Mind Fighter

Mind Fighter

by Dr. Feridoun Shawn Shahmoradian


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The rules of combat have changed

I believe even the fastest kick or punch can come short in dealing with a premeditated terrorist committed to killing you and destroying innocent lives. It is rare to win and survive when entangled with several gun and knife wielding villains lurking in the dark determined to rob, rape, and take your life. Remember, even the most barbaric and beastly character can be subdued and put to rest if you know the right way. I also believe being ignorant and calloused causes pride, which in turn causes division, and eventually animosity.

In the animal kingdom, where the survival of the fittest rules, there are no predators that can survive without adapting to ambush attack. The most important assets enacted by instinct are: patience, vigilance, distraction, agility, speed, no hesitancy, full commitment, and striking the vitals. This should be the methodology and the anatomy of any successful defense where only silent assassins can prevail, and when other alternative means of defense are questionable, especially in a crime infested environment where there are no rules but to remain alive.

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ISBN-13: 9781634176989
Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.
Publication date: 01/15/2015
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.33(d)

About the Author

Feridoun-Shawn-Shahmoradian, is a hyperactive person in his childhood and was interested in all sort of physical activities. At twelve he took to wrestling for about four years in his local neighborhood wrestling center, also played soccer for the local youth team. He moved to Crawly England from Persia when about seventeen years old, while attending Crawley College, also took Kyokushin Karate for about two years, founded by Masutatsu Oyama , known also as Mas Oyama. Then at the age of twenty moved to Fresno California, followed up going to Stockton California, attended Stockton College, for a year, then transferred to Texas southern university in Houston Texas.

While obtaining his bachelor in electronic engineer, he took Hapkido karate, and Tae Kwan do under master Myoung yong Kim for about five years, during this time he also received my (MA) master of art in economics from Texas A&M Prairie view. At this time Shawn met grand master Ji Han Jae the founder of Sin Moo Hapkid at master kim’s hapkido school. Then left master’s Kim school and studied under grand master Ji, attended many of his seminar and classes for about five year even followed grarnd master Ji to Monore California, and New Jersey.
Finally, back in Houston Texas he attended Wu Shu Kung-Fu federation at grand master Maing Yul Jung School for about five years. Then moved to Dallas Texas and attended University of Texas received my (MPA) second master in public administration, while also taking Judo Lesson from Sensei Tamura, also studied with Sensei Reuben- Martin at JFC in Arlington Texas. All along as he was taking lesson in Judo, Shawn was also very active at Korea Munmu hapkido with grand master Kim Don Son for about seven years. Through intense research and his obsession with martial arts, he founded a tremendously effective, and practical system of self-defense titled “Pang System” which encompasses “mind fighter” the (invisible Defender).

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