Midnight in Samarra: The True Story of WMD, Greed, and High Crimes in Iraq

Midnight in Samarra: The True Story of WMD, Greed, and High Crimes in Iraq

by Frank Gregory Ford, Eleanor Cooney


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The riveting, exclusive true story of an Iraq whistleblower who continues to be betrayed by his country, as told by an international bestselling author.

Gregory Ford, an intelligence agent and medic, was in Iraq for only a short time—from the invasion in March 2003 until early June of the same year, when he was strapped to a stretcher, drugged, and “renditioned” out of Iraq in a clandestine and criminal operation at the behest of his command, who were frantically trying to silence him. But why?
Midnight in Samarra is the shocking true story of one soldier’s attempt to speak up and report the abuse and torture he saw being inflicted on the local population, as well as secret, incriminating, enormous Iraqi arms stores of American-made Weapons of Mass Destruction with bills of lading implicating, among others, famous political families. His warnings about simmering anti-American fury of the local populace were ignored and suppressed by his command; hundreds of millions of dollars in cash seized in the home of Saddam Hussein’s main banker as a result of Ford's intelligence work vanished without a trace. Ford’s information about Hussein’s location, which could have led to the dictator's apprehension six months before his actual capture, was also ignored and suppressed. As Ford was filing charges against his superior officers, they seized his weapons (illegal in a war zone), tried to declare him insane, abducted him by force, restrained him, administered a dangerous mind-altering drug during a Medevac flight, and tried to interrogate him while he was under.
Years later, Gregory Ford is still trying to get justice. His command—and high-ups in both the military and the government—lied, dissembled, obfuscated, danced, and dodged while Ford endured libel, slander, and innuendo, feared for his life, and, nearly a decade after the drugging on the plane, learned that the chemical injected into him had done permanent damage to his heart and nervous system. Midnight in Samarra is the story of one man’s courage and conviction, and the horrifying truths of one of our most trusted and honored institutions.

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ISBN-13: 9781510740204
Publisher: Hot Books
Publication date: 10/08/2019
Pages: 240
Sales rank: 367,644
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Frank Gregory Ford, part Native American, part Scots, has traveled the world, from Siberia to Sikkim to South America, has worked jobs ranging from presidential security under Nixon during Watergate to assistant medical examiner in Dade County. Now retired, he lives in California and seeks justice for the powerless.

Eleanor Cooney is the author of the international bestselling T'ang Trilogy, as well as the critically-acclaimed memoir Death in Slow Motion. Her work has appeared in Mother Jones and Harper's. She lives in Mendocino, California.

Table of Contents

Foreword David Talbot ix

1 Wild Blue 1

A forced abduction, strong-arm tactics, and a moment of truth.

2 The Dogs of War 7

Petty tyrants, sandstorms, the wrath of Allah, and a farewell to a four-legged friend.

3 Ides of March 15

Murder at Camp Virginia, the making of an intel agent, and traveling the Highway of Death.

4 The Sword and the Crescent 37

Ancient grievances, satanic weaponry, the taking of Jessica Lynch, and giant desert lizards.

5 Ill Winds 43

Foul infernos, scorched lungs, cowards in high places, and the malignant El Salvador connection.

6 Hearts and Minds 47

An angel-boy, a touch of the Twilight Zone, an inter-species encounter, and a wounded child.

7 The Sheltering Sky 55

A celestial apocalypse, ferocious Iranian expats, and sweet vindication.

8 What Lies Beneath 59

Down the rabbit hole: enough killing power to end all life on earth, made in the USA.

9 Rogues and Scoundrels 65

Dissembling, lying, diverting, and concealing, a lethal snare, and the heat of hell.

10 City of Gold 71

A legendary city, wonders of the world, an extraordinary gentleman, and lost souls.

11 Who Goes There? 79

An intruder in our midst, a wedding tragedy, a master manipulator, fury, and vengeance.

12 Hell to Pay 91

Inside Abu Ghraib, Gitmo-ization, the death squads come to town, and blood atonement.

13 Neighbors 105

Al Qaeda rising, an uneasy recognition, and unholy alliances.

14 All That Glitters 113

A home invasion, a terrifying journey, revelations, obscene opulence, and a brave old man.

15 Something Wicked 121

Our friend the Sheik, air-conditioned warriors, and a hard and lonely death.

16 The Believer 129

A fearless gaze, fiery faith, and a dreadful sense of reckoning.

17 Heart of Darkness 133

American barbarians unbound, fragile lives, and a dire warning from the Sheik.

18 Ozymandius 143

The Sheik, his old friend Saddam, a falcon's-eye view, and the laughter of fools.

19 Appointment in Samarra 147

Dodging the Reaper by a breath, a warning to the Sheik, and leaving Samarra forever.

20 J'Accuse! 153

The machinery of lies engages its gears: murderous looks, charges filed, a false diagnosis.

21 Witch's Brew 159

Drugs, delirium, and interrogation at 35,000 feet, memory rises, and the sweet air of Germany.

22 Terra Firma 165

Bad doctors, good doctors, an invitation to paradise, and a sad ceremony.

23 Amber Waves of Grain 169

Back in the USA, building a case, and the beginnings of backlash.

24 Heal Thyself 173

The fight gets dirty, rest and rehab, snakes in the grass, and bad news from Samarra.

25 Forked Tongues 179

Dishonor in high places, empty threats and desperate measures, and Saddam extracted.

26 Bad Faith 185

Abu Ghraib breaks, the Ice Man speaks, high crimes and misdemeanors, and rewards for the wicked.

27 Crocodile Tears 193

Big public lies, big public truths, fall guys on trial, stonewalling, and knocking on SCOTUS' door.

28 The Telltale Heart 203

The devil gets a name, a rebuilt heart, mind-blowing synchronicity, and stainless steel determination.

Epilogue: CUI Bono? 211

Follow the money …

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