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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Quicksteps / Edition 1

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Quicksteps / Edition 1

3.5 2
by Carole Matthews, Roger Stewart

ISBN-10: 0072232307

ISBN-13: 9780072232301

Pub. Date: 01/27/2004

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing

Brace youself, because here comes QuickSteps: The fast, easy, accessible information on PowerPoint 2003 in a full-color cookbook-style format. Provides answers to all of your How-do-I questions in a concise and meaningful way. Lengthwise page layout allows for easy page viewing. Useful tips and cautions are displayed in the margins so that they don’t


Brace youself, because here comes QuickSteps: The fast, easy, accessible information on PowerPoint 2003 in a full-color cookbook-style format. Provides answers to all of your How-do-I questions in a concise and meaningful way. Lengthwise page layout allows for easy page viewing. Useful tips and cautions are displayed in the margins so that they don’t break the flow of the quick steps themselves.

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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date:
Quicksteps Series
Product dimensions:
7.70(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.50(d)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Stepping into PowerPoint1
Start PowerPoint1
Use the Start Menu to Load PowerPoint2
Starting PowerPoint3
Open a Presentation3
Change Opening Default View5
Displaying Views5
Open Sort Slider View6
Using the Slide Sorter Toolbar7
Start a Slide Show7
Personalize PowerPoint7
Select Another Task Pane7
Using Task Panes7
Remove the Startup Task Pane8
Display a Toolbar8
Show Toolbars on Two Rows9
Customize a Toolbar9
Using Toolbars11
Get Help11
Open Help Three Ways11
Access Offline Help12
Using Help13
Do Research13
End Your PowerPoint Presentation14
Save a Presentation Automatically14
Saving a Presentation15
Close a Presentation Session16
Chapter 2Creating the Presentation17
Prepare to Create a Presentation17
Create a PowerPoint Folder18
Change the Default Save Folder18
Create a Presentation19
Create a Presentation Using AutoContent Wizard20
Add a Template to the Wizard21
Create a Presentation Using a Design Template22
Working with Templates23
Create a Template23
Create a Presentation from Another Presentation23
Choosing Layout and Design Elements24
Create a Presentation from Scratch24
Adding Content to a Slide25
Outline a Presentation25
Create an Outline25
Indenting with the Keyboard28
Insert an Outline From Other Sources29
Using the Outlining Toolbar30
Preview the Outline30
Print the Outline30
Insert a Hyperlink in the Outline31
Dealing with Presentations32
Send the Outline to Microsoft Word32
Chapter 3Working with Slides, Notes, and Masters33
Work With Slides33
Navigate from Slide to Slide34
Navigating with the Keyboard34
Insert a Slide34
Moving or Copying a Slide37
Display Two or More Presentations at Once37
Using a Keyboard with Slides37
Duplicate a Slide37
Copy a Design Using Browse38
Create a Color Scheme38
Use a Slide Layout43
Copy Color with Format Painter44
Using Headers and Footers on Slides45
Work With Hyperlinks46
Work With Notes47
Create a Note47
Preview Speaker Notes49
Print Notes and Handouts50
Using Headers and Footers on Notes and Handouts50
Work with Slide and Title, Note and Handout Masters52
Manage Slide and Title Masters52
Working with Slides Masters54
Work with the Notes Master56
Change the Handout Master57
Chapter 4Modifying Slide Text59
Select a Layout59
Select a Layout60
Use Text Placeholders61
Setting Margins, Word Wrap, Anchor Points, and Rotating Text65
Set and Change Tab Settings65
Change Line and Paragraph Spacing65
Using Lists66
Editing Slide Text68
Change Capitalization68
Use the Font Dialog Box68
Change Fonts, Font Size, Color, Style, and Effects69
Moving or Copying Text70
Align Text71
Use AutoFit71
Copy Formatting with Format Painter72
Using the Office Clipboard72
Use AutoCorrect72
Use Spell Check75
Chapter 5Creating Tables in Slides77
Create Tables77
Inserting a Table from Scratch78
Insert a Table78
Enter Text86
