by R W K Clark


by R W K Clark


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An unspeakable crime at a time when the RWK Clark brand has never been stronger, he has delivered one of his most unsettling stories to date. Step into the mind of a sociopath. Melvin finds himself harboring fantasies and psychotic thoughts that lead him down a dark path. Get ready to meet the most hideous menace ever in this spine-tingling serial killer psychological thriller.


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ISBN-13: 9781948312271
Publisher: RWK Clark
Publication date: 08/27/2018
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.69(d)

About the Author

Clark's love for a variety of art forms has influenced and driven him to write several books which offer something for everyone. Enjoy zombie tales sprinkled with comedy, murder mysteries, vampires and witches, or futuristic yarns that make you question reality as you know it.

Table of Contents

'Mindless' is my fourth psychological thriller and one that I am quite excited about. 'Mindless' is a tale that I geared directly at adults; this book is not for the young mind. The reason for going back to this genre was based around the response I got from my book 'Passing Through,' which seemed to garner a more extensive fan base and made me realize that perhaps fans wanted me to stick with Psychological thrillers. Personally, I was ready for such a change myself.

I wrote the book with the full intention of disturbing the reader. That was the reason for Melvin Frink's mental instability being as shaky as it was. This guy has been through so much in his life, so many terrible things. That even though he had made it to med school, he was walking a fine line in his mind.

Why did I choose to write such a sexually disturbing and violent psycho-thriller? After so many that were so mild-mannered. Many reasons come to mind. For one, fans expressed a liking for my novels, 'Passing Through,' 'Brother's Keeper,' and 'Box Office Butcher'; all three are Psychological thrillers. I felt that it was time to indulge my love for thrillers while satisfying my fan base by giving them what they wanted. 'Mindless,' while much more disturbing in many ways than the others, was just what I think we all needed to bring us the satisfaction of reading a book that kept us turning pages only to find out what type of sickening behavior could occur on the next page. I think readers will be surprised, and I hope that they enjoy every last page of this suspense thriller.

I have to admit that I was ready for something a bit more gritty, and I don't think that I have it out of my system quite yet. I am longing to write more that causes my readers and me alike, to grind the teeth and wince while allowing the passages to wander through the mind. Deep inside, we carry our anger and our resentments, our pain, and our suppressed memories, but we can never be totally rid of them. I like to explore the sickness of the mind and where it can take an individual. As a matter of fact, that is precisely what Melvin Frink, with all of his education in neuropsychology, should have been petrified of the most, but he was not.

I also understand that some will not like the book. That's okay. As individuals, we must be true to what we prefer, and this will not be the book for everyone. I wrote it for my Psychological thriller fans. I should warn those who prefer more laid-back plotlines; if this type of thing is not your preference, you should avoid this.

So, I offer you 'Mindless,' and it is my desire that you get from reading this book, what I got from writing it: The realization that insanity is just a step away from each and every one of us. With that in mind, tread lightly, and enjoy the food for thought that I am offering to feed you.

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