Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide

Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide



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Microsoft Office v.X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide by Dan Henderson, Steve Schwartz

Microsoft Office v. X is an inside-and-out makeover of your old desktopstalwart. Under the hood, it's one of the first native Mac OS Xapplications. But the most obvious change is the new Aqua interface; morethan a thousand dialog boxes, toolbar icons, and alerts now match Mac OSX's liquid appearance. You'll also find two new names in its Macintoshlineup--MSN Messenger 2.0 and Windows Media Player. With all that's new andnoteworthy, you need a knowledgeable guide to show you how to get the mostout of this productivity package. That's just what you get withMicrosoft Office v. X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide. The book's visual, task-based format lets you quickly look up what you needto know about any of the apps in the suite--PowerPoint, Word, Excel,Entourage, MSN Messenger, or Windows Media Player--and get right back towork. Step-by-step explanations of the key tools and features in Office cutstraight to the essential information. Plentiful screenshots not onlyacquaint you with Office's revamped menus and dialog boxes, they also keepyou on track each step of the way. Microsoft Office v. X for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide shows you the most efficient ways to use Officeapps together--you'll find timesaving tips sprinkled throughout. If you'reupgrading to Office v. X, you can't afford not to have this book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201794830
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 02/28/2002
Series: Visual QuickStart Guide Series
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 7.13(w) x 8.95(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Part IIntroduction1
Chapter 1Essential Office Techniques3
Starting New Documents4
Saving Your Work6
Opening Existing Documents7
Working with Text8
Working with Pictures and Other Objects11
Working in Different Languages12
Getting Help13
Chapter 2Office v. X and the Internet17
Adding Links18
Other Internet Capabilities20
Part IIMicrosoft Word21
Chapter 3Word Basics23
Opening a Blank Document24
The Word Window26
Working with Text27
Showing/Hiding Nonprinting Characters30
Finding and Replacing Text31
Using the Office Clipboard34
Setting Margins36
Aligning Paragraphs37
Indenting Paragraphs38
Setting Line Spacing40
Setting Tabs41
Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists42
Numbering Pages43
Adding Headers and Footers44
Checking Your Work45
Calculating the Word Count48
Chapter 4Using Templates and Wizards49
Using Templates50
Saving a Document as a Template51
Modifying an Existing Template53
Using Wizards54
Chapter 5Document and Text Formatting55
Changing Views56
Changing the Paper Size and Orientation57
Creating Multiple Sections58
Inserting Page Breaks60
Using Multiple Columns61
Applying Borders and Shading63
Applying a Style65
Creating a Paragraph Style66
Creating a Character Style68
Using Click and Type69
Automatically Entering Text70
Chapter 6Adding Graphics73
Inserting Clip Art and Your Own Images74
Drawing Lines76
Creating Shapes77
Adding Color, Shadows, and 3D Effects78
Adding Text as an Object79
Creating Artistic Text80
Chapter 7Creating Tables81
Starting a Table82
Entering Data84
Building a Table from Scratch85
Editing the Table Structure87
Aligning Table Data88
Working with Numeric Data89
Deleting Cells90
Merging and Splitting Cells91
Adding Rows and Columns92
Nesting Tables94
Setting Borders and Cell Shading95
Converting Text to a Table96
Chapter 8Creating Newsletters, Labels, and More97
Using the Contact Toolbar98
Creating Labels100
Printing Envelopes101
Creating Catalogs, Menus, and Newsletters103
Using the Data Merge Manager104
Part IIIMicrosoft Excel107
Chapter 9Entering Information109
Moving Around in a Worksheet110
Typing Data into Cells111
Adding Comments to Cells112
Naming Ranges of Cells113
Filling Ranges of Cells114
Bringing In Data from Outside Excel116
Editing Cells118
Chapter 10Working with Lists119
Creating a List120
