Middle English Literature

Middle English Literature

by Edward T. Byrnes, Charles W. Dunn



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ISBN-13: 9780824052980
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 04/01/1990
Series: Garland Reference Library of the Humanities Series
Pages: 564
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Table of Contents

Preface * Literary Map of Britain and Ireland * Introduction * Middle English Literature, The Middle English language *

The Twelfth Century

William the Conqueror (A Peterborough Chronicler) * The Anarchy of King Stephen (The Llast Peterborough Chronicler) * The Proverbs of Alfred * Poema Morale * The Brut (Lawman) * The Owl and the Nightingale: Holy Maidenhood

The Thirteenth Century

The Anchoreses'Rule * King Horn * The Bestiary * Judas * A Love Rune (Thomas of Hailes) * The Sayings of St. Bernard * The Fox and the Wolf * Dame Sirith * The land of Cokayne

The Early Fourteenth Century

Handling Sin (Robert Mannying) * Now Springs the Spray * The Five Joys of mary * Alysoun * Spring * April * Love in Paris * Sir Orfeo * Halidon Hill (Laurence Minot) * The Form of Living (Richard Rolle)

The Age of Chaucer

The Parliament of the Three Ages * Morte Arthure * The Burce (John Barbour) * Piers Plowman (william Langland) * The Pearl * Sir Gawain and the Green Knight * The Lover's Confession (John Gower) * The Wyclyfite Bible * A Defense of Translation (John Purvey[?]) * The Properties of Things (John de Trevisa) * Thomas of Erceldoun

The Fifteenth Century

The Tale of Beryn * The Regiment of Princes (Thomas Hoccleve) * The Siege of Thebes (John Lydgate) * Christ and His Mother * St. Stephen and Herod * Robyn and Gandeleyn * The Blacksmiths

The Scottish REnaissance

The Testament of Cresseid (Robert Henryson) * The Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins (William Dunbar) * On the Resurrection of Christ (William Dunbar) * The Golden Targe (William Dunbar)

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