Mind Games: Meditation for Inspired Golfers

Mind Games: Meditation for Inspired Golfers

by William Chandon


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The most significant challenges we usually face are the mental ones and not the physical ones. If we're paying close attention to our golf game, we recognize that we sabotage and limit ourselves. We may also suspect that there are ways in which we unconsciously sabotage ourselves. The key problem that we face is that we don't know how to stop sabotaging ourselves. Intellectual knowledge is helpful, but isn't sufficient to make the deep changes that we need. We need something deeper and more powerful.

There's a deeper way of knowing and a deeper self-knowledge that we find when we develop a meditation practice. We find our center where we are in touch with our deep wisdom and passion. When we practice and compete from our center, we find more clarity about our strengths and weaknesses. We learn that the barriers that appear to be holding us back are actually invitations to develop, change, improve, and tap into the deep strength that we find inside in order to follow through on what will help us more forward as golfers and people.

The root word for "inspired" is "spirit." Our spirit is the deepest part of us that invites us to live and play golf with passion and skill. When we learn to meditate effectively, we gain access to powerful resources that reside in our subconscious mind. In time, we learn to follow our spirit and its wisdom. We learn to unleash our potential and play with all of our ability. When we play inspired golf, we begin a journey of self-discovery to find out just how good we can be.

This book is for golfers at all levels who are looking for a comprehensive volume on the golf mental game. This book is based on, Mind Games: Daily Meditations for Great Golf and Mind Games: Meditations for Great Putting. Mind Games: Meditation for Inspired Golfers is organized by topic rather than calendar date.

For many of us golfers, playing at a high level or "in the zone" is an unpredictable event. We don't know when or why it happens. After we have learned to meditate effectively, we recognize that the experiences that we have while meditating are similar to the experiences we have while playing in the zone. That's because playing in the zone is a meditative state. We can learn to play in the zone more often by learning to meditate in the right ways. When we learn to meditate, we learn to manage ourself in ways that are conducive to optimal performance.

Meditation may not be what you think it is. This form of meditation does not require you to sit for long periods of time in silence. This form of meditation actively uses your imagination. The book assumes that you don't have experience with meditation. Each of the meditations in the book has some thoughts for your reflection and has a unique affirmation at the end, which you use for your meditation. You mindfully read the reflection and then meditate on the affirmation. With this book, you have a program for developing your mental game in as little as 15 minutes per day.

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About the Author

William Chandon, Ph.D., is a mental performance coach who teaches athletes and coaches how to reach their potential. He has a doctoral degree in human and organizational development. For over thirty years, he has had a passion for understanding how the mind works. To try to change the circumstances of our lives without changing the thinking that lead to the circumstances is a formula for continually recreating the past. Dr. Chandon has found that a powerful way of changing our deep thinking is by meditating. He has practiced meditation for over thirty years.

He wrote Mind Games: Daily Meditations for Great Golf; Mind Games: Meditations for Great Putting; Mind Games: Daily Meditations for Great Athletes; Meditation for Active People; Mind Games: Meditation for Inspired Athletes; and Mind Games: Meditations for Great Coaches. You can reach Dr. Chandon or find our more at www.williamchandon.com.

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