Microsoft Windows Desktop Deployment Resource Kit (with CD-ROM)

Microsoft Windows Desktop Deployment Resource Kit (with CD-ROM)

Paperback(with CD-ROM)

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ISBN-13: 9780735618985
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 07/14/2004
Series: Pro-Resource Kit Series
Edition description: with CD-ROM
Pages: 928
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 1.55(d)

About the Author

Jerry Honeycutt, MVP for Windows, is a popular author with more than 25 books to his credit, including Microsoft Windows Desktop Deployment Resource Kit. In addition, he is a columnist for Windows XP Expert Zone and Microsoft TechNet.

Table of Contents

Windows Versions;
Some Terminology;
Companion CD;
System Requirements;
Companion Web Site;
Other Resources;
Lab Testing;
Resource Kit Support Policy;
Contacting Me;
Part I: Planning;
Chapter 1: Deployment Plan;
Planning Overview;
Environment Plan;
Configuration Plan;
Distribution Plan;
Distribution Methods;
Best Practices;
Chapter 2: Application Compatibility;
Understanding Compatibility;
Compatibility Technologies;
Application Compatibility Toolkit;
Compatibility Inventory;
Compatibility Databases;
Distributing Compatibility Fixes;
Maintaining Compatibility;
Virtual PC as Safety Net;
Best Practices;
Chapter 3: Windows Configuration;
Disk Partitions;
File Systems;
Hardware Devices;
Best Practices;
Chapter 4: Office Configuration;
Best Practices;
Chapter 5: Office Migration;
Migration Issues;
Versions Compatibility;
Network Inventory;
Document Conversion;
Database Conversion;
Security Migration;
Solution Migration;
Phased Rollouts;
Best Practices;
Part II: Configuring;
Chapter 6: Answer Files;
Getting Started;
Editing Answer Files;
Running Setup Fully Unattended;
Specializing Answer Files;
Templating Answer Files;
Scripting Domain Adds;
Best Practices;
Chapter 7: Distribution Points;
Getting Started;
Building a Development Server;
Creating the Distribution Point;
Copying the Source Files;
Creating the $OEM$ Folder;
Adding Third-Party Drivers;
Fixing Long Filenames;
Customizing the Sample Folder;
Integrating Service Packs;
Sharing Distribution Points;
Balancing Installation;
Office Distribution Points;
Best Practices;
Chapter 8: Windows Settings;
Settings Overview;
Finding Settings;
Choosing a Technique;
Installing .inf Files;
Setting Values with .reg Files;
Editing from the Command Prompt;
Scripting Using Windows Script Host;
Creating Windows Installer Packages;
Configuring Specific Settings;
Best Practices;
Chapter 9: Office Settings;
Customization Methods;
Customizing Features;
Customizing Office Shortcuts;
Adding Files to Office 2003;
Customizing User Settings;
Using the Profile Wizard;
Using a Transform;
Customizing Removal Behavior;
Customizing Installation;
Best Practices;
Chapter 10: Internet Explorer Settings;
Administration Kit;
Internet Settings Files;
Unattended-Setup Answer Files;
Group Policy Settings;
Best Practices;
Chapter 11: Chaining Installations;
Chaining Overview;
Package Distribution;
Package Installation;
Sample Distribution Folder;
Unattended Packages;
Office Chaining;
Best Practices;
Chapter 12: User Profiles;
User Profiles Overview;
Exploring User Profiles;
Getting User Profiles;
Using Roaming User Profiles;
Deploying Default User Profiles;
Coexisting with Earlier Versions of Windows;
Migrating User Settings to Windows XP;
Scripting as an Alternative;
Controlling Just-in-Time Setup;
AutoProf Profile Maker;
Best Practices;
Part III: Distributing;
Chapter 13: Unattended Setup;
Distribution Methods;
Preinstallation Tasks;
Running Winnt.exe;
Running Winnt32.exe;
Using UDB Files;
Post-Installation Tasks;
Office 2003 Editions;
Best Practices;
Chapter 14: Preinstallation Environment;
Exploring Windows PE;
Using Windows PE as an Installation Platform;
Customizing Windows PE;
Starting Windows PE;
Automating Installations;
Best Practices;
Chapter 15: Disk Imaging with Sysprep;
Configuring Sysprep;
Automating Mini-Setup;
Reducing Image Count;
Running Sysprep;
Preparing a Disk Image;
Starting with a Template;
Installing the Configuration;
Creating the Disk Image;
Deploying the Disk Image;
Optimizing Disk Images;
Mapping Sysprep Settings;
Best Practices;
Chapter 16: Remote Installation Service;
Installing RIS;
Authorizing a RIS Server;
Configuring a RIS Server;
Customizing the Client Installation Wizard;
Using CD-Based Images;
Creating RIS Images;
Restricting CIW Choices;
Best Practices;
Chapter 17: Systems Management Server;
SMS Overview;
Packaging Windows XP;
Preparing for Distribution;
Distributing the Packages;
Monitoring the Distribution;
Troubleshooting Distributions;
Advertising the Packages;
Distributing Office 2003;
Best Practices;
Chapter 18: User State Migration;
Planning Migration;
Using Files And Settings Transfer Wizard;
Deploying User State Migration Tool;
Using Third-Party Tools;
Using Scripted Tools;
Best Practices;
Part IV: Managing;
Chapter 19: Software Update Services;
SUS Overview;
SUS Server Design;
SUS Server Deployment;
Automatic Updates Deployment;
Best Practices;
Chapter 20: Policy Management;
Security Settings;
Software Restriction;
Folder Redirection;
AutoProf Policy Maker;
Administrative Templates;
Using the Group Policy Tools;
Best Practices;
Chapter 21: Desktop Management;
Management Overview;
Active Directory Environments;
Non-Active Directory Environments;
UNIX and Novell Environments;
Standardized Desktop Configurations;
Best Practices;
Chapter 22: Patch Management;
Obtaining Service Packs;
Planning Deployment;
Deploying Service Packs;
Slipstreaming Service Packs;
Deploying Hotfixes;
Patching Microsoft Office;
Best Practices;
Chapter 23: Software Installation;
Windows Installer;
Using Windows Installer;
Managing Windows Installer;
Removing Windows Installer Data;
Installing Office 2003;
Automating Legacy Installers;
Repackaging Legacy Applications;
Third-Party Distribution Products;
Elevating Installation Privileges;
Best Practices;
Part V: Appendixes;
Appendix A: Mobile Scenarios;
Hardware Management;
Power Management Options;
User Profiles and Folder Redirection;
Offline Files;
Laptop Security;
Wireless Networking;
Appendix B: Multilingual Scenarios;
Multilingual Overview;
Multilingual Features;
Deployment Planning;
Configuring Desktops;
Unattended Installations;
Appendix C: Administrative Template Syntax;
Appendix D: Answer File Syntax;
Appendix E: Batch Script Syntax;
Batch Parameters;
Cmd Options;
Batch Commands;
Appendix : About the Author;

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