by Peter Hargitai

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Millie by Peter Hargitai

"Sensitive and powerful, Peter Hargitai's novel Millie brims with passion and wit. Its hero, Art Nagy, is a Hungarian Alex Portnoy, forging anew an identity on the edge of two cultures.Millie is destined to take a distinguished place on the shelf of world literature."

-Lili Bita

Author of Sister of Darkness

"In this darkly comic novel about a refugee boy's coming-of-age in 1960's America, Peter Hargitai does for Cleveland's Hungarians what Herbert Gold did for its Jews-bring to life the quirks, prejudices, and strivings of a people struggling to make it in an alien land."

-Sanford J. Smoller

Contributing editor of Pembroke Magazine and author of Adrift Among Geniuses: Robert McAlmon, Writer and Publisher of the Twenties

"Hargitai's prose is swift, sure, and irresistible. Reminiscent of Kundera."
-Apalachee Quarterly

PETER HARGITAI's Millie is a novel that touches the heart. In a story of the quintessential American dream, immigration, Hargitai tells of the coming-of-age of Art Nagy, a young Hungarian who arrives in America after the 1956 Hungarian Revolution against Soviet-Communist occupation. Art struggles to make sense of life not only as an adolescent but also within his family who insist on transplanting many of their customs and much of their thinking from their country of origin, including less than attractive ideas about race and class. Art's likes and dislikes and the friends he chooses bring the family to clash over values and beliefs, and culminate in tragedy when he falls in love with a girl from a different background. His deep love for Millie pits him against everything his family believes in.. And the final pages of the novel reveal acts of horror in his family's past and explain much of what Art Nagy was up against. Every page keeps the reader fascinated, unable to put it down until the very end.

Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek, Editor

Comparative Cultural Studies Series

Purdue University Press

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ISBN-13: 9780595399208
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/12/2006
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 240
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Millie 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 125 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"Attila. Attila Nagy. My name is Attila Nagy." 'Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth.' No. I myself did not frame those words, British philosopher Alan. W. Watts did. But just because I didn't come up with them doesn't make it any less accurate. Author Peter Hargitai tells one hell of a story in his work of fiction, Millie. Sure I could easily and aimlessly reveal the novel's plot, setting, major themes, man vs. self conflicts etc. but why? Does a hooker give away the goods for free? Didn't think so. But I do choose to tease you. Maybe wet your appetite a bit with my own, very personal, approach to this book entitled Millie. Protagonist Attila 'Art' Nagy immigrated to the 'world super power', the U.S. of A. Attila is the front man of this chronicle, like John Ono Lennon to the Beatles or was the front man Sir Paul McCartney? Attila and his family fled their native soil of Hungary to break away from the horrors of this wacky political notion called communism. Now they stand on foreign soil, being forced to live the 'American dream' with entitlements to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness." On American turf, Attila has newfound 'dreams' of becoming a doctor. In spite of being drenched in all of this fantastic Americanism, the Nagys still have hearts of Hungarians totally filled with blood sausages and palinka. I love it. Now, Attila has what he needs to pursue the 'American dream'. He has the dream of becoming a fine doctor, Attila Nagy M.D. He also has his father breathing and wheezing down his neck. But this dream is heavily guarded, up until he sees her face . . . the face of Millie Weiler. Millie Weiler had a face that could have launched a thousand ships. The face of the mythological Helen of Troy. And it is then, that Attila's life scatters in a whirlwind. Attila hypothetically drops his briefcase thus scattering his 'American dream'. Just like Kevin Spacey in the opening of American Beauty. It is then that he realizes that he did not want to pursue this overestimated 'American dream'. He wanted to pursue . . . happiness. . . Paramount, Columbia, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Lionsgate Entertainment, whichever, whoever. All of you guys are losing truckloads of money by not putting Millie on the big screen. You could make it the first Oscar worthy movie Brad and Angelina star in together. Please, I'm not trying to worship this book. All I'm trying to say is to hell with Twilight! Read Millie. I truly loved this story because it felt uncannily relatable, and the thought of sexual intercourse with a vampire is as whacky a notion as communism. And dear God, please. None of that syrup drenched Notebook crap. If the love story wasn't fulfilling enough, the life of protagonist Attila Nagy will get you. I came across some quotes that struck me, and I found myself folding a couple of corners of pages. Read it on a four hour plane ride, read it on the toilet, read it while waiting in the doctor's office. It's a simple read and has a plot smooth like butter. Millie redefines what it is to live the 'American dream'. Millie just redefines what it is to live. It goes above and beyond the white picket fence, and unmasks what constitutes this so called 'land of opportunity'.
