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Mikhail Bakhtin / Edition 1

Mikhail Bakhtin / Edition 1

by Michael Gardiner


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ISBN-13: 9780761974475
Publisher: SAGE Publications
Publication date: 02/24/2003
Series: SAGE Masters in Modern Social Thought Series
Edition description: Four-Volume Set
Pages: 1624
Product dimensions: 6.14(w) x 9.21(h) x (d)

About the Author

Michael E Gardiner is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

Table of Contents

Conversations with Bakhtin - Sergei Bocharov
Bakhtin's Life - Michael Holquist
International Man of Mystery - Matt Steinglass
The Battle over Mikhail Bakhtin
In Perspective - John Parrington
Valentin Voloshinov
Bakhtin/Medvedev's Sociological Poetics - Maria Shevtsova
Bergsonism in Russia - Larissa Rudova
The Case of Bakhtin
Bakhtin and Buber - Nina Perlina
Problems of Dialogic Imagination
Bakhtin and Cassirer - Brian Poole
The Philosophical Origins of Bakhtin's Carnival Messianism
The Bakhtin Circle's Freud - Gerald Pirog
From Positivism to Hermeneutics
The Influence of Kant in the Early Work of M M Bakhtin - Katerina Clark and Michael Holquist
Culture, Form, Life - Galin Tihanov
The Early Luk[ac]acs and the Early Bakhtin
The Struggle over Bakhtin - Allon White
Fraternal Reply to Robert Young
Michael Bakhtin, Nietzsche and Russian Pre-Revolutionary Thought - James M Curtis
Mikhail Bakhtin - Michael Bernard-Donals
Between Phenomenology and Marxism
The Concept of the Generic World - Igor Shaitanov
Bakhtin and the Russian Formalists
Carnival and Incarnation - Charles Lock
Bakhtin and Orthodox Theology
Structuralism, Contextualism, Dialogism - Brigitte Nerlich
Voloshinov and Bakhtin's Contributions to the Debate about the 'Relativity' of Meaning
Volosinov, Ideology and Language - Galin Tihanov
The Birth of Marxist Sociology from the Spirit of Lebensphilosophie
The Outer Word and Inner Speech - Caryl Emerson
Bakhtin, Vygotsky and the Internalization of Language
M M Bakhtin in Russian Culture of the Twentieth Century - M L Gasparov
Dialogism and Aesthetics - Michael Holquist
Correcting Kant - Wlad Godzich
Bakhtin and Intercultural Interactions
Bakhtin's Young Hegelian Aesthetics - Peter V Zima
Bakhtin and the Russian Attitude to Laughter - Sergei Averinstev
Bakhtin, Marxism and the Carnivalesque - Dominick La Capra
Bakhtin and Carnival - Renate Lachmann
Culture as Counter-Culture
The Grotesque of the Body Electric - Peter Hitchcock
Bakhtin's Body Politic - Hwa Yol Jung
A Phenomenological Dialogics
When Discourse Is Torn from Reality - Stuart Allan
Bakhtin and the Principle of Chronotopicity
Bakhtin's Concept of 'Chronotope' - Bernhard F Scholz
The Kantian Connection
Heteroglossia and Civil Society - Ken Hirschkop
Bakhtin's Public Square and the Politics of Modernity
Answering as Authoring - Michael Holquist
Mikhail Bakhtin's Trans-Linguistics
The Significance of M M Bakhtin's Ideas on Sign, Utterance and Dialogue for Modern Semiotics - V V Ivanov
Bakhtin, Self and Other - Rick Bowers
Neohumanism and Communicative Multiplicity
From Moral Philosophy to Philosophy of Literature - Augusto Ponzio
Eternity and Modernity - Graham Pechey
The Epistemological Sublime
Epistemology of the Human Sciences - Tzvetan Todorov
Bakhtin at 100 - Caryl Emerson
Art, Ethics and the Architectonic Self
Borderlines and Contraband - Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan
Bakhtin and the Question of the Subject
From Phenomenology to Dialogue - Brian Poole
Max Scheler's Phenomenological Tradition and Mikhail Bakhtin's Development from 'Toward a Philosophy of the Act' to His Study of Dostoevsky
M M Bakhtin - Ann Shukman
Notes on His Philosophy of Man
Not Theory... But a Sense of Theory - Frank M Farmer
The Superaddressee and the Contexts of Eden
Prosaics - Gary Saul Morson
An Approach to the Humanities
The Domestication of M M Bakhtin - Ken Hirschkop
The Baxtin Industry - Gary Saul Morson
Freedom of Interpretation - Wayne C Booth
Bakhtin and the Challenge of Feminist Criticism
Bakhtin and Women - Caryl Emerson
A Nontopic with Immense Implications
Female Grotesques - Mary Russo
Carnival and Theory
Mikhail Bakhtin and Contemporary Anglo-American Feminist Theory - Clive Thomson
Bakhtinian Categories and the Discourse of Postmodernism - Barry Rutland
Bakhtin, Sociolinguistics and Deconstruction - Allon White
Bakhtin versus the Postmodern - Iris M Zavala
The Alterity of Discourse - David Carroll
Form, History and the Question of the Political in M M Bakhtin
Bakhtin's Carnival - Michael Gardiner
Utopia as Critique
Bakhtin, Discourse and Democracy - Ken Hirschkop
Bakhtin and the Present Moment - Gary Saul Morson
Boundaries versus Binaries - Graham Pechey
Bakhtin in/and the History of Ideas
Mikhail Bakhtin and Left Cultural Critique - Robert Stam
Russian and Non-Russian Readings of Bakhtin - Subhash Jaireth
The Contours of an Emerging Dialogue
Bakhtin and His Readers - Vadim Kozhinov
Ethics, Politics and the Potential of Dialogism - Craig Brandist
Dialogue and Dialogism - Paul De Man
Plurality in Dialogue - Zali Gurevitch
A Comment on Bakhtin
Bakhtin Myths, or, Why We All Need Alibis - Ken Hirschkop
Memories of Nature in Bakhtin and Benjamin - Barry Sandywell
Conflict Not Conversation - Lucy Hartley
The Defeat of Dialogue in Bakhtin and De Man
Laughter as Otherness in Bakhtin and Derrida - Dragon Kujundzic
Foucault, Ethics and Dialogue - Michael Gardiner
Gramsci, Bakhtin and the Semiotics of Hegemony - Craig Brandist
The Value of Opacity - Gregory T Garvey
A Bakhtinian Analysis of Habermas's Discourse Ethics
Bakhtin's Homesickness - Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan
A Late Reply to Julia Kristeva
The Ethics of Dialogue - Jeffrey T Nealon
Bakhtin and Levinas
Does the Image Sparkle? Bakhtin and Contemporary American Studies of Culture - I Protis-Winner
Bakhtin and Popular Culture - Mikita Hoy
Bakhtin the Future - Lauren Langman
Techno-Capital and Cyber-Feudal Carnivals
Place, Voice, Space - Mireya Folch-Serra
Mikhail Bakhtin's Dialogical Landscape
Bakhtin for Historians - Peter Burke
Reading Carnival - Peter Flaherty
Towards a Semiotic of History
Bakhtin, Communication and the Politics of Multiculturalism - Fred Evans
Chronotopes of an Impossible Nationhood - Anthony Wall
Into the Heart of the Hear of the Chronotope - D S Neff
Dialogism, Theoretical Physics and Catastrophe Theory
A Bakhtinian Psychology - John Shotter and Michael Billig
From Out of the Heads of Individuals and into the Dialogues between Them
Hysteria and the End of the Carnival Festivity and Bourgeois Neurosis - Allon White
Bakhtin without Borders - Maroussia Hajdukowski-Ahmed
Participatory Action Research in the Social Sciences
Meeting or Mis-Meeting? The Dialogical Challenge to Verstehen - Rob Shields

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