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Millionaire Status

Millionaire Status

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by Dr. Israel Prince

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Now take a Quantum leap in expanding your universe to magnify, attract wealth, In Millionaire Status Dr. Israel Prince has combined history, metaphysics, practical economics, esoteric Christianity, and tons of encouragement. The message in this book has the power to change the lives of those who are willing to do the necessary mental practice and spiritual work


Now take a Quantum leap in expanding your universe to magnify, attract wealth, In Millionaire Status Dr. Israel Prince has combined history, metaphysics, practical economics, esoteric Christianity, and tons of encouragement. The message in this book has the power to change the lives of those who are willing to do the necessary mental practice and spiritual work involved in the skill of Manifesting destiny , whether money, travel, business, establishing the mindset to allow prosperity to flow.. Dr. Israel discusses the need for a radical shift in consciousness; in the way we think and process information about God, ourselves, our potential and possibilities, wealth, and our desire for it. He gives us practical steps towards the development of millionaire consciousness, and offers insightful profiles of several current and past millionaires and billionaires. Millionaire Status can be read through in a single setting , however, the timeless, universal principles in its pages should be meditated upon daily. Millionaire Status should be used as a text book for schools, churches, and other organizations committed to developing tomorrow's leaders and change makers

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Millionaire Status

Creating Transgenerational Wealth for Distribution to Nations!
By Israel Prince


Copyright © 2009 Dr. Israel Prince
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-1026-3

Chapter One


Millionaire Status is the representation of the of 3rd Millennium Power shifters who have moved to the next level of prosperity and have mastered the skill of manifesting at the highest level of riches, prosperity, and abundance utilizing Universal Laws. Come now into a FULLY awaken state your consciousness and tap into manifold riches of the UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE. Guaranteed by utilizing these Universal principles & laws that govern the universe there will be a transfer of wealth to individuals, corporations, business leaders who learn & applying these wealth principles. Now experience the Opulence rich lavish abundant universe, say goodbye to poverty, welcome to your PROSPERITY FLOW. The LAWS are irrevocable invincible and unlimited loaded with possibilities unfathomed by man. Apply the LAW OF THINKING, think yourself into the highest expression designed lifestyle of the rich and famous! (MIND creates matter)

MILLIONAIRE STATUS MASTERS KEY: Millionaire in Greek means, abundantly supplied, without having lack. The ability to become self reliant is the heart of every living being in the earth, to have opulence, designed inthe exact replica of the designer of the universe, engineered with the same ability to create any reality.

A Manifester realize that the his/her own conscious Is the programmer, the subconscious Is the servant! Skillfully deliberately make a mental suggestion on the conscious level and the super creative mind will deliver the desire! Start now developing a mindset to magnetize wealth, creating money attracting ideals, develop your on economy of the mind.

As renown writer Wallace Wattles stated," There a Science of getting Rich", it is an exact science like algebra, or arithmetic. There are certain laws which govern the universe to flow a continual stream of increase, money attracted to you. Thoughts are Things! Thought is the only power which can produce tangible riches from the formless substance. Yes!! You have and can create your only reality!

The Rich outthink the poor, the poor underestimate there abilities to create wealth. Your MIND is the center of divine operations, Man is a thinking center. As the writer , Catherine Ponders stated, "A millionaire is usually one considered to be worth a million dollars or more, root word millionaire means abundance and happiness, our interpretation is being, doing, having, experiencing all that the Universe ordained in life, opulence, abundance, prosperity, riches, health and being a wealth channel to erase the faces of poverty.

Now Today right here! Right now! Join the EVOLUTIONARY SHIFT and Revolution to make all your dreams a Reality! Begin the journey of discovery of awaking the prosperity inside of you, poverty is only wealth asleep!

All things begin as a THOUGHT! Imagine ever scene in consciousness as already happen, DELIBERATELY rehearse as reality, feel, taste, hear the sound of completion in mind, then you shall have GOLD AS DUST! IMAGINE IT IN THE FINISH STATE! Now whether you desire to manifest health, wealth, relations, careers, business clients, (1) rehearse mentally, (2) intensify the picture, (3) add sounds, tones (4) give space, create new forms, and Breathe it into the being state. (Art and practice of manifestation process)

Scientist tell us that though is compared with the speed of light, our thoughts travel at the rate of 186,000 miles per second, travel 930,000 time faster than our voice, it has unlimited power, it's an unlimited FORCE, yet only one in a 1000 people around are fully using 10% of its powers to create unlimited wealth and endless possibilities, as a torpedo when the mind is channel toward a particular goal," it hits its target every time! This MILLIONAIRE SYSTEM is design to challenge you AS Napoleon Hill stated "Think and Grow RICH"! There are Laws of Attraction that governs the universe, when you mentally rehearses desire, then desire appear!


I AM THAT I AM is the highest confession, stop praying for it. Stop waiting on it. Become it!! Have an I AM MOMENT NOW! Feel the powers of the Universe coming to your side ... MOSES SAY I AM THAT I AM! I AM RICH, I AM HAPPY, I AM A MILLIONAIRE, I AM BLESSED, I AM A BUSINESS OWNER, WHAT YOU ADD TO I AM FOLLOW YOU INTO YOUR FUTURE! I AM WEALTH, I AM A SYMBOL OF MONEY, I AM LOVE! The Master teacher Jesus said, when you have seen the father you have seen me, you are to be the direct manifestation of universal abundance.

Everyone have scotomas, blind spots, and culture belief systems that blocks, limits and restricts the manifestation of wealth and money in your world. (All that exist originated in the mind of the maker) Poverty environment, atmospheres, imprints breed poverty, your first signal of change of coming into prosperity is breaking out of systems that breeds a consciousness of poverty. I continued to study, develop and mentally clean out my "hard drive." Soon, my hard drive (consciousness) was cleaned and I now the new imprint of positive affirmations, money attracting thoughts had to be programmed in a my new programming system a Wealth system that brought prosperity, fulfillment and universal abundance into my life.

Programming begins in early childhood development where your parents are your teachers, religions, creeds, begin to be the WIZARDS of your destiny. Now you have to stop following the yellow brick road to nothingness!

You have been taught to do as other's do, a herd mentality, and live like the majority of the people live, working a job or in a career that is unfulfilled and unrewarding. The probability is that you are not satisfied with your present condition. You are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck. You are tired of being a broke Christian. You have tithed, gave offerings and still have not seen the manifestation of your dreams. You have been asking for your breakthrough. Your desire is to be a millionaire. Now you have in hand the, "Millionaire System"! You thirst for the finest, the most elegant and the finer things in life; you have astronautic taste, endowed with the image of greatness. But you don't know why it has not manifested.

For long enough you have allowed situations, circumstances, mistakes, mind sets opinions of others men and relationships to handicap God's purpose for your life. Divine opportunity has knocked again. Get ready to be restored to God's Original Design for your life. Whenever God wanted something, infinite wisdom created it. There are million dollar ideas inside of you that lay dormant, but are ready to be unleashed by your genius powers.


God brought him into his 'Rehoboth' broad places, wide streets, market places, and the place of expansion, enlargement and prosperity. Place where there is plenty of room, no more living In the projects, no more living from paycheck to paycheck, no more stressing over low finances, no more Goodwill thrift store, hand me down clothes, Now you can shop at Macy's, buy handbags from Louis Vuitton, Versace, travel to Beverly Hill to Rodeo Drive, enjoy the finest living, most celebrated clothing lines, Armani, Gucci, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, shop at Neiman Marcus! Genesis 26:1

Growth Demands Change!

You have to have a Spiritual Practice!

There is a Million Dollar ideal inside of you to change the consciousness and complex of Nations! The storm, the crisis was sent to catapult you to the next level. Dry your tears, stop weeping about what happened, it was ordained before the foundation of the world and now you must MOVE! Eagles fly in the air. No more waiting on the crowd's opinion about God's destiny for your life, this is your season for divine overflow blessings! The latter shall be greater than the former! Step into your FLOW!!!


Millionaire Status is, first, designed to unveil to you the supernatural purpose of your being in the earth, and then to acquaint you with wealth to fulfill the countless dreams and visions that were genetically deposited within you. You were genetically engineered and originally made to be co-creator, co-manager in the exact design of the maker of the universe to demonstrate universal riches in all realms of life. This Millionaire System will unleash your powers and will teach you how to release the millions of possibilities within you. Now say, I AM A MASTERPIECE IN THE MAKING OF MILLIONAIRE STATUS!

Millionaire Status is for 21st Century forerunners, dreamers, pioneers, trailblazers, entrepreneurs who are called to birth new paths and new realities. Get ready to ...

Dismantle negative sabotaging beliefs and ideas

Release past experiences, relationships

Detoxify negative energy that has blocked the abundance flow

Cultivate a Millionaire mind set

Dethrone religious myths about money.

Millionaire Status Will:

Identify the systems of economics, society norms, philosophies, ideologies, and religious beliefs of man that have handicapped, sabotaged and paralyzed human potential and businesses.

Create a consciousness to increase your personal magnetism to attract wealth.

Identify and eradicate limiting beliefs, negative images, creeds and philosophies from one's mentality.

Unveil to you to enter the Higher Dimensions of fulfilling the divine purpose of your higher self in the Earth! Forces of Angels have hidden the codes to your gift to serve the world and humanity by releasing your highest contribution. The Bible says people are destroyed because of the lack of knowledge.

Harness and awake the powers to open up the, creative imagination for employees, business leaders, corporations, church leaders, colleges, institutions, schools and emerging entrepreneurs who want to maximize and create a synergy to receive the transfer of wealth.

MS-Psychological Programming System

The MS-Psychological Programming System (PPS) is designed to create Millionaires and teach individuals to understand the Divine principles of the universe, activate business owners, individuals, entrepreneurs and youth to release their Millionaire Genius-ezine (unfathomable abilities) that have been sabotaged by systems. To open up the creative mind to manifest money, wealth, and be a millionaire!

When you install this MS-system in the mind (consciousness), you will create a positive blueprint to attract wealth, prosperity & abundance. The process of laying a foundation of rich ideas, rich feelings, and abundance in mentality reflects as Jesus spoke, "A good man will bring forth good things out of the foundation of his heart."

IT'S YOUR SEASON! For too long the world has celebrated the accomplishments of people of the past who are dead. COMEALIVE! There is a fresh dream in you. Come into your Einstein moment.

Millionaire Status Principle #1

Recognize Your Genetic Makeup

Millionaire DECREE!

Stop right here, right now and decree: I am ready to go to the Next Level! I am coming out of my grave clothes of yesterday. I am loosing myself from the tomb of the past; past debts, past pains, past relationships. I am unlocking my money destiny!

You are a MILLIONAIRE IN THE MAKING. When God created you, God had himself in mind and no matter where you are in life; God is not through making you into a double diamond. Million dollar ideas have been locked inside of you and not released. That's why you purchased this Millionaire system. You're behind time. Countless inventions, awards, feats, discoveries have been waiting on you to find this system. It's time you get in step with God's time table for your life! No more dreams turning to nightmares. No more visions turning to fantasies. This is your prophetic moment!

No matter who has given up on you, God is not through with you yet. Silver is being turned to gold. As you program your self for success, for wealth, for prosperity, you will manifest exact images, exact pictures, and exact feelings by application of the MS-Psychological Programming System.

Robert T. Kiyosaki stated in his book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, "The poor and the middle class work for money, the rich make money."

Thoughts are MOVING FORCES. THOUGHTS OF WEALTH ATTRACT WEALTH. To eradicate poverty from your existence is not just knowing the King, but applying the Kings principles as a system of life! Rich people don't worry about money, they create it from within! Creator's create, creatures exist. Creator's produce, while poor people consume. Poor people work for money, rich make money to work for them. Rich create capital, poor people create debt. A poverty mind will produce more poverty. Surround yourself with rich dresses, rich interior and rich people. Think and grow rich!

The mind is a terrible thing to RACE. Now you must remove all irrelevant distractions, answer your universal call of magnetizing, attracting, vibrating and creating wealth, release the drum major instinct inside of you and shift the Global world economics!

Millionaire Status Principle #2

The Mind of the Maker is the Mind of Man

The most single asset you have is your MIND! Ninety-nine percent of people allow other's to mine their mind 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They sell their mind to the highest bidder instead of learning the art of manifesting from within! You have to grasp the concept that money is not real. Money is a consciousness. It is a symbol. Consciousness is the only currency.

If the mind is trained well, if it is conditioned perfectly, wealth can be created, unfathomed, unrealized and even far beyond the riches of King Solomon in the Bible. The masses are controlled by the systems of the world. You are not waiting on God. God is divine wisdom and has placed a million dollar idea inside of you that is lying dormant! AWAKE THE MILLIONAIRE!

Psalms 8:4-6 Man the Universe Apex of creation,

The Manifestation Creative Process (MCP) resides in the corridors of man's unlimited consciousness that was engineered with:

Infinite supreme intelligence

Light and illumination by the father of the Universe

A nucleus that manufacturers all matters

The divine make up

You are a created being who is made up of the same creative substance as God. A molecular structure that consists of atoms, electron and protons, that created the universe, over 400 billion galaxies and named all the stars. All this POWER resides in you! May the divine powers of the universe shine upon you, enlighten your consciousness, elevate your thoughts, and magnetize the exact purposes of your creation. THOUGHTS ARE THINGS AT A CERTAIN VIBRATION LEVEL!

"For thou has made him a little lower than the angels, and has crowned him with glory and honor, made him to have dominion over all the works of thy hands, place all things under his feet."

Now you have the operating manual and software to be installed in you, the MS-MILLIONAIRE system, Wealth consciousness that has no limitations, no boundaries, no enemies and invincible abilities. A mind with depths of thousands of oceans, infinite potentials, inside of you in the ROCK OF AGES!

Learn how to deprogram & dismantle the negative, sabotaging Psychological Belief System (PBS), ideals, past experiences, mind sets and religious myths about money, relationships and wealth.

Empower your self three-fold with this Millionaire Status System!

Know the power of being a money/people magnet! Right thoughts equal right results! Positive thoughts equal positive outcomes!

The Mind of the Maker is the Mind of Man! LET THIS MIND BE IN YOU, MIND OF CHRIST NOT CRISIS!


Excerpted from Millionaire Status by Israel Prince Copyright © 2009 by Dr. Israel Prince. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Dr. Israel Barsh is the catalyst behind DreamCity Northwest Developers. Dr. Barsh founded Northwest Academy of Excellence a privately owned K-12 grade school in 1992 and For the Love of Children Daycare Center that operated successfully for eight years. He received a letter of accommodation from the Mayor of Puyallup in September 2002 for his leadership and contributions to the community. Prophet Israel was licensed under Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International Prophetic Churches in 1998. He also oversees the Kingdom 1st Embassy, the fastest growing church in the metropolis of Seattle, Washington and conducts Annual conferences for prophets and leaders. Dr. Barsh is an international speaker who has traveled abroad and across America teaching institutions to maximize their potential and effectiveness as companies and increase personal power.

Dr. Barsh obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Washington State University, Pullman and an Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree for his outstanding ministry work and community service from the distinguished Bishop A.L. Hardy Theological School, Seattle, Washington. He served in the Army for ten years and was a commission 1st Lieutenant. Dr. Barsh possesses a cadre of professional experience including grant writing, consulting services, non-profit organizational management, fiscal management and curriculum development. He has served as a guest lecturer and workshop facilitator for various conferences and organizational functions. Dr. Barsh has over twenty years of experience in corporate training and management.

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Millionaire Status 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Hedassah More than 1 year ago
I have the first edition and it was great, but the second edition is excellent. The principles are the best and excellent source of daily thought. I especially love Dr. Israel's use of other millionaires and their stories. This book is not for only people who want to be millionaires but to have he knowledge and understanding on how to manifest wealth and prosperity just by using our thoughts and creative gene that is inside all of us. It explains how a 15 year old becomes a millionaire and didn't use any "magic" but just his own ability and his major source "his mind". I recommend this as a teaching tool for students, individuals, leaders, management and anyone else who wants to be successful in life.