Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit

Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit

by Fred Alan Wolf
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Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit by Fred Alan Wolf

Alchemists of the old attempted to make sense of the universe--to discover the connection between mind and matter. Some of today's scientists, in particular quantum physicists, are doing the same. In his latest contribution to the study of consciousness, physicist Fred Alan Wolf reveals what he calls the new alchemy-- a melding of the ideas of the old alchemists and the new scientists to reach a fuller understanding of the mind and matter.

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ISBN-13: 9780966132762
Publisher: Moment Point Press Inc
Publication date: 11/28/2000
Pages: 1
Sales rank: 674,703
Product dimensions: 5.58(w) x 8.56(h) x 0.49(d)

About the Author

Fred Alan Wolf, a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, is a consulting physicists and American Book Award-winning author and former "Resident Physicist" on the Discovery Channel's The Know Zone. He is well-known among scientists and lay people alike for his pioneering work combing scientific and spiritual thought. He lectures extensively throughout the U.S. and the world and was recently invited to meet with the Dalai Lama as a part of a meeting of the world's most cutting-edge minds. Wolf can be seen in the new independent film What the Bleep Do We (K)now!?

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Mind into Matter: A New Alchemy of Science and Spirit 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mind Into Matter is a syncretistic vision of the universe, combining the best ideas in contemporary physics with the wisdom found in the Cabala and the Hermetic Tradition. Even a hardened skeptic who might be convinced of our separate and somehow random and pointless existence will, if he follows the line of reasoning in this book, begin to see the interrelatedness of everything. We are all indeed One. We are all indeed Light. If you think those two statements are wooly-minded New Age cliches, pay close attention to Fred Alan Wolf's qualifications as a scientist and his line of reasoning, based on science as well as the poetic intuition of the Cabala. You will realize those statements are true. For those who have eyes, let them see.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dr. Wolf has done a wonderful thing in giving us his gift of MIND INTO MATTER.He reminds us, dares us, to go into the future , and using our sense of imagination, to CREATE our destiny. To BE the 'dreamer of the dream.' How The Universe Works would have been a great title too! This book is as close as science is ever going to get to the MYSTERY of creation. Dr. Wolf describes how one goes about 'Asking', in order that 'Ye Shall Receive' manifests. Stated quite frankly and to the point Fred shows you HOW TO MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! Gadzooks doesn't even begin to describe how wonderful this work is. Thanks Dr. Wolf, now get on with the next one, I can't wait.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It was thrilling to read this treatise on the 'new alchemy,' which combines insights from the sciences of physics and psychology to reveal the force between matter and mind. In describing the seemingly distinct regions within the known universe--the real and the imaginal realms of mind and body--he points out that we sense ourselves as individual beings, feeling alone and separate, locked inside a body which brings us the experience of lack (the Buddhist dukkha, or suffering). He says that we must learn to move our intent between the two realms so we learn to become aware of the mind/body split and the point at which our unconscious mind influences our body. To do this we need to become aware each time we feel resistance arising within ourselves. Using Hebrew letter symbols--'Aleph' (energy/primal consciousness), 'Bayt' (the material/consciousness recognizing itself), 'Ghimel' (movement/motion of all matter containing spirit), 'Dallet' (resistance/the response to movement)--he explains that for movement to exist, space-time is necessary, which is impossible without energy and matter, and that resistance appears as the interactions between material objects in states of motion. So, for me, the key is in our awareness of these physical laws and their connection to the way the unmanifest becomes the manifest. It transforms muddy metaphysical perceptions into clear and scientific reality. If you're interested in how we create our reality, this book gives us the clues. I'll read it again, this time with a clearer understanding of the mind/body connection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fred Alan Wolf's done it again! His latest book, MIND INTO MATTER, is a masterpiece of insight into the hidden workings of our magical, mysterious universe. As I read this book, I felt exhilarated to join Wolf on his journey 'to find our mind' on the frontier of the imaginal and the real. MIND INTO MATTER is structured around Wolf's explanation of the significance and meaning behind the first nine letter-symbols in the Hebrew alphabet, with a separate chapter devoted to each Hebrew letter. The book begins with the concept of Spirit within the Void, and continues onward to Creation, Animation, Resistance, Vitality, Replication, Chance, Unification, and Structure. We witness the new alchemy at work in the process of Animation, where we notice how we Think, Feel, Sense, and Intuit the world around us. I love Wolf's playful way of describing thought experiments throughout his book, alongside fascinating research material from physicists and neurophysiological researchers that suggest how our conscious minds form memories of events. On a deep level, we are aware of all possibilities available to us, and the one we remember as being real is the one we choose to observe. Since information flows from the future to our present time, we have what we need to select the path we most desire. To everyone who wishes to more fully grasp the breadth, depth, and height of who we truly are and how we interact with the universe, I give this book my highe
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fred Allan Wolf, Ph.D. has a unique style of writing about very difficult topics in a fashion similar to Issac Asimov--his examples can help anyone to grasp a meaning. In MIM, he continues his journey of Soul consciousness via the new alchemy and quantum physics. To anyone who is familiar with the teachings of Carl Jung, an exposure to the art of Tai Chi and yoga, this book is a must read. I cannot wait for Dr Wolf's next offering.