AlexS More than 1 year ago
Don't be deceived by whatever credentials may be presented in his author's bio. The simplicity and accessibility of Peter Hargitai's writing style has resisted the influence of academia and maintained the same flare for straightforward storytelling and candor that has defined his reputation. Each sentence is short, every digression brief, and the prose is made to rush forward with astonishing ease. Millie, one of Hargitai's strongest novel (perhaps his best) is as autobiographical as any of his others. That said, it refrains from such shameless navel-gazing and self-centered musings as so often permeate such blatantly personal accounts. Instead, Hargitai has been able to cast a wise, distanced, and sincere pair of eyes over his adolescent toils, to look back on himself with as much empathy as reasoned judgment, and has thus made of his protagonist Attila Nagy, a compelling and thoroughly developed if occasionally loathsome character. The novel chronicles the love affair between Attila, a Hungarian refugee like Hargitai himself, and a conservative peer named Millie, to whom he lies compulsively and demeans for no other reason than to draw attention away from his own weaknesses and shortcomings. The novel's plot has no specific trajectory, but is instead driven by its characters - nearly all of whom are cripplingly self-destructive - through the hills and hurdles of an honestly conceived series of events. It's the story of a relationship. If there is a flaw to the novel, it's the style. Though convenient and extremely readable, the syntax quickly becomes monotonous, with few sentences employing more than eight or ten words. Clearly, the novel is targeted toward a younger audience, perhaps young teenagers, so for that age group it may be all the more enthralling. For me, however, the syntax kept a tremendous an anchor tied to the story, which struggled to keep pace in spite of it. Overall though, the novel is interesting; targeted, however, for a roughly 12-15 year old age range.
KeniMed More than 1 year ago
Millie: A Barbarian's Love Story" had me hooked from Chapter 1! This novel portrayed a young man growing up and the challenges he had to face while chasing his deepest desire: the love of his life. The author captures my interest from the beginning as the family tried to escape the bitter and cold ruins of Hungary. Leaving us to wonder what happens, the tale transforms into a rollercoaster of reminiscing the family members who loved him and the ones that abandoned him, only to be forced to make a move, which changed his life forever. The story then begins with Art Nagy meeting Millie, the girl who he'd fall madly in love for. Attila's teenage ventures are twisted and even surreal at times. Did these events really take place? The reader is left to only help but wonder whether he really did believe the events of his childhood took place or was just an illusion like the many illnesses he gave himself. Attila comes off as a strange individual as a child, but as he grows up, you can see this is a man who loves and would do anything to ensure that the love of his life, Millie, would be in his life forever. All in all, I really enjoyed reading about Millie and Art's adventures and obstacles they go through to survive their teenage years. Beginning with Art's Hungarian days of unspoken child molestation, adolescent years of "pleasure and sorrow" to his long lasting love for Millie. Even though the happily-ever-after isn't followed in the traditional sense, happiness was defined for these two lovers in their own accord.
