Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Lab Manual Student Edition

Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Lab Manual Student Edition

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McGraw-Hill Companies, The

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Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Lab Manual Student Edition

Pass the A+ Certification exam with hands-on guidance from the leading A+ educator in the world! Mike Meyers' A+ Certification Lab Manual features 50 hands-on exercises focusing on PC troubleshooting and repair. You'll get step-by-step instructions to help you truly understand all the topics covered. Challenging practice questions reinforce key concepts.

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ISBN-13: 9780072133486
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 07/02/2001
Series: Certification/All-in-One Series
Edition description: Student Edition
Pages: 253
Product dimensions: 7.94(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.88(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authorsix
Chapter 1The Visible PC1
Lab 1.1First Look2
Lab 1.2Exterior Connections5
Lab 1.3Internal Components8
Chapter 2Microprocessors13
Lab 2.1Microprocessors14
Lab 2.2Socket City19
Lab 2.3CPU Installation21
Chapter 3RAM25
Lab 3.1RAM Identification and Installation26
Lab 3.2RAM Banking and Volume30
Chapter 4Motherboards and BIOS37
Lab 4.1System ROM, BIOS, CMOS, and Other Tools38
Lab 4.2POST and the Boot Process45
Lab 4.3Motherboard Layout, Installation, and Manuals49
Chapter 5Expansion Bus55
Lab 5.1Expansion Slots56
Lab 5.2I/O Addresses and IRQs59
Lab 5.3Expansion Card Installation and Removal62
Chapter 6Power Supplies67
Lab 6.1Soft Power68
Lab 6.2Multimeter Mastery71
Chapter 7Floppy Drives79
Lab 7.1Configuring a Floppy Drive80
Lab 7.2Removing and Installing a Floppy Drive82
Chapter 8Hard Drives87
Lab 8.1Configuring a Hard Drive in CMOS88
Lab 8.2FDISK91
Lab 8.3Formatting a Hard Drive95
Lab 8.4Removing and Reinstalling a Hard Drive97
Chapter 9DOS103
Lab 9.1DOS Filename and Directory Basics104
Lab 9.2DOS Directory and File Management107
Chapter 10Windows 9x117
Lab 10.1Windows 9x Directory Structure118
Lab 10.2The Windows Desktop123
Lab 10.3Control Panel126
Lab 10.4System Tools129
Lab 10.5The Registry133
Lab 10.6Virtual Memory136
Chapter 11Windows 2000139
Lab 11.1Hardware Compatibility140
Lab 11.2Windows 2000 Installation141
Lab 11.3Windows 2000 Troubleshooting Tools145
Lab 11.4Windows 2000 Maintenance150
Chapter 12DOS Memory in a Windows World161
Lab 12.1DOS Memory162
Lab 12.2Configuring Windows Virtual Machines163
Chapter 13SCSI167
Lab 13.1Installing SCSI Devices168
Lab 13.2Booting to SCSI173
Lab 13.3Troubleshooting175
Chapter 14CD Media177
Lab 14.1Removing a CD-ROM Drive178
Lab 14.2Installing a CD-ROM Drive180
Chapter 15Sound183
Lab 15.1Sound Card Resources184
Lab 15.2Sound Card Installation and Removal186
Chapter 16Video189
Lab 16.1Monitor Settings191
Lab 16.2Video Settings192
Lab 16.3The Video Card197
Chapter 17Modems201
Lab 17.1Modem Properties202
Lab 17.2Modem Installation202
Lab 17.3Modem Installation, Part 2203
Chapter 18Portable PCs207
Lab 18.1Power Management208
Lab 18.2Field Trip!209
Chapter 19Printers211
Lab 19.1Parallel Modes in Windows212
Lab 19.2Impact and Inkjet Printers214
Lab 19.3Laser Printers214
Chapter 20Networks221
Lab 20.1Network Configuration Options222
Lab 20.2Networking Hardware226
Lab 20.3Network and TCP/IP Settings228
Appendix AAnswer Key231
Lab 1.2232
Lab 1.3233
Lab 2.1233
Lab 2.2235
Lab 3.1235
Lab 3.2235
Lab 5.1238
Lab 5.2238
Lab 5.3239
Lab 9.1240
Lab 9.2241
Lab 10.5242
Lab 10.6242
Lab 12.1243
Lab 19.3244

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