Miletus / Balat: Urbanism and Monuments from the Archaic to Ottoman Periods

Miletus / Balat: Urbanism and Monuments from the Archaic to Ottoman Periods

by Philipp Niewohner (Editor)


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This book provides a compact overview of the urban development and the city's monuments from the Bronze Age through the Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Turkish periods. The text has been written by the excavators, reflects the latest research, and is illustrated with many new photographs, plans, and reconstructions. The presentation of the monuments is arranged according to a circular walkway through the ruins. A second, longer walking tour leads to further monuments outside the central visitor area. In addition, the volume also includes chapters on history, on the street grid, and on flora and fauna, as well as a bibliography and a glossary.

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ISBN-13: 9786059680080
Publisher: Ege Yayinlari
Publication date: 05/01/2016
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION SEDIMENTATION HISTORY AND HISTORICAL TOPOGRAPHY CHRONOLOGY STREET GRID MONUMENTS IN THE ANCIENT CITY CENTRE 1. Theatreo 2. Theatre Castle and Late Byzantine City on the Theatre Hil 3. Mosque with Four Columns 4. Hellenistic Heroon I 5. Roman Heroon III 6. Church of St Michael and Temple of Dionysus 7. Bishop's Palace 8. Mosque with Forty Steps and Turkish Bath 9. Large and Small Harbour Monuments 10. Harbour Stoa, North Market and Sebasteion 11. Harbour Gate 12. Delphinion 13. Kiosk and Han at Humeitepe 14. Baths at Humeitepe 15. Turkish Bath adjacent to the Delphinion 16. Baths of Capito 17. Ionic Stoa 18. Hellenistic Peristyle Court 19. Nymphaeum 20. Propylon 21. Great Church 22. Market Gate and South Market 23. Bouleuterion 24. Warehouse and Latrine 25. Temple of Serapis 26. Byzantine City Walls 27. Ilyas Bey Mosque and Foundation 28. Baths of Faustina 29. Han at the Theatre MONUMENTS OUTSIDE THE ANCIENT CITY CENTRE 30. Stadion 31. Baths at the West Market 32. Roman Heroon II 33. Hagia Paraskevi 34. Temple of Athena 35. Sacred Gate 36. Kalabaktepe 37. Sanctuary of Aphrodite on Zeytintepe WALKING TOUR THROUGH THE OUTSKIRTS AND SUBURBS FLORA AND FAUNA Selected Publications Glossary Credits Authors

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