecting Sections16
Locking Password-Protected Sections18
Creating Pages, Subpages, and Groups18
Moving Between pages21
Changing the Order of Pages and Subpages21
Creating, Grouping, and Moving Pages22
3Writing Notes24
Working with Note Containers25
Creating Notes and Side Notes27
Making Better Use of Notes and Pages28
Formatting Text30
Correcting Typos and Checking Spelling33
4Creating Free-Form Notes and Drawings38
Creating Drawings39
Working with Handwritten Notes and Drawing Notes41
Modifying Drawings and the Drawing Page43
Highlighting Text and Customizing the Pens44
5Using OneNote with a Tablet PC46
Handwriting Notes47
Converting Handwritten Notes to Text49
Helping Your Computer Recognize Your Handwriting50
6Revising and Reorganizing Notes52
Selecting Notes and Pages54
Arranging Notes55
Moving and Copying Text56
Deleting Notes, Pages, Sections, and Folders57
Recovering Deleted Pages59
Renaming Sections and Folders60
Moving and Copying Pages and Sections61
Backing Up OneNote Data64
7Getting More Out of Notes and Pages68
Creating Pages with Stationery70
Creating Customized Stationery71
Sharing Customized Stationery73
Loading Shared Stationery on Your Computer74
Creating Bulleted Lists75
Creating Numbered Lists76
Creating Sublists78
Creating Makeshift Tables79
Inserting Images in a Note80
Capturing Data in Screen Clippings81
8Finding Stray Notes84
Moving from Page to Page85
Searching for Note Text86
Examining Notes Using the Find Toolbar88
Crafting a Search89
Sorting and Arranging Notes90
Finding Notes90
Conducting a Power Search with Windows XP92
9Flagging Notes for Follow-Up94
Placing a Flag on a Note96
Marking Completed To Do Tasks97
Creating a Customized Note Flag98
Searching for and Collecting Flagged Notes99
Creating a Summary Page for Flagged Notes101
Removing Flags from Notes102
Flagging and Collecting Notes102
10Taking Notes in Outline Form104
Creating Outlines in Notes105
Including Body Text in Outlines107
Viewing Outlines in Different Ways109
Moving Items Up or Down in Outlines110
Numbering Outlines110
11Taking Advantage of the Research Task Pane112
Using the Research Task Pane114
Choosing Options for the Research Task Pane117
Looking Up a Word in the Dictionary119
Finding Synonyms in the Thesaurus120
Looking Up an Encyclopedia Article121
Translating Text122
Getting a Stock Quote123
Searching the Internet with the Research Task Pane124
12Customizing OneNote126
Changing the Default Font and Text Color128
Displaying Rule Lines Automatically128
Customizing How Menus Display129
Customizing the Display of Toolbars130
Rearranging, Moving, and Copying Menu Commands130
Adding and Removing Menu Commands132
Renaming Menus and Commands133
Creating Customized Menus134
Moving and Removing Toolbar Buttons135
Adding Buttons to Toolbars136
Creating New Toolbars136
13Sharing Notes with Co-Workers and Friends138
Sending Notes by E-Mail140
Receiving Notes Sent to You142
Editing or Removing Signatures143
Printing Notes144
Publishing Notes on a Network145
Uploading Documents to a Shared Workspace147
Opening Sections in a Shared Workspace149
Giving Permission to Edit Shared Sections150
Telling OneNote How to Handle Section Updates150
Sharing a Section on Your Computer151
Joining Shared Sessions154
14Using OneNote with Other Office Programs156
Copying Data from Other Office Programs157
Copying Material from Web Pages159
Exporting Note Pages to Word Documents160
Inserting Pictures of Office Documents into Notes161
Creating Notes from Outlook Data163
Creating Outlook Contact Entries, Appointments, and Tasks in OneNote164
15Recording and Playing Audio Notes166
Preparing OneNote to Record Audio Notes168
Recording Audio Notes170
Playing Back Audio Notes172
Removing Audio Notes from a Page173
Sending Audio Notes by E-Mail173
Playing Back Different Parts of Audio Notes174

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