Military Aviation of the First World War: The Aces of the Allies and the Central Powers

Military Aviation of the First World War: The Aces of the Allies and the Central Powers

by Alan C. Wood


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ISBN-13: 9781781554227
Publisher: Fonthill Media
Publication date: 02/03/2016
Pages: 356
Sales rank: 1,266,552
Product dimensions: 9.90(w) x 6.70(h) x 1.10(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 7

Introduction 8

Basic Statistics 12

The Main Aircraft Types Used by the Protagonists in Alphabetical Sequence 12

Further Aircraft Statistics for France, Great Britain and Germany 14

The End of the War on the German Side 20

The Scope of Coverage and the Methods used in this Book 24

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Dominions and Empire 25

Aircraft flown by the RFC during the First World War 28

RFC and RAF First World War Aces and Airmen 29

The Invaluable Services of Dominion Forces 56

Canada 57

Australia 58

New Zealand 64

South Africa 65

France: The French Military Air Service-Aéronautique Militaire 121

French Aircraft of the First World War 123

The French Aces and Airmen 127

The United States Air Service 1916-1918 150

United States Aces 152

Italy: Aeronautica de Regio Esercito-(Royal Army Air Service) 179

Italian Aircraft of the First World War 180

Italian Aces 181

Belgium: Belgian Air Arm-Compagnie des Aviateurs/Aviation Militaire 204

Belgian Aces 204

Imperial Russia: Imperial Russian Air Service 214

Russian Aces and Airmen 215

Imperial Germany: Fliegertruppen des deutschen Kaiserreiches-Luftstreitkräfte 234

Imperial German Air Service-Luftstreitkräjte 236

German Aces and Airmen 243

The Austro-Hungarian Empire: Naval Air Service-Luftahrtruppen 333

Austro-Hungarian Aces 334

The Lesser Military Air Services of the First World War 353

Appendix: The Royal Aircraft Factory 359

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