Aligning Text86
Format Text87
Rotating Text in Cells88
Delete a Table88
Use the Tables And Borders Toolbar89
Selecting Table Components90
Insert Columns and Rows91
Change Size of Columns and Rows92
Deleting Columns and Rows93
Work with Borders93
Merging or Splitting Cells96
Shade Cells, Columns, Rows, or a Table96
Use Special Effects in the Table Background97
Use a Picture in Your Table97
Enter Formulas99
Chapter 6Working with Clip Art and Graphs101
Work with Clip Art102
Find and Insert Clip Art102
Change the Color of Clip Art103
Crop a Picture106
Changing the Contrast and Brightness106
Manage Clips with Clip Organizer106
Deleting a Clip from the Clip Organizer107
Renaming a Collection108
Adding Keywords or Captions to Clips109
Search for Clip Art on the Web109
Working with Objects110
Display Grid and Guides110
Use Format Painter112
Work with Graphs/Charts113
Use Graphs113
Working with a Chart in Microsoft Graph115
Working with an Excel Graph/Chart117
Enter Chart Data117
Select the Type of Chart118
Insert Leader Lines on a Pie Chart121
Format Charts122
Chapter 7Working with Organization Charts and Diagrams131
Create an Organization Chart132
Begin an Organization Chart132
Modify Text in Boxes133
Insert a Box133
Insert Complex Org Chart Templates134
Use an AutoFormat Style136
Insert Multiple Boxes138
Selecting Boxes138
Rearrange Boxes138
Change the Layout of an Org Chart139
Format Boxes and Box Outlines140
Format Connecting Lines142
Format Text144
Use Zoom145
Use a Diagram146
Using the Diagram Toolbar146
Insert a Diagram147
Chapter 8Special Effects and Drawing in PowerPoint149
Work with Special Effects149
Transition between Slides150
Animate Objects and Slides151
Use Special Effects in the Slide Background156
Hide Master Background Graphics160
Use Special Effects with Text161
Using the WordArt Toolbar162
Draw in PowerPoint163
Draw a Shape164
Draw a Line or Arrow165
Use AutoShapes165
Combine Shapes by Grouping166
Working with Curves167
Create a Mirror Image167
Positioning Shapes169
Format Shapes169
Add Shadows to Shapes172
Add 3-D Effects172
Rotate and Flip Shapes175
Insert a Text Box176
Use Zoom176
Chapter 9Working with Multimedia and the Internet177
Use Multimedia Files in Your Presentation178
Insert Sounds from the Clip Organizer178
Insert Sound from a File179
Insert a CD Track180
Set Options for Sound Effects181
Change Size of Embedded Sound Files182
Record Sound Files182
Use Video Files in Your Presentation187
Changing Video Options187
Package Presentation Files187
Use the Internet with Your Presentations187
Connect to Web Pages with Hyperlinks188
Use Action Buttons to Connect to a Web Page189
Transfer to an FTP Site194
Publish Your Presentation as a Web Page195
Changing Web Options196
Use the Web Toolbar196
View a Slide Show in a Default Browser197
Chapter 10Printing and Running a Slide Show199
Run a Slide Show199
Automate a Slide Show200
Use a Laptop to Control the Presentation200
Setting Up a Slide Show202
Present a Dual-Monitor Slide Show203
Use a Pen Tool207
Navigating a Slide Show208
Rehearse Your Timing208
Display a Blank Screen209
Write Notes during the Presentation209
Create a Custom Slide Show209
Setting Print Options209
Place a Shortcut on Your Desktop211
Print Presentations in Various Ways211
Preview Slides before Printing212
Setting Print Preview Options213
Set Page Setup214
Print Grayscale or Black and White Slides215
Print Transparencies215
Print a PostScript File for 35mm Slides216
Stop Printing217
Change Printers217

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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Quicksteps 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It is easy to use. It takes you from beginner to intermedaite level. Colorful images. Simple words. It is what you need if you are a computer instructor or a self-learner.
Guest More than 1 year ago
They try to introduce color pages to stand out from other PowerPoint Books. The problem of the setup of the book is how messy and cluttered each page is. Also, it does not give you actual examples to do like given in PowerPoint 2003 Step by Step. Coming from a beginner, you will forget EASILY how to do certain things.