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Mindgarden Volume III: Love and Life

Mindgarden Volume III: Love and Life

by Paul A. Galloway

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Mindgarden Volume III is a continuing collection of experiences along the path of life’s ultimate journey. Author Paul A. Galloway openly expresses some of life’s most essential human bonds and emotions: The joy of love, the pain of loss, the desire for love, the connection with a partner, loneliness and abandonment—all touching on the deepest


Mindgarden Volume III is a continuing collection of experiences along the path of life’s ultimate journey. Author Paul A. Galloway openly expresses some of life’s most essential human bonds and emotions: The joy of love, the pain of loss, the desire for love, the connection with a partner, loneliness and abandonment—all touching on the deepest human needs and wants.

Galloway opens the door to our hearts, allowing us to intimately explore the most basic and complex of human emotions that fill our lives. Take a serene walk through the many facets of feelings and desires, and be constantly reminded of the presence of God’s work in our lives. Bringing joy and beauty where there once were shadows and darkness.

In Mindgarden Volume III, the poetic journey moves forward with the warm tones of love, romance, and the wondrous experiences love and life have to offer.

In Your Heart

In your heart is where I belong
Words of love written to you in song
My darling, my precious
My love, my life
You are my forevermore
Forever to be wife
In your soul is where I belong too
Now we are one, just me and you
I shall treasure you, cherish you
A love that’s so real
Guide you, protect you
Make love with zeal
In your heart is where I’m to stay
I’m your unforgettable
Loving you more each day

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Mindgarden Volume III

... Love and Life ...

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Paul A. Galloway
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-6747-2

Chapter One

Love is ...

Love is something
that is always there
love is here, there
and everywhere

whether you're feeling
sad or down
love is within you
it's all around

high in the mountains
the depths of the sea
love is forever
a gift for you and me

it'll conquer all the oceans
set the winds straight
love has such meaning
gives us all something to relate

whether black or brown
or the color of white
love brings joy and happiness
even cleanses wrong to right

it's the feeling within
one you are to show and give
a feeling of brotherhood
the unity in which we all should live

love will bring you flowers
picked from a meadow divine
love is that special feeling
free to give, hard to find

love is all around
so greet love open armed
love will only comfort you
never bring you any harm

love cures diseases
feeds all who hunger and strife
love covers many sins
it keeps us moving on to a better life

so when you think of love
know its wonders are from heaven above

knowing it's always there
when all else fails
just remembering God's love prevails

Ask an Angel

Ask an Angel to be your friend
You can count on them till the end
Thru life's journeys God's Angels are our guides
Thru thick and thin, always by our side

They watch you sleep, protect you well
Waking you up to the new day with a bell
It rings the joy of life, time's fast paced play
Enjoy each act in these chapters of your days

Earth's beauty surrounds us, so reap its rewards
As we are blessed with an Angel given to us by the Lord

"Ask and ye shall receive," are words from God above
Giving us the things we want and need, all with love

Closer, thy Beatrice

I praise thee with thy single kiss
my lips belong to thee
as you forth yourself upon me
its your warm touch magically seen

Come closer thy Beatrice
for I've come to take you away from this
you are a princess living amongst filth
yet you glow of love guileless

The autumn is as the color of your heart
never just one, but many majestic sparks
igniting the first words of love upon thee
giving you all of thine soul, yes, I give you me

Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy this very moment
Each and every one of you
Enjoy its spirit of life
Trees and leaves swaying in the wind too

This very moment is special dear friends
Appreciating life God has given to help our mends
It's a Kodak moment so picture it in your mind
This precious moment I'll remember again in time

Then joy of freedom, freedom inside
Where there's forgiveness and no sins to hide
So march forward together with the Lord
Putting on the breastplate, helmet and sword


The morning flash
A brilliant event
Split second occurrence
Nuclear mind sweep

The ingenious pattern of thought
Constituting a never ending flow
Self-program subconscious level
Outcome paradoxical soothing

Catch the instant
Record the intensity
As the mushroom swells
Atrocity singular denouncement

Aftermath penetrating all obscurity
The halo itself unimaginable

Decadent preliminary glows
Radiant seething disastrous

So as good meets evil
Subconscious meets conscience
End result, stalemate

In which brilliancy
Of the morning flash
Nullifies human idiocy
Known as Power

Blood Diamond, Lives Lost

It makes you good
By what you do
No one better than the other
Just all the same too

White boys in Africa
Blood diamonds sought
Forever with the Blacks
Ivory, diamonds and gold the plot

The ticket out of this hell
Is but a simple rare rock
Children turned soldier
Blood spilt every second of the clock

God left this place long ago
What happened to all no one knows
Chaos, confusion, motionless eyes
Is the blood diamond worth another life

Forever Harmony

Now that we know
how far our love goes
we safely hold onto each other
letting it grow and grow

harmony as one
is us two
together we are
me and you

out of my mind
song of the sea
gently making love
forever this will be

we'll have our little love nest
no one will know it's best
I serenade you with song
words telling you where my heart belongs

we'll laugh, we'll cry
with gladness in our eyes
you'll finally see the real me
coming back, I give you me

so keep your chin up
be proud
I love you sweetheart
I say this out loud

as this day comes to a close
it's you I hold to my heart the most

so until I see you again
remember ... you're my lover
... and my best friend

Tears Cry In Every Nation

Tears cry from every nation
Down a mother's face, a painful situation
No matter what's your color, creed, or beliefs
We must join together before our existence cease

From USA to China and back
Tears of fear envelopes us, unity lacked
There's too much negativity
Taking over our productivity

Take the first step
Being an example
Wiping your tears
That have gone to shambles

We all have children and once were one
Do you remember the helplessness of the fear not yet gone
Stand up, stand strong
We all deserve good, with nothing wrong

Put here, born here to pass the word
The word is love, so others learn
Learn and feel the peace coming from the word love
Its love's spirit coming to us from heaven above

Ocean's Blue

Sheer willpower to live
Even with surroundings amiss
Inner strength comes down
Heaven sent Mighty sound

Savor the glory
Taste its truth
Living instincts awareness
Brings life's booth

The show case of you
All shown is true
As life continues
On ocean's blue

Abandonment Equals Pain

Why must pain continue to fill my heart
Ever since losing my father, this has been my life's part
My honesty, loyalty and faithfulness is how I am
Only to be lied to, deceived and abandoned again and again

Why must my kindness be taken for weakness
When the love I give is never half deliverance
I give with my whole heart, mind and soul
Abandonment once again has taken its toll

This will not detour what I was taught to be
Be true to yourself and others with true honesty
Expect nothing when you give to others
For disappointment will be your only recover

That brings me back to the pain I again have
Relating this heartache to when I lost my Dad
I write to help comfort and ease my mind
Or else I'd end it all ... the final ride

Would God forgive me for giving up
Or will I end up just back to dust
I know pain so well, does it ever go away
Or will that only happen when it's my final day
Until then I will continue to give my all
My heart, my soul, my mind until the last call
Will pain forever be my shadow of life
Or will love take over all my heartache's strife

Only God knows what will become of me
I pray he'll forgive me, mending my heart and setting me free

The Silence of Love

She calmly turned
not knowing my name
whispers within her eyes
didn't say the same

what once was
is never to be again
no love affair
or hand to lend

she was so fresh
new to my heart
I was her everything
never to part

she loved me more
than life itself
never whined
or cried for help

she was brave
incredibly strong
she did no evil
she did no wrong

but as days passed
the seasons changed
my inner desires
were never to remain

fading away
I am now taunt
her love for me
coming back to haunt

in my dreams I see her
I pray above
she utters the whisper
the silence of love

A Friend

A friend is special
like no other
one to enjoy life
with no measure

I send you words of comfort
for you are my friend
I send words of love
knowing they're true, not pretend

so when you look up
pick a star
knowing you have a friend
that's not very far

I'll comfort you with words
that put a smile on your face
words that say 'thank-you friend'
for sending me your loving embrace

Dreams of You

Awakened from my sleep
dreams of you in bed
your loving touch embraces me
wonderful thoughts in my head

your smile is forever
your heart special to mine
faithful devotion so loyal
you've shown this through time

comfort me, hold me
soon this shall be
love me forever
just you and me

hope is a reality
for it's kept us strong
never to disappear
never to go wrong

so as I lay awake
thinking of us two
I send you my thoughts
saying "I love you"

I Wish Upon A Star

I wish upon a star
A million miles high
I wish for peace on Earth
As in the Heavens that lie

Good will to all men
Women and children too
I wish for God's hand
To cleanse Earth anew

Galaxies upon galaxies
We know not far
We only know of this lifetime
The one that's beautiful yet hard

So learn from your strives
Teach your children well
Knowing God's love is within reach
To make this world a loving tale

Darkness to Light

In the city of darkness below me
The devil makes his way through the streets
Irresistibly handsome, he preys on all he seeks

Trying to buy souls he targets the weak
Enticing, inviting, to those he chooses to meet
Be aware, stay alert, for he's on the beat

Mark my words, hear them loud
This fallen angel lurks about

You'll sell your soul if the price is right
Or rebuke him with Jesus' might

Join together, stay together, unite as one
Turning the dark into light as it belongs
Ending these warning words of song

In My Arms You Belong

The amount of love
I have for you
is immeasurable

the bond of togetherness
we share
is incomparable

our words have been written
our dream has become true
words of unconditional love
the sincerity from me to you

my gift to you
is of song and prose
gentle as a feather
and pretty as a rose

words of eternity
phrases of love
knowing we're forever
it's the promise of love

so when you hear the wind
listen for my song
for you my precious darling
in my arms do you belong

Whisper My Name

Whisper my name
as you sleep alone tonight
put your arms around me
thinking when I held you tight

our romance, our love
far beyond most
our promise of tomorrow
rewards with a toast

in spirit, in love
I am always there
celebrate the memories
knowing I still care

so as you sleep tonight
know I'm there too
whisper my name
darling, I love you

In Your Heart

In your heart is where I belong
Words of love written to you in song

My darling, my precious
My love, my life
You are my forevermore
Forever to be my wife

In your soul is where I belong too
Now we are one, just me and you

I shall treasure you, cherish you
A love that's so real
Guide you, protect you
Make love with zeal

In your heart is where I'm to stay
I'm your unforgettable
Loving you more each day

Freedom's Serenity

The night is long
The hours silent
Serenity surrounds me
With lily fields and violets

Birds begin to chirp
Their morning songs
This wondrous hilltop
Is where I belong

Amongst the animals
Trees and things
Beauty rests upon me
I praise God again

For giving me this freedom
So special, given to few
We all must reap what we've sown
As we enjoy life's wonders a new

A True Man

A true man is honest
He leads, dreams and sets goals
A true man cries tears
Thoughts of pain as if on heaping coals

A true man works hard
Provides, sets aside the extra he's made
Paving his own way, called destiny
Finds a wife then has a family

A true man may stay single
If his right mate just doesn't have that jingle
The song that sings love
The heart filled love given from Heaven above

A true man is one then two
When conscience meets subconscious
Reaping the harvest of truth
A true man is like me and you

Hand in Hand We Walk

Waterfalls, bicycles, love between us two
Sentimental heart for you
Tambourines, sewing machines, watch a movie to soothe
Just you and me lay romantically

Why, tell me why you gave me so much time
Time that we cherish so fine
Divine, I say you're so very divine
I smile with gratitude, knowing you're mine

Tender hands, tender heart, I couldn't ask for more
You are my dream come true
Delightful eyes, gorgeous thighs, to you I express my heart
Honestly open from the start

Singing birds, gorgeous skies, smiling to you and me
Your charm is magically seen
It's like awards, but goes more towards the Lord's love rewards
Hand in hand we walk thru life's doors

Friendship ... the Priceless Gift

There are many masks I've learn to wear
Only to help others in their time of despair
Inside I hurt many others' pains
Misery trying to take me down again

I will stay strong through thick and thin
That's how I was raised since entering this world of sin
My Mom and Dad's friendship was a priceless gift
Given to others freely, love being their lift

I will do unto others as I would want done unto me
Keeping myself strong, never seeking pity
My fellow women and men, you are all my friends
Give your hearts to God so all your pains will mend

As I Float Upon Life's Sea

Once upon a time
Was a girl I treasured
We went through youth's love
Given to us with no measure

We both needed each other
As we both wanted one another
Then as time went on
I went my way, she went hers and was gone

Then recently the phone rang
It was my long lost love
Coming back into my life
Like the landing of a Heavenly dove

She went the distance to find me
Just to see if we were meant to be
Our love blossomed like never before
Making love so passionately, another plateau,
Another door

The knob turned then she came to me
We then became one so splendidly
As she was my queen, I was her king
Giving ourselves to each other again & again

All went well for such a short time
When the rhythm was broken by the rhyme
The secrets of my soul I said to her
But it was too much and she lost her desire

This story is short as was our lived out dream
Hoping for it to be a lifetime is what it once seemed
I'll end this note to float upon life's sea
Holding her close to my heart where she shall forever be

Honor Our Troops

Surrounded by gunfire
The soldier still reigns
Just a boy at heart
Yet a man well trained

These men and women
Standing tall to our flag
Taking direct orders they march
Holding the fright until they gag

They speak no evil
Yet see it every day
Being hated by so many
Is this their reward of pay

Honor our troops daily
Tip your hat and give respect
For it's you, me and this country
These soldiers dedicate to protect

Celebrate Today

Celebrate the day everyone
Another trial by fire
We have made it through yesterday's dawn
Now we move through the mire

Joyous are the beauties that surround us all
Just take your mind off your painful falls
Brush your knees off, stand up tall
Celebrate today, it's your call

Smile to the birds, sing their hymns
They have no worries, no need to pretend
Soaring among the clouds, beautifully flown
Always taken care of, even without a home

Hold Her Forever

As I cry secret years of tears
She comes to me so dearly
Knowing my past trials in hell
Have brought stories of strength to tell

As I am ying, she is yang
When I feel I can't, she says I can
She's brought back hope in my heart
Never to weaken, never to part

Our glory are stories
Some seen, most untold
I've always wanted this woman
God's gift for me to hold

Hold her forever
In my arms she'll always be
Our love never severed
It's my darling princess now with me


Excerpted from Mindgarden Volume III Copyright © 2010 by Paul A. Galloway. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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