Midnight Prophecy (A Justice's Warriors Book 2)

Midnight Prophecy (A Justice's Warriors Book 2)

by Debbie Deering

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Tall, dangerously handsome, and ruthless beyond imagining; Marcus Diamato was just a moment away from eternal damnation or miraculous salvation. For a thousand years he has fought the fates to secure his destiny. Forced into the hell of becoming a vampire by a spurned noble woman, he has never accepted the life thrust upon him.
Every century his beloved is reincarnated. He has one chance to convince her of their love, to urge her to give himself over to him in order that they might attempt to break his curse. Prophesy states his own true love must give herself heart, soul, and body; to trust in their undying love and devotion to each other. If their love is not true or they miss one tiny instruction, they will both be damned to roam the world in darkness, creatures of the night forever.
Adriana Donahue, fiery haired, voluptuous, independent, and stubborn as a Missouri mule; is the key to salvation, his only hope. A valued member of P.A.I.R., (Paranormal Anomalies Investigative Research), she has no memory of her place in the prophecy, nor recollection of her incarnations as his lost lover for nearly a thousand years.
Adriana refuses to have the choice forced on her. Carving her niche in the P.A.I.R. organization has been a long painful process. She will not rush blindly into a relationship with a creature on the verge of total evil. She will not allow him to coerce her or seduce her into a decision before she has all the facts and feels she is ready. Dangerously close to turning, if once, just once he kills a white soul, he will be damned for all eternity to walk as one of the undead.
Marcus is determined to claim he innocence and begin the steps to his redemption. She is his true mate and must give herself over willingly. Marcus fights the compulsion to prove his mastery over her and force her compliance. She is equally determined not to be forced. Defying him, she flees, unaware the HPS (Human Protective Services), has been corrupted by Dr. Antoine Lamont, a purist of the worst form. They are eager to capture her and test her psychic abilities and discover if there is any correlation between her skills and her virginity. Dr. Lamont wishes to mate with her in order to produce perfect offspring who shall continue his mad quest to destroy any creatures who are considered different. They are quite adept at in all methods of torture to prove their superiority over other creatures.
Julian Tremayne, P.A.I.R. leader extraordinaire, and good friend of Adriana, has chosen to aide Marcus in his quest in what he rationalizes as being for her own good. The scientific data of a vampire breaking his curse is just too tempting to ignore. Unfortunately, he damages the fragile trust he and Adriana have shared as best friends-possibly beyond repair.
Once Julian leads Marcus to Adriana and Marcus claims her body, they two men fail to keep her safe and the HPS capture her. After a cruel examination which determines her loss of innocence, Dr. Lamont slides into an uncontrollable rage at the loss of a suitable mate, since she is no longer pure, and begins horrific electrode testing on her which nearly kills her, and if she survives he is planning on giving her to his men as a pleasure toy if she survives.
Marcus, Julian, and the P.A.I.R. team rescue her barely in time, and rush her to a hospital. More protective than ever, when she is out of danger of dying, they plan her future once more without any consideration of her wants, needs, or wishes. Adriana has had enough of arrogant men and male posturing and slips out of the hospital and heads for a cabin deep in the hills of southern Missouri.
Marcus soon ferrets out her location from her thoughts and follows her, branding her with his own potent masculinity. She fights his domination and the demon inside surges free for a short time and he loses control with her.
Adriana has fought low self- esteem all her life. Full-figured, men have always been more interested in her

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BN ID: 2940150846135
Publisher: Debbie Deering
Publication date: 09/22/2015
Series: Justice's Warriors , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 186
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About the Author

Thank you so much for reading my book. I hope you enjoyed it. Please check out my other books.
I’ve been married to my hero for several years. His support is there whenever I need it. I was born in a small town in the Midwest. Following my husband and his military career, we landed in Norfolk, Va. For a few years, headed to Scotland for a short tour, and settled back in Virginia.
I’ve worked as a desk clerk, child care provider, massage therapist and a host of other positions. Writing is my greatest dream with the help of my wonderful daughter. I hope you enjoy our work. Please check out some of my other stories.

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