SonicAR More than 1 year ago
I stumbled across this rare find because I was fortunate enough to be a student of Peter Hargitai himself, during my last semester at FIU. This novel aptly illustrates most of the struggles a foreigner encounters when moving to America. Despite the fact that my move occurred during a different time period and under much different circumstances, I could relate to Attila's struggle on so many levels. Without the risk of ruining the plot, I would simply say that much of the novel's main themes of exile, love, self discovery and family life can be related to by most who read it. The display of such raw emotion by the characters of the novel is something that is hard to convey through text, yet Hargitai was able to evoke passion, intense love, resentment, jealousy and freedom in a unique way that is almost non existent in other novels today. Overall great piece of literature! Attila's character displays so many different personalities that it keeps you, the reader on your toes, constantly being entertained and desperate to know how the character escapes himself. I recommend to anyone about to embark on a new journey in life or anyone struggling with finding the courage to try something new/ challenge the status qou/ daring to be different.
mimi2011MC More than 1 year ago
Of course as a student in a class, I thought that this book was going to be boring if the teacher assigned it for us to read. Especially since the teacher wrote the book himself. So it's an understatement when I say this book was not boring at all. As a matter of fact, it was one of the best books that I have ever read. Previous novels by this author were a little confusing to me but not this one. Millie is a very romantic novel of two teenagers: Millie and Attila. They endure many things together including their first sexual experiences and their parents. I find it hard to believe that a teenager would not go through at least some (if not all) of the things that Millie and Attila went through. The book shows how Attila grows from a boy to a man. It shows his determination, self-esteem and self-worth gradually increase. It shows the hardships that the two go through and how they resolve their issue. I am a sucker for a romantic novel and I cannot think of a better book. Read this book... you will not regret it!!
Voltaire-3_0_5 More than 1 year ago
Millie is an easy to read novel written by Peter Hargitai. The story is about teenagers' love between a Hungarian immigrate and an American girl. Through the character of Attila "Art" Nagy, Hargitai explains how a 18 years old boy can face exile twice in his short life time. The exile of communism and later the exile from his family, once to escape totalitarian Hungarian regime and the second time in order to be free and to enjoy his love with millie, a young American teenager that would become his wife. The young Art will have to deal with a new culture and at the same time ,his parents who are old school and who are afraid of adaptation in America. From his last year of highschool, to his debut in college, by passing by ncaa soccer and everyday's life struggle, Art Nagy will try his best to live his life in his new country, no matter what his family thinks and no matter what the other people think about him and his love. The book will provide you a great entertaining time, and it becomes even better when you know that some parts actually really happened.
George_De_La_Torre More than 1 year ago
Millie by Peter Hargitai is a non-fiction short story about the romance between Art Nagy and Millie Weiler. The novel takes the readers on a journey back in time to the summer of 1964. Art Nagy has just moved to America after escaping from Hungary's revolution. He comes as a senior transfer student to Fairview High School where he meets Millie. Their story is jammed pack with real embarrassing moments and dramatic scenes. Art and Millie faced many obstacles throughout their relationship. The first was when Art's family met Millie. As soon as they learned that Millie's father is a Russian rabbi they immediately viewed Millie as a potential destroyer of their pure Hungarian blood. This catapulted Art and Millie's relationship into chaos. They proclaimed their love to each other, married themselves in front of God, got caught making love by Millie's mom and were forced to stop seeing each other by Millie's dad. But eventually they found each other again and continued on with their relationship. That is until Art disrespected Millie and forced his world to crumple. However, his father's death brought Millie to his comfort and they ran away to begin their life together in Florida. In my opinion, this was a good book because it was an inspiring story about love and the power it has over us. This book serves as an example that no matter what mistakes we may make, love will never desert us. True love cannot be escaped.
