Minimalism for Regular People (Book 2): How to Find Meaning and Happiness in Your Life by Following the Principles of Minimalism

Minimalism for Regular People (Book 2): How to Find Meaning and Happiness in Your Life by Following the Principles of Minimalism

by Michael Martins


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Minimalism for Regular People

Are you tired of stuff owning your life? Do you feel your life is too cluttered to focus on the things which are important to you? Would you like to simplify your life without going crazy about it? The "Moderate Minimalism series" were written for people who want to become minimalists, yet prefer to own more than 100 things or just one couch.

Minimalism Isn't about Living Like a Monk

In the second book you'll learn how to find meaning and happiness in your life by following the principles of moderate minimalism. The book contains several stories that portray the use of the principles in real life.

Here's what you'll learn from the book:

  • why happiness is not the things you have
  • what my father's death taught me about happiness
  • why we don't derive meaning from the things we have
  • why experiences hold more meaning
  • why you'll never fill a void in life by gathering more and more stuff
  • how to embrace purpose in life
  • what asking for comped whiskey taught me about living freely
  • how to develop meaningful relationships (and how I learned the hard way why my relationships were meaningless)
  • how I made new friends by stepping outside my comfort zone
  • 4 types of relationships that illuminate our lives
  • why distractions will make you unhappy
  • how to overcome distractions to start living a meaningful life
  • what beans, rice and jerky taught me about finding balance
  • how I rediscovered my purpose during a road trip

Do You Want to Live with Just 100 Things?

Life is meant to be enjoyed, and Minimalism for Regular People will teach you how to do it without unnecessary clutter (and zero extreme minimalism dogma).

You too can rediscover happiness in life by following the advice from the book and applying the principles of moderate minimalism in your life.

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