Editing a List122
Formatting a List124
Filtering a List125
Sorting a List127
Validating Data in a List129
Chapter 11Entering Calculations131
Formula Basics132
Using Common Functions134
Using the Formula Calculator140
Copying Formulas143
Chapter 12Making It Look Good145
Changing the Size of Columns and Rows146
Inserting and Deleting Columns and Rows148
Inserting and Deleting Cells149
Moving and Copying Data151
Working with Large Sheets152
Automatic Formatting154
Conditional Formatting155
Formatting Text157
Formatting Numbers159
Borders and Shading160
Using Styles163
Chapter 13Using Multiple Worksheets165
Switching Sheets166
Viewing Multiple Sheets167
Naming Sheets169
Referring to Data from Other Sheets170
Consolidating to a Sheet171
Chapter 14Analyzing Data175
Reorganizing Data Using PivotTables176
Goal Seeking179
What-If Analysis180
Answering Complex Questions with Solver184
Chapter 15Charts185
Creating Charts186
Modifying Charts189
Adding Error Bars194
Adding Trendlines195
Chapter 16Database Techniques197
Setting Up a Database198
Filling In the Form199
Sorting and Filtering200
Using Databases from Outside Excel203
Chapter 17Sharing Workbooks205
Publishing Workbooks on the Web206
Sharing Workbooks on a Network208
Protecting Workbooks209
Tracking and Reviewing Changes213
Part IVMicrosoft PowerPoint215
Chapter 18Getting Started217
Creating New Presentations218
Using the AutoContent Wizard220
Changing Views222
Adding and Deleting Slides224
Saving Presentations226
Chapter 19Creating Your Presentation227
Adding Text to Slides228
Working with Text Blocks229
Adding Graphics to Slides230
Drawing Objects232
Creating a Common Graphic Background234
Applying Background Color and Fill Effects236
Changing the Color Scheme237
Saving and Reusing a Custom Design238
Chapter 20Working with Charts and Graphs239
Starting a Chart240
Entering Your Own Data242
Changing the Chart Type243
Adding Legends to a Chart245
Displaying Gridlines246
Labeling Data Points247
Specifying the Data Arrangement249
Formatting a Chart Element250
Cutting a Pie Chart251
Creating Stock Charts252
Working with 3D Charts254
Chapter 21Organization Charts and Tables255
Adding an Organization Chart to a Slide256
Adding People258
Adding Subordinates259
Adding Assistants260
Formatting an Org Chart261
More Org Chart Tips262
Adding a Table to a Slide263
Chapter 22Preparing the Presentation for Viewing265
Using the Slide Sorter266
Adding Transition Effects268
Adding Animation Within Slides270
Adding Sound and Movies271
Creating Handouts and Speaker Notes272
Rehearsing a Presentation274
Running a Slide Show275
Publishing a Presentation on the Web276
Part VMicrosoft Entourage279
Chapter 23Email281
Setting Up Your Account282
Sending Mail and Files285
Reading Mail288
Replying to Mail291
Forwarding and Redirecting Mail293
Organizing Mail295
Dealing with Junk Mail299
Managing Mailing Lists301
Chapter 24Address Book303
Adding Contacts304
Deleting Contacts308
Editing Contact Records309
Using Electronic Business Cards (vCards)311
Addressing Email from the Address Book313
Using Directory Services315
Chapter 25Calendar319
Viewing the Calendar320
Adding and Deleting Events324
Modifying Events330
Sending and Responding to Event Invitations331
Adding and Removing Holidays333
Chapter 26To-Do Lists (Tasks)337
Viewing the Tasks List338
Creating and Deleting Tasks340
Editing Tasks344
Recurring Tasks345
Due Dates and Reminders346
Marking Tasks Complete350
Chapter 27Notes351
Viewing Notes352
Creating and Deleting Notes354
Editing Notes357
Chapter 28Internet Newsgroups359
Creating a News-Server Account360
Viewing Newsgroups363
Updating the Newsgroup List364
Filtering the Newsgroup List365
Subscribing to Newsgroups366
Managing Newsgroup Messages368
Reading Messages370
Posting to Newsgroups372
Downloading Files from Newsgroups375
Part VICombining the Applications377
Chapter 29Copying, Embedding, and Linking379
Using Drag and Drop380
Embedding an Object382
Linking Objects384
Chapter 30Using Programs Together387
Combining Word and Excel388
Combining Word and PowerPoint389
Copying Text from Word to Excel or PowerPoint392
Combining Excel and PowerPoint394
Linking Entourage Items397

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