Stickynicky143 More than 1 year ago
The book shows the many common struggles for a teenager. So lets just say it has a lot of emotions. This book is a change from the Fairytale twilight because the things brought up in this book are one hundred percent believable. Its funny cause this book took a lot of turns you think the plot is going one way then something springs up and makes the plot change its course. The protagonist in Millie is Art Nagy he comes from a Hungarian background. In the beginning of the book he is trying to finish high school and meets this Russian girl Millie. Which he falls in love with and doesn't know how he is going to tell his parents who don't want him dating till he has a degree from a University and none the less a Russian girl was out of the question do to the fact they were from different races and both races just didn't seem to get along. The book is aimed toward teenagers because of the way its written the language is not hard to understand, although many adults can also pick up this book and take a flashback to the past. The book is also not that thick it is 228 pages which doesn't take long to read. This book is a fun book its not one of those books that you feel you have to read. Its one that just comes natural.
JD155 More than 1 year ago
Millie by Peter Hargitai is a very good book depicting what it means to stand up for your beliefs and for what you want when you are in your teenage years. As many people can relate, not many people as teenagers had the freedom to do what they wanted and I'm pretty sure that you didn't like that one bit. As a teenager you get angry and frustrated at your parents for them controlling your life or trying to control your life to the very detail. This book shows how Attila Nagy, the main character, confronts his parents for the girl he loves the most,Millie. The book lets you see how fighting for what you love is the right thing to do and makes you realize that controlling somebody else life isn't the right thing to do. Also, being i able to leave everything behind that your parents wanted you to be in order so you can be with the love of your life takes a lot from a person and I believe that it is in fact a way to transition from being a boy to becoming a man.
kris10_m More than 1 year ago
Have you ever struggled with the concept of self-definition? Have you ever felt that happiness was just too far of a stretch for you to reach? In his book Mille, Peter Hargitai depicts a character whose struggle is completely relatable. Attila Nagy, the main character of the story, escapes the Hungarian revolution only to join another battle within himself that takes place in the so called land of the free, the home of the brave, the one and only U.S.A. Instead of boring you with a long summary of the book, I will try my best to convince you to buy it and find out for yourself. I'm certainly not going to bow down to this book and all it's wonders because it is nowhere close in comparison with the tales of Moby Dick and Harry Potter. However, coming from a person who hasn't read a whole book since the 8th grade, I actually found myself flipping through the pages, no, not skimming through, but actually reading it. The plot was fun and exciting to read and truly believable. Hargitai doesn't try to sugarcoat the life of the average teenage boy but instead views it in its actuality. Here is how the story goes: Boy meets girl, boy falls for girl, boy tries to get in girl's pants, boy gets caught in girl's pants, boy realizes where his happiness lies and chases after it despite the pressures planted on his shoulders. Millie Weiler, girl of the story, is not the hottest girl in school, but to Attila, no other girl compares. However, his parents don't have the same viewpoint simply because she was a Jew, and they would rather die then to see their precious (soon to be doctor) son with one of "them." Well, this book sticks its middle finger up to any parent who's ever tried to run the life of their child. It encourages self-expression and individualism. Millie is the perfect example of the infamous idea of "the pursuit of happiness." Buy this book and you will see exactly what I am talking about. It's not like its expensive or anything, so reach into your wallet and do yourself a favor. Take yourself on a little journey. You won't regret it.
MindyKrystal More than 1 year ago
The teenage years, to some it is the golden years, to some it is the rebellious years. Peter Hargitai wrote the book "Millie" as an autobiographic novel to his wife. The story is in the voice of a seventeen year old boy name Art Nagy from Hungary. During the senior year of his high school year he was force by his parents to move to the suburbs to start a new life. In this journey he has to face all the obstacles of balancing his Hungarian culture at home at his American culture in school. His father is a peculiar paranoia man who demands his sons to have no fun, pass high school go on to med school and be very successful doctors. On the other hand his mother is a nagging racist who stipulate that her sons will only be in a relationship when they are out of med school and insist that their wives will be the countryside of Hungary. The wives will be the perfect women to cook, clean and have babies. Although Art still has great intentions for his Hungarian roots, he has no intentions to follow his parents' orders. When an American girl name Millie walks into his life and steals his heart, their obstacles becomes greater to make their families' culture and beliefs content. At many points Art's Hungarian culture got the best of him and leads him to criticize and analyze other people, even Millie. Their parent's disapproval drove them to separation. It was the death of Art's father that causes the breaking point for him and turns him to the other direction. He did not care about med school as a matter of fact he did not care about anybody except for Millie and poetry. He left everything that was he was supposed to follow to be with Millie. Today they are still together and Peter Hargitai is a professor at FIU also a poet and author.
Hector91 More than 1 year ago
Well it happens to all of us, and I am sure we can all take a moment and reminisce about our one true love and all the good memories that come with it. Essentially, this is what "Millie" by Peter Hargitai did for me. The Author does a great job with making you in vision and feel the complications the unique main character goes through. The main character is a late teen named Art Nagy. He endures various scenarios that reminded me of my situations involving love. This made the book so interesting to read, for I could literally place myself in the shoes of the main character. I thought what he thought, understood his feelings, and felt what he was feeling. For instance there is a point in the book where he gets separated from his love, Millie. The desperation he feels to see her again is so intense that I felt desperate as well. As a moderate novel reader it takes a lot for me to get excited over some of the novels I read. However, Millie seems to hold a good amount of factors that make it very unique and at the top of my list next to the "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks and "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown. One of those factors is that the plot is very realistic and probable, and the ending is unexpected. For example, the main character, Art Nagy is an Immigrant from Hungary who arrives to the great U.S. of A after trying to flee the Hungarian revolution. He lives a very casual life with his dysfunctional family until he meets Millie. And like most of us, the character's entire life and way of being changes due to love. Also this unforgettable story takes place during the 1960s, the Peace era with the Beatles, the War on Vietnam, and the famous baby boomer rise. I don't want to gloat about the specific techniques the author employs (even though they are substantially good) for the story or so forth. But what I will say is that Millie is a very good book that is as fast paced, as it is interesting. Perfect for reading on a plane or long travel, or anytime at all. I highly recommend it to every Novel reader interested in reading something worth the time.
KyleD More than 1 year ago
Peter Hargitai's novel "Millie" is a book you must pick up. Not only does it have the romance that every girl desires in a novel but also has the ingredients for an alpha males novel aswell. It allows the reader to search back into his or her past to bring up all sorts of memories. As you are reading this book you will find yourself thinking of your first love and how things never really worked out perfectly all the time but how you loved that person with so much passion regardless. This young couple took me on an adventure through my past that I wouldn't of necessarily been able to remember without reading about them going through it. It also shows you how things don't always have to be excepted by your parents or society for that matter to be real or true. This novel is an inspirational piece that I would recommend to any reader.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to sit here and bombard you with an all-too-informative summary of the story of Millie so that you can get the pleasure of reading about it without having to buy it. Because I want you to buy this book, not because I want you to waste your money but because I know once you read it that you'll realize what a great buy it was. This is one of those books that fly under the radar of national, and much deserved, recognition but could most certainly beat out some of the bestsellers of today. The story is original and autobiographical yet somehow is able to relate to almost anyone. Without trying, the characters are able to implant themselves in your brain to the point where you find yourself saying, "Hey, that Gypsy sounds alot like my friend Fred" or " I remember having all those feelings at that age, what a tough time". The love between Attila Nagy and Millie Weiler is definitely not the sugary sweetness seen in most of today's current novels, which is what makes it feel so real. Everyone has had that first love where everything seems to happen at all the wrong times and feeling just right is damn near impossible. This book doesn't set out to censor itself, as Attila and Millie doscover themselves through sex and anger and misunderstandings. Hargitai is able to be completely honest and graphic about the physical relationship between Attila and Millie, yet he never crosses the line into being rude and disgusting. At times we see Attila acting like a typical teenage boy, driven by what's between his legs and what he feels he wants and how he feels like living. At other times, his love for Millie is so consuming that he can hardly function until he knows she loves him and he seems to live by what others want. Meeting Millie changed something inside him and allowed him to see that his life did not have to be what his parents wanted, his life could be made by himself. I think that what I like most about this story is that I can indulge in it just as much as my mom can, just as much as my cousin can, and just as much as my grandma can. How great is it that you can discuss and reminisce similar stories and past experiences with the people you know, all because of one novel. People of all ages and backgrounds can find common ground in this book, and that's why I think it's one of the smartest purchases you can make.
