Minding the Gap: African Conflict Management in a Time of Change

Minding the Gap: African Conflict Management in a Time of Change


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ISBN-13: 9781928096214
Publisher: McGill-Queens University Press
Publication date: 10/17/2016
Pages: 342
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.80(d)

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Foreword—The Right Honourable Joe Clark PART ONE: INTRODUCTION Conflict Management Capacity in Africa: Understanding the Problem and Designing the Solution Pamela Aall PART TWO CONFLICT IN AFRICA Understanding the Nature and Origins of Violent Conflict in Africa Raymond Gilpin Crises of Political Legitimacy Christopher Fomunyoh Crises of War-to-Peace Transition and Civil War Recurrences Funmi Olonisakin The Dimensions of the Future of Conflict in Africa William Reno Religious Extremism, Insurgent Violence and the Transformation of the New African Security Landscape Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou Understanding the Resource Curse Effects: Instability and Violent Conflict in Africa Cyril Obi Crises of Secessionism, Boundary Irredentism and the Quest for Self-determination in Africa Mulugeta Gebrihiwot Regional Conflicts and Cross-border Activities Fuelled by Criminal and Terrorist Networks in West Africa Kwesi Aning and Lydia Mawuenya Amedzrator PART THREE RESPONDING TO CRISES: PEACE OPERATIONS AND MEDIATION African Initiatives The African Peace and Security Architecture and Regional Conflict Management Mechanisms Jakkie Cilliers and Amandine Gnanguenon Will the Lowest be First?: Subsidiarity in Peacemaking in Africa Laurie Nathan African-led Peace Operations Comfort Ero Mediation and Political Tools in Africa I William Zartman Eminent Peacemakers in African Conflicts: Contributions, Potential and Limits Gilbert M. Khadiagala African Peace Building: Civil Society Roles in Conflict Alice Wairimu Nderitu Role of the International Community — Players and Roles United Nations Peacekeeping in Africa Paul D. Williams Reflections on External Roles in African Security Affairs Chester A. Crocker International Support to African Peace Processes Neha Sanghrajka and Meredith Preston-McGhie Civil Society as Counter-power: Rethinking International Support Toward Tackling Conflict And Fostering Non-violent Politics in Africa Sharath Srinivasan PART FOUR — CONCLUSIONS Bridging the Gap Chester A. Crocker and Pamela Aall

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