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Springer Netherlands
Microwave Physics and Techniques / Edition 1

Microwave Physics and Techniques / Edition 1

by H. Groll, Ivan Nedkov


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ISBN-13: 9780792345824
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 05/31/1997
Series: Nato Science Partnership Subseries: 3 , #33
Edition description: 1997
Pages: 457
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.04(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword. Invited Papers. Heterostructure Varactor Diodes for Microwave and Millimeter Wave Power Generation; E.L. Kollberg. Superconducting Mixers for Submillimeter Wavelengths (Abstract); E.L. Kollberg. Correlation between Microwave Transistors Low Frequency Noise. Amplifiers Residual Phase Noise and Oscillators Phase Noise Consequence on Oscillator Phase Noise Modeling; O. Llopis, et al. MESFET and HEMT Large Signal Modeling; I. Angelov. A Planar Method for Analysis of Microwave Ferrite Structures; S. Ivanov. Domain-Wall Dynamics in Polycrystalline Garnets and Hexagonal Ferrites; I. Nedkov. Nonlinear Spin-Wave Processes in Ferrite Films: Physics and Devices (Abstract); B.A. Kalinikos. Microwave Properties and Applications of High Temperature Superconductors; D. Dew-Hughes. Electrical and Thermal Magneto-Transport in the Mixed State of High Tc-Superconductors; M. Ausloos. Josephson Junctions in HTSC Films and Their Possible Applications at MW Frequencies; G.A. Ovsyannikov. HTS Bolometers for FIR Applications; E. Steinbeiss, et al. T1BaCaCuO-HTS Materials for Microwave Applications; S. Huber, et al. High-Tc SQUIDs Fabricated by Ion Modification: Technology, Properties and Applications; S. Tinchev. MW HTSC Stripline Resonators and their Application in MW Oscillators; R.A. Chakalov, et al. Lorentz Microscopy of Magnetic Thin Films and Nanostructures; J.N. Chapman. Multispectra in Rough Surface Scattering; A. Guissard. Land Application of SAR Interferometry; U. Wegmuller. Passive MW Remote Sensing of Soils and Vegetation; K. Kostov, B. Vichev. Approximate Self-Affinity: Methodology and Remote Sensing Applications; O. Yordanov, et al. Posters Presented. Dynamical Chaos in a Cavity Due to Electrical Instability in Microwave Devices; L.V. Yurchenko, V.B. Yurchenko. Approximating Circular Redome by a Dielectric Slab in the Antenna Simulations; A. Altintas, et al. A Numerical Investigation of Electromagnetic Scattering by Transversely Magnetized Ferrite Cylinder; V. Kalesinskas, et al. To the New Phase Shifts in Mixer Measurement Method; S.A. Vyzulin, K.S. Korotkov. Volume-Integrated Approach for MSW-Devices Design; S.A. Vyzulin. Wideband Distributed Amplifier Using Encapsulated HEMTs; A. Zolomy, et al. Broad-Band Balanced Uniplanar HEMT Doubler and Resistive Sub-Harmonically Pumped Mixer; A. Yanev, et al. D.C. and R.F. Field Induced Losses in HTS Thin Films; A.L. Cowie, et al. Intermodulation Distortion in Microstrip Superconducting Resonator: Measurements and Simulation; O.G. Vendik, et al. Evaluation of the Tunability and Insertion Loss of YBa2Cu3O7-x/SrTiO3 Structures for MW Applications; E.K. Hollman, et al. A Comparison of Phase Noise Performance between DR and HTSCR Stabilized Oscillators; R. Kojouharov, et al. A 4 Ghz Stabilized Oscillator with HTSC Resonator; R. Kojouharov, et al. Millimeter Wave Detection by High-Tc Superconducting Films; A. Laurinavicius, et al. Surface Impedance Evaluation in Bulk HTS Samples Based on Parallel Plate Resonator Technique; S. Miteva, et al. Magnetic Testing of HTS Thin Films and Passive Microwave Components; T. Nurgaliev, et al. Fabrication and Investigation of Coplanar Waveguide Based on HTSC/Ferroelectric Thin Films Structures; R.A. Chakalov, et al. Plasma Resonance in Layered Normal Metals and Application of Theory to Room Temperature Reflectivity Measurements of Sintered YBa2Cu3O7; Z. Genchev, et al. On Tropospheric Channel Transfer Function under Ducting Conditions; I.D. Sirkova. Microwave Remote Sensing Monitoring of Rice Field on Evaluation Cycle; M.A. Mihalev, D.M. Chung. Model Based Decompositions in Polarimetric Radar Remote Sensing of Coniferous Forests; E. Robin, A. Guissard. Radar Signatures to Non-Fully Developed Seas; D. Lemair, et al. Estimation of Leaf and Branch Area Indexes of Deciduous Trees Using Dual-Frequency Microwave Radiometric Data; B.I. Vichev, K.G. Kostov. X-Band Radar-Radiometer Images of a Sea Surface; A.K. Arakelian. Radar-Radiometer Correlative System; A.K. Arakelian. Dual-Band Microwave Multilayer Rubber Absorber; N.T. Dishovsky, et al. Microwave Part of a Balanced Radiometer for Medical Applications; A. Yanev, et al. Modeling and Design of Resistive Millimeter-Wave HEMT-Mixers; H. Zirath. Index.

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