Microsoft Office Word 2007

Microsoft Office Word 2007

by Jerry Joyce, Marianne Moon


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ISBN-13: 9780735622937
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 02/14/2007
Series: Plain & Simple Series
Edition description: REV
Pages: 272
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jerry Joyce has had a long-standing relationship with Microsoft: He has been the technical editor on numerous books published by Microsoft Press® and has written manuals, help files, and specifications for various Microsoft products. As a programmer, he has tried for many years to make using a computer as simple as using a toaster but has yet to succeed.

Marianne Moon has worked in the publishing world for many years as proofreader, editor, and writer - sometimes all three at once. She has been editing and proofreading Microsoft Press® books since 1984 and has written and edited documentation for Microsoft products including Microsoft Works, Flight Simulator, Space Simulator, Golf, Publisher, the Microsoft Mouse, and Greetings Workshop.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: About This Book;
1.1 No Computerspeak!;
1.2 A Quick Overview;
1.3 What’s New in Word 2007?;
1.4 A Few Assumptions;
1.5 A Final Word (or Two);
Chapter 2: Reading and Writing;
2.1 What’s Where in Word?;
2.2 Creating a New Document;
2.3 Working with an Existing Document;
2.4 Editing Text;
2.5 Working with Old Documents;
2.6 Reading a Document;
2.7 Using Only the Keyboard;
2.8 So Many Ways to View It;
2.9 Changing Your View;
2.10 Researching a Subject;
2.11 Translating Foreign-Language Text;
2.12 Finding Text;
2.13 Replacing Text;
2.14 Adding Page Numbers;
2.15 Inserting Frequently Used Content;
2.16 Correcting Your Spelling and Grammar;
2.17 Correcting Text Automatically;
2.18 Moving and Copying Text;
2.19 So Many Ways to Do It;
2.20 Printing a Document;
2.21 Getting Help;
Chapter 3: Designing Your Documents;
3.1 Formatting Text;
3.2 Controlling the Look: Themes, Styles, and Fonts;
3.3 Using Any Style;
3.4 Switching Quick Styles;
3.5 Changing Character Fonts;
3.6 Adjusting Paragraph Line Spacing;
3.7 Setting Paragraph Alignment;
3.8 Indenting a Paragraph;
3.9 Formatting with Tabs;
3.10 Adding Emphasis and Special Formatting;
3.11 Creating an Inline Heading;
3.12 Adjusting the Spacing Between Characters;
3.13 Copying Your Formatting;
3.14 Setting the Overall Look;
3.15 Placing a Line Border Around a Page;
3.16 Placing an Art Border Around a Page;
3.17 Adding a Decorative Horizontal Line;
3.18 Adding a Border or Shading to a Paragraph;
3.19 Creating a Bulleted or Numbered List;
3.20 Creating a Multilevel List;
3.21 Formatting a List;
3.22 Formatting a Table;
Chapter 4: Creating a Layout;
4.1 Laying Out the Page;
4.2 Changing Page Orientation Within a Document;
4.3 Changing Margins Within a Document;
4.4 Improving the Layout with Hyphenation;
4.5 Fine-Tuning Your Layout;
4.6 Flowing Text into Columns;
4.7 Creating Chapters;
4.8 Creating a Table from Scratch;
4.9 Using a Predesigned Table;
4.10 Creating a Table from Text;
4.11 The Anatomy of a Table;
4.12 Adding or Deleting Rows and Columns;
4.13 Positioning Elements in a Table;
4.14 Customizing a Table Layout;
4.15 Aligning a Table;
4.16 Moving a Table;
4.17 Creating a Side-by-Side Layout;
Chapter 5: Creating Specialized Documents;
5.1 Composing Different Types of Documents;
5.2 Word’s File Formats;
5.3 Creating an Online Document;
5.4 Writing and Publishing a Blog;
5.5 Printing an Envelope;
5.6 Printing a Mailing Label;
5.7 Mail Merge: The Power and the Pain;
5.8 Creating a Form Letter;
5.9 Personalizing a Form Letter;
5.10 Addressing Envelopes from a Mailing List;
5.11 Switching Templates;
5.12 Creating Running Heads;
5.13 Creating Variable Running Heads;
5.14 Organizing Your Information;
5.15 Reorganizing a Document;
5.16 Creating a Master Document;
Chapter 6: Adding Graphics to Your Documents;
