Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript

Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript

by Radoslava Leseva Adams, Hristo Lesev

Paperback(1st ed.)

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Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript by Radoslava Leseva Adams, Hristo Lesev

Build on your knowledge of ActionScript to take the fast track developing iOS apps with Apple’s latest language, Swift. Swift’s syntax is easier to understand than Objective-C for people already familiar with ActionScript. At the same time it offers a number of new features and richer expressiveness than both ActionScript and Objective-C.

Switching to a new platform usually involves migration on three levels: tools, workflow, and programming language. This book is structured as a guide that will help you on each level with step-by-step tutorials. Apart from the tutorials, it comes with recipes for some of the most popular mobile development topics: social network integration and messaging, taking advantage of device capabilities, networking and working with local and iCloud data, advertising in your app or game, and 2D and 3D graphics. The book also includes a final chapter that takes you through Apple’s App Store submission process. Don’t just build your apps, sell them.

What You Will Learn:

  • Expand your development knowledge to native iOS programming with Swift
  • Use the latest Xcode 7 IDE
  • Migrate your existing ActionScript projects to Swift
  • Create advanced UI, leverage the device hardware, integrate with social networks, take advantage of 2D and 3D graphics
  • Diagnose your app quickly with Xcode’s debugger and instruments
  • Prepare and submit our iOS app in Apple’s App Store

Who This Book is For:

Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript is for Flash and Adobe AIR developers who want to move on to native iOS programming with the latest Apple Swift language. It’s for the seasoned ActionScript programmer who is looking to add another language and platform to their tool belt quickly. Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript is a good choice for developers who learn by doing and don’t have time to read thick manuals and books for beginners in order to start programming in a new language.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781484216675
Publisher: Apress
Publication date: 10/24/2016
Edition description: 1st ed.
Pages: 511
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Radoslava Leseva Adams is a software developer and programming book author. Her affair with programming languages began in the early 90s, when her father handed her a book on Basic as a form of summer holiday entertainment. Since then she has built a career out of freely jumping between different languages and platforms, including C, C++, Delphi, Java, ActionScript, Objective-C and most recently Swift. She passionately hates wordy manuals and having to click more than once to do a build. Radoslava and her brother, Hristo, run EasyNativeExtensions.com and DiaDraw.com, where they help ActionScript developers do cross-platform programming with AIR Native Extensions.

Dr. Hristo Lesev is a software developer at heart, passionate speaker, educator and entrepreneur. Having had long experience with C++, C# and ActionScript for desktop and mobile, lately he can be heard more and more often advocating for Swift as the latest and greatest. While not busy developing mobile apps, Hristo enjoys teaching other developers as an assistant professor at Plovdiv University, Bulgaria. He is obsessed with computer graphics and can be found coding 3D stuff late at night.

Table of Contents

1. Setting Up the Swift Development Environment.- 2. Building Your First Basic iOS App.- 3. Introducing the Xcode Debugger and Console.- 4. Advanced Development Tools.- 5. Building a Real iOS App.- 6. Adding a More Complex UI.- 7. Working with Multithreading.- 8. Debugging Your App.- 9. Sending Messages and Making Calls.- 10. Posting to Facebook and Twitter.- 11. Knowing Your Location.- 12. Working with the Camera and Images.- 13. Working with Data and the Cloud.- 14. Networking with JSON and Remote Services.- 15. Adding Advertisements and Notifications.- 16. Using the High-end Graphics APIs.- 17. Similarities with ActionScript.- 18. Operators.- 19. Types.- 20. Control Flow.- 21. Object-oriented Programming.- 22. New and Different Concepts.- 23. Submitting Your App to the App Store.

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Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
CrossroadReviews More than 1 year ago
This book is for those who already know a good amount of information about ActionScript. ActionScript is what you need to know to create and develop applications for iOS (Apple), in the latest language, Swift. I have been working with a class about learning this and this book will really help you along the way. It gives you an easy to follow step by step guide on what to do and how to do it. It will teach you some new things as well as giving you an overview of things you might already know. I do think that this book is NOT for the beginning. This is NOT the book for you if you are just starting out with application development. I would say that this book would work great for someone best is they know both ActionScript and Objective-C. The best thing about this book was the part about social networking. I think that these are the most used apps that Apple has and having this integration information allows us the programer to add even more to the app we are creating. The next great thing is that at the end of this book we learn the steps to the apple submission process. So you wont be submitting your applications blind. This was one great book to help you on your way to creating some amazing apps!
Teah_Mist More than 1 year ago
Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript by Radoslava Leseva Adams and Hristo Lesev is a computer, technology, and programming book. Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript is a book designed for Flash and Adobe AIR developers who want to move on to native iOS programming with the latest Apple Swift language. This book is only meant for those who have experience and knowledge with ActionScript programing. It is designed to teach a new programming language in a quick and efficient manner. I have to say that unless you are an expert in ActionScript programing you do not want to read this book. I have a modest level of knowledge on programming the type that I acquired from a few courses to allow me to a bit of programming and this book was very confusing to me. I knew enough to understand about half of it, but I would need to do a lot of learning and studying before I could make real use of it. That said the book is very well organized and it is written as a step by step tutorial guide and it really does lead you through step by step. The chapter that I liked the most was the last one which taught me about the Apple App Store submission process.