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Mindful Students: Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

Mindful Students: Social and Emotional Learning in the Classroom and Beyond

by Lani Gerszonovicz


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Educators lead K-12 students in fun and engaging mind-body strategies and breathing techniques which improve social and emotional learning in the classroom and beyond. Introduce and practice 26 easy to follow scripted A-Z Mindfulness strategies that encourage students to focus on the present moment, enhance attention, compassion and self-awareness while reducing stress and anxiety. Empower students to let go of unproductive thoughts that don't serve them and focus on thoughts that make them feel good and happy. Students are guided through activities where they learn to explore the mind, body, and breath connection while focusing on sounds, positive phrases, visualized images, breath, and movement. Students practice strategies to recharge themselves and develop life-skills for managing stress. Inspire students of all ages to awaken to greater focus, kindness, gratitude, peace, and self-compassion, allowing then to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives. Revolutionize learning by empowering students to better self-manage and to become more accepting, mindful, and present.

Practicing mindfulness daily and consistently with Mindful Students paves the way for student sto become mindful instead of mind-full, allowing them to gain many advantages that include:

-Improving focus, memory, processing, attention, and academic performance.

-Developing greater self-awareness through gratitude, kindness, and visualization while connecting more deeply with body, breath, thoughts, and feelings.

-Strengthening self-regulation by learning to control thoughts, actions, and emotions.

-Empowering students to be less reactive by cultivating awareness, acceptance, and choice.

-Enhancing patience and resilience as negative thoughts and feelings lose their power.

-Increasing brain mass and creating new neural pathways, contributing to greater mental clarity, inner calm, and an overall happier disposition.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733141307
Publisher: A-Z Mindfulness
Publication date: 09/02/2019
Series: A-Z Mindfulness , #1
Pages: 68
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

At age 8, Lani practiced her first mindful breath which sparked her life-long journey of mind-body exploration. She danced through childhood, practiced and taught yoga as a young adult and began meditating regularly during the early days of parenthood. When she skipped her practice, her family noticed that she seemed more reactive, stressed, and overwhelmed. Years of daily practice has expanded Lani's patience and joy while creating a deeper connection to herself, others, and nature. Whether reading, writing, hiking, dancing, biking, playing music, practicing yoga, meditating, or teaching, she feels best when living mindfully and being fully present. She is grateful to share 26 of her favorite A-Z Mindfulness practices with you.
Since 2004, Lani has taught yoga and mindfulness to thousands of students, athletes and educators at schools, libraries, sports fields and studios. Mindful Students provides Lani's easy to follow A-Z Mindfulness program benefiting anyone feeling distracted, stressed, exhausted, anxious or depressed. When incorporating a daily mindfulness practice, it's essential to introduce engaging, easy to learn activities that encourage students to recharge, reduce stress, enhance attention and boost self-discovery. By focusing on sounds, positive phrases, visualized images, breath, or movement, students learn strategies to increase awareness of the present moment and relax. Lani's mission is to empower students of all ages to awaken to greater focus, kindness, peace, and self-compassion, allowing them to lead happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.
Schedule a Mindful Students interactive session and/or teacher training workshop. Revolutionize learning by empowering students to become more mindful and present. All inquiries, comments and questions are welcomed.

Table of Contents

Mindfulness: Benefits, Challenges, Solutions

Getting Started

26 Scripted A-Z MIndfulness Strategies

Printables to Journal and Reflect

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