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by Rev. Dr. Ike Odumodu


by Rev. Dr. Ike Odumodu


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Before the creation of man in the Garden of Eden, God's ultimate goal was to 'marry' man into the Godhead, and Satan's rebellion and continued opposition to God is directly traceable to this fact. The Nephilim were the face of this opposition in the Pre-Flood world, while Nimrod of Babel (Babylon) was the pioneer face of this rebellion in the Post-Flood world.

According to the book of Daniel, the final kingdom of this world shall be a two-in-one, feet of iron and clay kingdom of Babylon, and their final kings (who are revealed in this book) must be revealed before the rapture of the Church, as stated in Chapter two of Second Thessalonians.

Ultimately, but imminently, the will of God shall be accomplished at the rapture, when the Head and second person of the Godhead (Jesus Christ), will fuse as one with His Body - the Church. In other words, THE CHURCH IS LIVING RIGHT NOW IN A TIME OF EMERGENCY. RISE UP THEREFORE AND JOIN THE CAMP OF THE WISE VIRGINS!

MIDNIGHT NOW is a potentially controversial, but most important spiritual resource for the Church of the last days generation.

Rev. Dr. Ike Odumodu is the Founder and President of Gideon Bridegroom Ministry International (GBMI), the parent body of Noah's Ark Household Fellowship (NoAHFel) - a ministry committed to preparing the Church of Jesus Christ for the rapture, and which produces weekly bible study outlines every month for household/family use. He was called into ministry in 2011, and was charged by the Lord - "Tell my people to get ready-that I am coming soon." God gave him an end-time ministry to the Church, commanded him to write a book, and told him - "When the book is finished, your ministry will start." He is currently based in the United States.

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