Millionaires Club: Collection Package

Millionaires Club: Collection Package

by Sophie Sin


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This is the complete series all in one e-book for your pleasure. Enjoy! (This book is 80,000 words or just more than a standard novel.)


Millionaires Club #1: Diamond Express.

Bored and with nothing to play with on hand, Kerry turns to molesting the service people on the train with a fine French man offering his sexual services to entertain her during the boring miles of her trip. However, being a woman of great lust and desire, a single man is not enough. Hence, a promiscuous group sex situation unfolds with both men and women rising to hear Kerry's sexual call.


Millionaires Club #2: Solid Gold.

Sexy Molly Brown has just broken up with her pop star boyfriend and Eric Rich is on the prowl for a little chocolate love. However, Molly has a surprise for him in the form of her stunning manager, a white chocolate demon of love. Can Eric handle these two sexy ladies or will they be too much for this sex addicted man of wealth? Find out inside.


Millionaires Club #3: Silver Medal.

Rich girls like it hard and Martha Rich likes it harder than most. With a sex party on her schedule and nothing to do but get laid, Martha is quite the sex kitten. However, today there is a big piece of meat on offer and its going to skewer Martha in half if she's not careful. This may be Martha's most erotic sex yet. Download to enjoy!


Millionaires Club #4: The Sapphire Engagement.

Lusty ladies and strange family ties await Greg in the house of his wife-to-be. The depravity of an aunt will drive him wild with desire, but it is the lady of his dreams who will take him to places beyond lust. The devil inside of him has been restrained and Greg is going to let it loose tonight and give the ladies of the house the best sex of their lives on his rod of unrestrained passion.


Millionaires Club #5: Copper Robber.

How much pleasure can one man handle tied to a bed with not a clutching, desperate hand free to find purchase in the seven sex women hungry for his seed? The Copper Robber is in for the time of his life as holes are displayed and a single pole is taken to the limits of human endurance for the entertainment of the lovely ladies, who only wish to teach him a lesson in proper 'manners'. Come join in.


Millionaires Club #6: Platinum Whore.

Samantha Rich - sexy, horny and gay - wants sex. However, this is not just normal sex: This is REVENGE SEX. She's got a grudge and she's going to use her girly bits to bring her soon-to-be ex-girlfriend's lover to her knees to worship Samantha's tunnel of love with every digit, toy and tool that she can muster. This story is too sexy for regular consumption.


Millionaires Club #7: Zinc Delivery.

Arab sex, porn star sex, any sex: Greg wants it all! The monster lurks cock-hungry for the lustful loins of a willing female to impart its juices deeply in the many caverns of feminine love, but Greg will not allow it. This is a contest of sexual wills that will burn your e-reader asunder. Greg is surrounded by big breasted temptation with only one way to go - IN. Come join Greg in his trials of sexual agony and lustful love.


Millionaires Club #8: Iron Stallion.

Kerry has arrived in France and sex is on the agenda. After a little light S&M play with her new roommates, she finds herself speechless and soaked between the legs when her new sexy neighbor pops by to say hello. Sex clubs and more await as she sets out on a quest to make this man hers: Physically, sexually and more. However, he's not just any easy lay; This man will change her life forever!

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ISBN-13: 9781479148752
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/19/2012
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.60(d)

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