Karina09 More than 1 year ago
This book was inspiring. It had a little of everything; love, family, fighting, and classic life experiences. Attila and Millie steal your heart as they fight against their families' values to be together. Its funny, as I was reading this book I myself was going through relationship problems. This young couple helped me realize that you can really make it through anything. Its an easy read because you can relate to the characters. Its almost as if you're one of their friends going through it with them. There are times where you want to smile because you remember your first date. There are times you want to cry because you remember how hard first loves can be. There are times you want to scream at the characters asking "How could you do that?!" I've already recommended this book to a couple friends and they love it so far.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book Millie is the story about the events that lead up to the young Attila "Art" Nagy finding himself so he can start to live his own life. He immigrated to the United States with his family from Hungary to escape the oppression of communism and the atrocities war. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio raised by his strict father, his mother and older brother. He was brought up with the belief that he will go to and graduate from college with a M.D. so then can marry a good Hungarian girl from the old country. This of course was not the life for him; that would make for an incredibly boring book. It all began on the first day of public school when he met a girl named Millie Weiler. Since she was not the "good Hungarian girl from the old country" his family was expecting she was not exactly met with open arms. He too was not fully accepted by Millie's family either for being a foreigner who wasn't exactly sharpest knife in the drawer. From here on out the book chronicles through their relationship as they face all the hardships brought upon their families, school and themselves. Millie is a well written book and an easy read. There not many books keep me interested enough that I can read a good sized chunk of it in one sitting; I probably read the second half of this book in one shot. It covers a wide range of emotions through young Attila as he tries to break free from the bonds his family has set upon him so he may be happy with his life and live it the way he wants to. I recommend reading this for anyone looking to have a good fun read.
Dpueb More than 1 year ago
Millie is a book written by Peter Hargitai that tells the story of a teenager named Attila. He and his family, which consists of him, his mom, his dad, and his brother, moved to the United States from Hungary to escape communism. His mother and father are very strict parents, even going as far as forcing him to go to medical school to become a doctor. On his first day of school Attila meets Millie Weiler, an American girl who sits next to him in class. The two began dating and got very intimate with each other. This begins to cause problems between Attila's Family and Millie's Family. Attila's Family doesn't want him to have a girlfriend until he has completed his studies; furthermore they don't like the fact that she is of Jewish decent. Millie's family on the other hand doesn't want her to date Attila because he is from another country. The two teenagers wrestle with trying to keep their relationship together and trying to please their family in this tale. This book touches upon many subjects such as dealing with racist parents and struggling with the pressures that parents put on their children. The story's characters are well developed, yet Attila tends to act extremely immature at times. It has a pretty dramatic plot and deals with some pretty big issues for being aimed after a young audience. The language used in the novel is pretty simple and overall it's a pretty good book to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book Millie is about a Hungarian boy named Attila that fell in love with an American girl named Millie. They met in their homeroom class and became very close. Millie and Attila ended up becoming lovers, even though their families were against their relationship due to their different values and nationality. Attila's mother wanted him to get married to a Hungarian girl after he got his MD. But obviously that didn't happen otherwise, this would probably end up being some kind of 'nose picking' boring book. I'm not much of a romantic, however this novel turned me into one. These young lovers had so many obstacles that they had to overcome to be together that would normally tear couples apart and ruin a relationship. Nothing stopped them from loving and being with each other. I was so eager to find out what was written on the next page of Millie. I literally finished this book in 3 days. That's basically a miracle for me, due to the fact that I barely ever read books. This novel was so intriguing, I couldn't help but cheer this couple on. Peter Hargitai causes the reader to feel all types of senses like anger, happiness, suspense and hope, for the characters. It's really amazing how a book could make you feel that way. Millie was an easy book to read because many topics brought up, was familiar to me like first loves, and dealing with the parental units. Honestly this book is awesome. Check it out
EricAmbert More than 1 year ago
The book Millie is about an immigrant family that has come to the Unites States to start a new life from war torn Hungary. Attila is a teenage boy who escaped the Hungarian Revolution in 1964 with his mother, father, and brother. His father is a very strict man who wants Attila to live the American dream. He wants Attila to go to college to become a doctor and receive his M.D. When the family first arrives to the United States Attila was put into a private school in Cleveland but then is transferred to a public school in the suburbs. This move will change his life. The first day of public school Attila meets Mille Weiler, a down to earth American girl that shares a class with him. From the beginning the two connected. This would become a problem for Attila because of his family's values. He was not allowed to mess around with girls until he gets his M.D. Also his family wanted him to marry a Hungarian girl from an old village in Hungary. Attila is in conflict with his family trying to make him and Millie workout. Millie's family is also not too fond of the idea that their daughter is dating an immigrant boy. The book shows the struggles of dating outside your nationality, religion, and of your family's values. Even when Attila and Millie have no support they are able to overcome the differences to make their relationship work. This is a great read and written by Peter Hargitai, a Hungarian native and witness of the Hungarian Revolution.
andreortega More than 1 year ago
I have to be honest. When I first heard the fact that the professor of the class was making us read his own book I immediately was turned away. I said to myself here is just another professor who is all into himself and only likes to hear his own work and enjoys positive comments from students, which almost have to say that the book is good. I decided not to read the book, but as faith would have it I heard from some one else in the class that the book was actually good. I hate reading books, I hate it. I do like reading just not books, in my opinion there is too much superfluous information in order for me to find it entertaining. I loved this book. I read the first couple of pages and I never put it down until I finished. I had never experienced this before with a book. The book was about young love and the struggle that it brings along with it. The book paints a perfect picture and features realism that is very easy to relate with. The characters are so real and deep, and even as a reader that does not enjoy books, I did enjoy reading about these characters and their life together. In my opinion the book was the perfect length. Its was an excellent book that that would be able to satisfy all types audiences, form kids to adults, from non-readers to people whose soul purpose in life is to read. Millie gets two well earned thumbs up me.
Pablo-Casco More than 1 year ago
¿Millie¿, by Peter Hargitai, narrates the story of a young Hungarian immigrant: Attila ¿Art¿ Nagy. Art Nagy and his family escaped from the revolution that took place in 1964 in their homeland and came to The United States looking for a better life; they wanted to live ¿The American Dream¿. Art¿s life was ruled by his family standards. They told him what to do, what not to do and who his friends and enemies should be. Until one day during his senior year, Attila¿s world turned upside down. His parents had decided to transfer him to a public school. The day had started like any other day for Art, until he met Millie Weiler. Millie was a down to earth American girl who shared a class with him; from the moment they saw each other, the connection was intense. However, not everything was as good as it seemed. Art¿s family was very strict, specially his father. They wanted him to live their dream instead of his own: marry a Hungarian girl from the village but not before getting his M.D. In addition to this, they rejected and discriminated everyone that wasn¿t Hungarian, shared their religion, or simply didn¿t share their values. Making things even more difficult for Art and Millie, there were Millie¿s parents. They were not as strict as Attila¿s parents, but they were not completely in favor of their relationship either. Throughout the rest of the book, Peter Hargitai immerses the reader in the different obstacles that Art and Millie go through in an effort to be together. They went trough everything together: fights, total isolation from each other, reunions, they even challenged their families and rebelled against the principles that had been embedded in them from childhood. Despite these obstacles their relationship prevailed. Their love was pure, sincere and certainly didn¿t have frontiers. Simultaneously, the author narrates Art¿s journey of self exploration and discovery, making the plot even more entrancing.