6.1 Inserting a Picture;
6.2 Changing the Size of a Picture;
6.3 Adding Clip Art;
6.4 Adding Shapes;
6.5 Editing a Picture;
6.6 Wrapping Text Around a Graphic;
6.7 Formatting a Shape;
6.8 Arranging Multiple Graphics;
6.9 Positioning Graphics on the Page;
6.10 Combining Graphics;
6.11 Creating Stylized Text;
6.12 Inserting a Relational Diagram;
6.13 Creating a Chart;
6.14 Inserting an Excel Chart;
Chapter 7: Adding Specialized Content;
7.1 Inserting a Cover Page;
7.2 Numbering Headings;
7.3 Adding Line Numbers;
7.4 Inserting an Equation;
7.5 Creating an Equation;
7.6 Inserting Microsoft Excel Data;
7.7 Using Hyperlinks;
7.8 Inserting Special Characters;
7.9 Adding a Sidebar or a Pull Quote;
7.10 Creating Custom Text Boxes;
7.11 Creating a Dropped Capital Letter;
7.12 Creating Footnotes and Endnotes;
7.13 Creating Cross-References;
7.14 Inserting a Bookmark;
7.15 Inserting Information with Smart Tags;
7.16 Inserting a Watermark;
7.17 Adding Document Properties;
7.18 Having Word Insert Information for You;
7.19 Adding Captions to Tables and Figures;
7.20 Creating a Table of Figures, Equations, or Tables;
7.21 Creating a Table of Contents;
7.22 Inserting a Citation;
7.23 Inserting a Bibliography;
7.24 Creating a Table of Authorities;
7.25 Creating an Index;
Chapter 8: Reviewing and Finalizing;
8.1 Marking Changes in a Document;
8.2 Comparing Changes in a Document;
8.3 Combining Reviews;
8.4 Comparing Documents Side by Side;
8.5 Comparing Different Parts of a Single Document;
8.6 Standardizing the Formatting;
8.7 Proofreading in Another Language;
8.8 Checking the Word Count;
8.9 Checking the Compatibility;
8.10 Finalizing Your Document;
Chapter 9: Customizing Your Content;
9.1 Creating Your Own Styles;
9.2 Creating a Table Style;
9.3 Creating a Quick Style Set;
9.4 Creating a Custom Cover Page;
9.5 Creating a Custom Table of Contents;
9.6 Creating a Custom Table of Tables or Figures;
9.7 Saving Your Custom Table Design;
9.8 Customizing a Template;
9.9 Designing a Template;
9.10 Customizing a List;
9.11 Customizing a Multilevel List;
9.12 Customizing the Page Numbers;
9.13 Organizing with Styles;
Chapter 10: Customizing and Securing Word;
10.1 Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar;
10.2 Customizing the Window;
10.3 Creating Keyboard Shortcuts;
10.4 Specifying What You Want Word to Display;
10.5 Changing Your User Information;
10.6 Changing the Way Word Saves Files;
10.7 Customizing the Way Word Checks Spelling and Grammar;
10.8 Customizing Your Spelling Dictionaries;
10.9 Creating Your Own Commands;
10.10 Transferring Styles and Macros;
10.11 Safeguarding a Document;
10.12 Restricting Access to a Document;
10.13 Restricting Changes to a Document;
10.14 Signing a Document with a Certificate;
10.15 Signing a Document with a Visible Signature;
10.16 Protecting a Document with a Password;
10.17 Controlling Macros, Add-Ins, and ActiveX Controls;
10.18 Fixing Word;
10.19 Adding or Removing Word Components;
About the Authors;
Choose the Right Book for You;
Published and Upcoming Titles;

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Microsoft Office Word 2007 2.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
cindybuns More than 1 year ago
I wasn't sure that it would be good, but since it included Table of Authorities I thought I'd try it out (as not many books include this feature). It is great, easy to understand, keeps about 2 pages for each feature and it is very easy to follow without all of the technical language of other books. Am thinking of buying other books in this line for Excel, PowerPoint etc. Even if you are one of those people who want a bit more depth, it would be great as a reference book for a quick look-up.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is very detailed. It's great if you want to become proficient. It may be too much if you just want an overview.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago