Midnight Exposure

Midnight Exposure

by Melinda Leigh


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The first suspenseful thriller in the Midnight series from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Melinda Leigh.

When two hikers disappear from their hometown in Maine, everyone blames the blinding storms. But the truth is far more sinister. Unaware of the danger, tabloid photographer Jayne Sullivan follows an anonymous tip to find the most reclusive sculptor in the art world. Instead, she finds mysterious handyman Reed Kimball—and a small town full of fatal secrets.

Five years ago, Reed buried his homicide detective career along with his wife. But when a hiker is found dead, the local police chief asks Reed for help. Why was a Celtic coin found under the body? And where is the second hiker? Desperate to avoid the media, Reed doesn’t need a murder, a missing person, or a nosey photographer. Until Jayne is attacked, and he realizes that her courage is his undoing. Reed must risk everything to protect her and find a cunning killer.

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ISBN-13: 9781612184753
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 08/21/2012
Series: Midnight , #1
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 484,957
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.10(d)

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Midnight Exposure 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
AnneandJane_228 More than 1 year ago
Other reviewers have provided a detailed description of "Midnight Exposure" so I will not belabor this review with a repetition of the same.  The protagonists, Jayne Sullivan and Reed Kimball, both have secrets. Overcoming his painful past is necessary for Reed to help solve  a murder and end his life of seclusion. Reed and Jayne become attracted to each other. Ultimately, Reed must protect her from the killer. Jayne rightfully worries that her secret  threatens their potential for a relationship. Reed and Jayne are likable characters who make the reader root for them to realize that they  belong together. The book also has plenty of suspense. I fluctuated among three persons as the killer much to my consternation. Melinda Leigh delivers a well written book that will have you hooked from the beginning. I finished "Midnight Exposure" in one day. I strongly recommend that you read "Midnight Exposure" and the upcoming sequel "Midnight Sacrifice." I also recommend Ms Leigh's  other romantic suspense series which consists so far of "She Can Run" and "She Can Tell." 
angel_221 More than 1 year ago
This suspense/ romance was very good. I could not put it down! I loved all of the characters, good and bad. I would highly recommend this book. Looking forward to many more great books by Melinda Leigh!
BooksnKisses More than 1 year ago
Jayne, this poor girl has been through hell and back already once in her life. But who would have ever thought going to a small town in Maine would become a matter of life or death for her. This time Jayne will not be a victim. This time she will be her own hero. Reed Kimball just wants to live a peaceful and quiet life. He has already seen and done more then most will in a lifetime. But when a beautiful stranger shows up outside his home, she off a series of events that even Reed could have never seen coming. I really like Melinda’s writing style. She does a great job of sucking you into her world. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time reading this book. As always I am trying to figure out the who done its. And boy howdy I would have never guessed who it was in the end. If you have read any of Melinda’s other books you will love Midnight Exposure. If you have not read any of her books yet. I would suggest picking up a copy and jump into the suspenseful world that Melinda has created.
CBH More than 1 year ago
The Maine woods are desolate enough if you know where you are but if you are lost, you better have some great judgment or a terrific connection with The Man Above. John and Zack were using their sense of direction to find a good place to stay or to protectively camp and stumbling into a circle that was a part of a religious ceremony was not a safe place. Something told John not to cross the line into the circle but it was too late for Zack as he was within the lines of the circle. A robed figure grabbed John and started slashing him with a knife. John wanted to help his friend get away but he knew he would become a sacrifice too. Too late! John was knocked out and lost all sense of where or what he was doing. Yes, and that is only the beginning of this terrific story. The author doesn’t give you a chance to get bored with any part of the story. She just keeps it going with the same type of mystery and adds a good bit of love into it also and in a very good way. I read this book at bedtime for several nights and I had a hard time stopping but my eyes hollered at me and had to stop. Jayne’s GPS had directed her to a location her boss dictated, where she could find R. S. Morgan and get some photographs of his work. She came from Philadelphia for this assignment, one that she wasn’t sure she would enjoy but a job was a job. She stopped at a gate, thinking this must be the location to find this artist. She used the “I am almost out of gas” situation to try to get into the house hoping to find this man. To Jane’s dismay, Reed Kimball, the man that came to the gate went back and brought her a can of gas and got her on her way. She left Reed and his son, Scott and took off towards the town without meeting her intended target. As she headed towards Huntsville, she phoned her boss telling him that the information he had given her is not panning out and she wanted to abandon the hunt for Morgan and come back home. NO! So on to the Black Bear Inn, a Bed & Breakfast, for her accommodations. When she had stopped at the gas station she thought she saw a form of some kind moving behind the building so being the photographer she snapped a picture. After that uncomfortable night she thought she would start anew to find the mysterious R. S. Morgan. She met others during her travels around town and eventually bumped into Reed Kimball, who was a “hunk” of a man. When Jayne went back to her room there were strange symbols marked in chalk on the door to her room that no one knew anything about. Reed kept his eyes on Jayne Sullivan as well as his mind but he had deep secrets too that he had not divulged to anyone. Meanwhile the Druid was still making plans for his ceremony and he needed several others to complete his needs, most of which was blood. Jayne found her car vandalized one morning. She reported it to the police chief when he got back in town but Reed had helped her before that occurred. Strange things were happening since before Jayne came to town so she began to wonder why were there some people missing and/or dead so she wondered if there was another story in this town? Reed had been a police officer in his past life but no one in town knew that. His wife had been murdered so he came to the small town to get away but now that quite a few strange things were occurring he got interested in the town despite his personal doubts. But most of the interest always got around to Jayne. From here things kep
Book_Sniffers_Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story starts off with two buddies who are wandering around the woods lost during a camping trip. They end up stumbling across some weird Druid ritual which ends in a human sacrifice. The story then fast forwards a couple of months to Jayne arriving in a small town (where everybody knows your name) for work. She's a photographer for a tabloid and her current mission is to get a photograph and identity of the famous sculptor who's identity is unknown. While scoping out a potential home of residence, she runs into Reed. She makes up some story that she's lost, he gives her gas and directions, and sends her on her way. Only it's not the last time they bump into each other and pretty soon the Druid sets his sights on Jayne for his next sacrifice. I will be honest that the only reason why I read this story was because I was given a copy of Midnight Sacrifice for review and I knew that I had to read this one first since it involves the same group of people. I'm actually glad that I stumbled across this series because it's really good. I normally don't go for suspense but this one really got my heart beat pumping. There were a couple of times in the story where the house could've been on fire and I wouldn't have been able to move because the story was that tense. "Bad things happened when he disobeyed. He turned and looked across the few feet of space to his matress. So far. Too far. His body curled into itself, wrapped in the fear of an unknown fate. As his eyelids drifted shut, he felt his humanity slip further away." There was also that hint of romantic interest between the two main characters that added another layer to the story. Jayne was attacked a few years ago and was the victim of a serial raper/killer, only she was able to escape and survive. Since then she's not let anyone outside of her brothers get close to her. Reed on the other hand is a widower who's running from his past. Which is why he dropped off the face of the earth, changed his name and started over with his son in a small town. Neither of these characters were looking for a companion but Jayne brings out his protectiveness and Reed is the only person who's ever made her feel safe. This is the first book by this author that I've read but I look forward to continuing with this series. Even though there were some parts that were a bit lengthy and could have been shortened, I was sitting on the edge of my seat the entire time.
FranJessca More than 1 year ago
Melinda Leigh writes a romantic suspense story that involves one small town of Maine being terrorized by a killer.  That killer though is not your normal killer, in fact, Melinda Leigh brings you a story of a killer who wants his victims for a Celtic Ritual. Jayne is first introduced in the story and she is in the small town of Maine to take some photos of the one person which her tabloid company wants her to find and expose.  Instead she comes upon, Reed Kimball, who wants nothing to do with Jayne and rather he leave the small town.  Jayne is forced to stay until she gets her story.  What she does not know is that the small town may be quiet and homely, there is a killer amongst them and now he has his eyes on her and wants her. Reed just wants to live life alone and not make many friends.  His son is about to go off to college so it will be easier for him to stay to himself, but the beautiful Jayne has entranced him the minute he sees her and now he wants to find out why she is in Maine.   He also has been recruited to help solve some murders that have happened in the woods.  He thought he gave up his old profession, but it seems the past keeps creeping up to reveal itself. When Jayne is attacked though and able to break free, Reed is there to help her and protect her, but he is going to have a difficult time protecting her fully, especially, when he has a secret he wants to stay hidden. Melinda gives you a small town where everyone seems to be hiding something.  She throws in twists and turns, but she gives you some very strong characters that shine over others.  I clicked the most with Jayne because I have read characters like her before, and she proved to be the strongest in the story.  She has gone through a lot.  In fact, she's running from what happened to her in her hometown and now she is thrown into a dangerous predicament again.  She can take care of herself though.  Oh boy, can she take care of herself.  It helps with the self defense training she has taken to help her through the dangerous scenarios she gets in.  She even shocks Reed and several of the other town members with her strength. Reed was a strong character as well, but he did not shine like Jayne did.  He kept warring with himself about Jayne and I just wanted him to realize he needed to get over his secret and let it out and find his own happiness. The major plot of the story was a shock because I have never read a book where the killer is saving his victims for later.  When you find out who the killer is, you will be shocked and you will even be more shocked why the killer is doing the things he does. Be prepared for a lot of twits and turns in the first book to the Midnight series and a lot of sexual tension between two characters.  (I mean a lot of sexual tension)  Reed does a better job of keeping it hidden though on how he feels for Jayne.  He definitely fooled me at times. I give this book 4.5 full moons and recommend it to fellow romantic suspense addicts out there. You will feel like you are in the small town of Maine with the characters and you will want to uncover what is happening in the small town along with them.  
Mich_Mc More than 1 year ago
Midnight Sacrifice is another fantastic tale from Melinda and I can not wait until the release of Midnight Sacrifice! Reed is running from his past under the impression he is protecting his son, living in a small town and selling sculptures under a pseudonym is just the tip of the iceberg. Jayne is a photographer who, on the surface, has more skeletons in her closet and a reason to hide, but she has a determination not to let her past break her. Circumstances have forced Jayne to snap paparazzi pictures and she finds herself looking for Reeds professional persona following a lead from her editor. On her arrival in town Jayne feels like she is being watched, unfortunately that is just the beginning of her nightmare. Can Reed overcome his hesitancy and let her in and keep her safe? Will their secrets prove too much and drive them apart and possibly into the arms of a killer? I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was a one sitting read that left me eager for the next instalment. Yes, I did figure out who was behind it and it was a little predictable at times but the characters had depth, I felt invested in them, I loved the progress of their relationship even though at times I was screaming at them to come clean with each other. I loved the Druid aspect of the plot, it certainly helped the story stand out for me. I have been reading a lot of romantic suspense these past few weeks and this was definitely one of my favourites!