Millennial Age of Chivalry

Millennial Age of Chivalry

by Brice Parker


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The newfound role of connectivity through media has contributed to the millennial zeitgeist by introducing features of accessibility that help facilitate our daily lives. These media have had an extensive effect on our relations through small changes in the nature of our social lives, especially with respect to appropriate conduct. Comparing modern times to the golden era of chivalry in the Middle Ages, we see certain parallels and divergence in societal norms and interpersonal behavior: The Millennial Man versus The Renaissance Man. Implementing comparative ideas of societal ethics and personal morals in conjunction with the millennial generation and the realm of modern connectivity will clarify the perception of chivalry in our relations, and show that some of these principles are in fact timeless and some need to be redefined. In speculation of these contributing factors out of environmental context, we see media as extra and supplemental to natural engagement, and the only relevance it has to our lives is what we give it. Millennial technology expansion from along this event horizon has presented this era with massive potential for influence, so now is a most pivotal time to set a standard as to preserve the unyielding values of chivalry. Basic understanding and proper utilization of these capabilities will enable us to experience the full extent of media profundity in globalized community.

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