Military Operations and the Mind: War Ethics and Soldiers' Well-being

Military Operations and the Mind: War Ethics and Soldiers' Well-being

by Stephanie A.H. Belanger, Daniel Lagace-Roy


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Offering a Canadian perspective on the emotional health of servicemen and women, Military Operations and the Mind brings together researchers and practitioners from across the country to consider the impact that ethical issues have on the well-being of those who serve. Stemming from an initiative to enhance the lives of serving members by providing them with the best education and training in military ethics before and after deployments, this volume will better inform politics and public policies and enhance the welfare of the soldiers, sailors, and airmen and women who serve in singular, often harsh, and sometimes dangerous conditions. By integrating into the analysis the critical issue of well-being, this emerging field demonstrates a more holistic approach and is distinct from other fields in military, historical, philosophical, and behavioural studies. The first study of its kind, Military Operations and the Mind presents a new and helpful way to focus on the life of soldiers not only in operations overseas, but also once they return home. Contributors include Peter Bradley (Royal Military College of Canada), Victor M. Catano (Saint Mary?s University), Danielle Charbonneau (Royal Military College of Canada), Howard Coomb (Royal Military College of Canada), Karen D. Davis (Defence Research and Development Canada), Colonel Richard Dickson (Canadian Army Land Warfare Centre), Joe Doty (Duke University), Allan English (Queen's University), Peter Gizewski (Department of National Defence), Heather Hrychuk (Centre for Operational Research and Analysis), E Kevin Kjelloway (Saint Mary?s University), Allister MacIntyre (Royal Military College of Canada), Deanna Messervey (Queen?s University), Damian O'Keefe (Saint Mary?s University), Brigadier General (Ret?ed) G. E. Sharpe, Shaun Tymchuk (retired Canadian infantry officer), SLt Ethan Whitehead (Royal Canadian Navy), and Daphne Xu (National Institute of Education, Singapore).

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ISBN-13: 9780773547186
Publisher: McGill-Queens University Press
Publication date: 06/01/2016
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.60(d)

About the Author

Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger is associate professor at the Royal Military College of Canada, associate scientific director of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research, and co-editor of Beyond the Line: Military and Veteran Health Researc

Table of Contents

Tables and Figures vii

Abbreviations ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction Stépbanie A.M. Bélanger 3

Preliminary Considerations Daniel Lagacé-Roy 11

Part 1 The Ethics of Decision-Making and its Repercussions on the Service Men and Women in the Three Elements: Land, Sea, and Air

1 Exploring Ethical Choices at Sea Based on Two Case Studies Stéphanie A.H. Bélanger Ethan Whitehead 19

2 Ethics of Command - Theory and Practice: An RCAF Perspective Joe Sharpe 33

3 Military Ethics and the Comprehensive Approach: Some Preliminary Observations Peter J. Gizewski Heather Hrychuk Richard Dickson 51

Part 2 Ethics and Leadership! Tensions and Resolutions Between Force Protection and Mission Success

4 Managing Ethical Risk in the Canadian Armed Forces Peter Bradley Shaun Tymchuk 71

5 Antecedents of Ethical Leadership: Can We Predict Who Might Be an Ethical Leader? Damian O'Keefe Victor M. Catano E. Kevin Kelloway Danielle Charbonneau Allister MacIntyre 120

Part 3 Integrating Ethical Sensitivity and Ethical Risk-Taking in Operations

6 Ethical Sensitivity during Military Operations: Without Mindfulness There Is No Reasoning Allister MacIntyre Joseph Doty Daphne Xu 143

7 The Continuing Evolution of Post-Cold War Operational Ethics in the Canadian Armed Forces Howard G. Coombs 172

Part 4 Cultural Clashes and Decision-Making

8 Sex and the Soldier: The Effect of Competing Ethical Value Systems on the Health and Weil-Being of Canadian Military Personnel and Veterans Allan English 191

9 Mitigating the Ethical Risk of Sexual Misconduct in Organizations Deanna L. Messervey Karen D. Davis 209

Contributors 233

Index 241

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