¿Millie¿ exceeded my expectations and caught my attention right away. I could easily relate many of the situations that Attila had to go through to my own personal experiences. A definite page turner, the intricate yet passionate journey of a young couple willing to overcome any obstacle make this book highly recommendable.
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The novel Millie by Peter Hargitai is a great love story. I really enjoyed reading this book very much and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Love is not the only subject in his text; he also wrote about his parents racism towards non-hungarian¿s. Art Nagy the protagonist of the book lives in the United States, but he is originally from Hungary. On his first day of class in his new school something unexpected happened. Love was knocking on the door to his heart. There Art met the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, her name was Millie Weiler. They became friends rather soon and boyfriend and girlfriend even sooner. On both sides the parents represented a problem; neither of them had full approval of their relationship. On Nagy¿s side his parents thought that Millie was whore just because she was American and drove a convertible. They were very loyal to their Hungarian blood and race and did not like intruders. On her side, the father specially didn¿t think Art was tall enough and didn¿t have the football player body type to date his daughter. ¿I liked how the author explains every single detail of Millie and Nagy¿s relationship and how they felt when they were together. They were very much in love with each other. They decided to take their relationship to another level, and by that I mean getting married. It was not a real wedding. It was just a ceremony they did that gave them enough power to spend the night together. The night of their six-month anniversary, Art¿s father was killed in a car accident. His devastation was enormous. After all they had been through together, from having problems with the police because they were having sex and she was under age, to their parents disapproval they decided to drive south. Art wanted a new life with the girl he loved Millie Weiler.
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Millie, a book written by Peter Hargitai is the story of an adolescent Art and Art¿s love interest Millie. Attila ¿Art¿ Nagy and Millie Weiler are their names to be exact. Art Nagy is a Hungarian immigrant that comes to the United States with his family due to the Hungarian Revolution and encounters cultural and love conflicts. Art Nagy went from dodging bullets and escaping persecution to now being questioning about Millie Weiler and possibility violations of statue of the State of Ohio. Peter Hargitai is not a writer to leave the necessary details out that his fans to a great extent desire because they truly allow the readers to grasp the mood of the scene. Peter Hargitai¿s writing from the beginning to the end was absolutely hilarious. A part that sticks out to me is when Art receives a letter from Millie about not being able to get a hold of him through phone and Art starts say how much his father changes the number of the house that he does not know the number sometimes. Attila goes through many different obstacles especially with his family. There is also an instance in the book when Attila loses touch with Millie because her parents had forbidden her to speak to him. This was a complicated time for Attila because he was so accustomed to her companionship. In the end of this situation, Attila finally gets in touch with Millie and is reunited with her. Throughout the book, Attila goes through a great deal of stress caused by his family. Attila¿s mother longed for him to marry a Hungarian woman who could be the best wife possible. His father was another difficult person to deal with and it was hard to keep him satisfied. Although Attila had issues with his family, as we all do, he still managed to keep what mattered closest to his heart.
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Millie, written by Peter Hargitai is about a teenage boy named Attila ¿Art¿ Nagy and an American girl named Millie Becker. In the Hungarian Revolution Attila and his family came to America. When Attila came to America he meets Millie in his first year of school. After a while of being friend they started to date but it was hard for them because neither family accepted. His parents were against him dating and American girl with Jewish decent. They wanted him to date a perfect Hungarian girl. And from the other side, Millie¿s parents didn¿t accept her dating Attila because of him being a foreigner and his unattractive physicality. Attila runs thru a lot of conflicts with his parents. His parents wanted him to be a doctor but being a doctor was nowhere near his passion. Attila finally got tired of all of it and decided to live his life. He went changed his religion to Catholic without his parents even knowing. He continued living his life the way he wanted to and being different than his family. Overall, if you like love stories this story is a good story. I really enjoyed reading it. This story kept me wanting to read more which is hardly ever the case when I read books. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone!