Miniature Bonsai: The Complete Guide to Super-Mini Bonsai

Miniature Bonsai: The Complete Guide to Super-Mini Bonsai

by Terutoshi Iwai


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This step-by-step bonsai book shows you how to craft super mini bonsai—the smallest form of bonsai!

Miniature Bonsai reveals the Japanese art of super-mini bonsai gardening. As rewarding as full-scale bonsai cultivation is, mini bonsai is affordable, straightforward to learn and kind to your busy schedule. It's a complete gardening experience—a plant raised from seed or cutting, carefully potted, grown and maintained over time—a world of green in a pot no bigger than a demitasse or a thimble.

From mixing the right growing medium to choosing the perfect pot to displaying your mini bonsai, this Japanese gardening book gives you basic techniques and valuable tips to help you grow miniature:
  • flowering trees
  • pines
  • maples
  • oaks
  • junipers
  • and other varieties of tiny trees and potted plants that are readily available and last for years
With Miniature Bonsai you'll learn how to:
  • Select plants that thrive as mini bonsai
  • Work with seeds and small cuttings
  • Match the right plant to the right pot
  • Buy and prepare the growing medium
  • Maintain and drain your miniature bonsai
  • Display and enjoy your prized bonsai plants
  • And much more!
A pleasant pastime, a perfect gift, a beautiful addition to spaces small and large—Miniature Bonsai will show you how to make it happen.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9784805314388
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Publication date: 08/01/2017
Pages: 80
Sales rank: 1,051,675
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 10.10(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Terutoshi Iwai is the Bonsai researcher and instructor who first developed the idea of creating super-small Bonsai just a few inches tall, which anyone can grow and enjoy at home. His work has been universally acclaimed for its charm and accessibility—and his "super-mini" Bonsai are now popular worldwide. Iwai teaches the art of miniature bonsai cultivation in cultural centers throughout Japan as well as through his blog. He frequently participates in events designed to broaden the understanding of Bonsai cultivation for enthusiasts.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Basics of Super-mini Bonsai and How to Prepare Them

What are Super-mini Bonsai? 08

What's So Appealing about Super-mini Bonsai? 10

Making Super-mini Bonsai 12

Materials and Tools 14

Special Tips

Creating a Pot Using Items on Hand 17

Preparing the Seedling 18

Growing seedlings from cuttings 20

Growing plants from seeds (germination) 22

Germinating seeds in sphagnum moss 24

Chapter 2 Making Super-mini Bonsai

How to Make Super-mini Bonsai 26

Creating a Super-mini Bonsai with a Twisted Trunk 30

Wound-round Super-mini Bonsai 34

Creating a "Seed-showing" Super-mini Bonsai 38

Special Tips

Fun with Composition 42

Chapter 3 Super-mini Bonsai Maintenance

Fundamentals for Regular Care 44

Watering 45

Fertilizing 46

Killing pests and disinfecting 47

Branch maintenance 48

Repotting 50

Special Tips

When You're Away for a Few Days 52

Chapter 4 Displaying and Enjoying Super-mini Bonsai

Fundamentals for Display 54

Making Good Use of Small Objects 55

Create a Super-mini Bonsai "Stage" 56

Create and Enjoy a Little World 58

Display with Your Favorite Knick Knacks 60

Easy Ways to Work Super-mini Bonsai Into Your Daily Life 62

A Place of Calm in a Room 65

Special Tips

Give Displays an Authentic Touch 66

Chapter 5 All Kinds of Super-mini Bonsai

Types of Bonsai 68

Tree type 1 Pinales 68

Tree type 2 Small Trees 69

Tree type 3 Flowering Trees 70

Tree type 4 Fruiting Trees 71

Enjoy the Differences in Tree Form 72

Tree form 1 Straight trunk 72

Tree form 2 Angled trunk 73

Tree form 3 Twin-trunk 74

Tree form 4 Three-trunk 74

Tree form 5 Clump 75

Tree form 6 Informal upright 75

Tree form 7 Windswept 76

Tree form 8 Cascade 77

Tree form 9 Forest 77

Super-mini Bonsai Glossary 78

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