Minnesota DMV Permit Test: 300 Questions and Answers Required To Pass Your DMV Exams

Minnesota DMV Permit Test: 300 Questions and Answers Required To Pass Your DMV Exams

by Jonathan Jones





Passing the Minnesota DMV license test is easier than you think using this practical test guide articulately compiled by a dmv classroom test creator to prepare. This Minnesota driving test manual of over 300 practice test questions is a jinx breaker with multiple choice Minnesota permit tests questions right out of the DMV Exam manual to help you prepare.

These questions and answers are organized in such a way that it is very EASY to READ, ANSWER and MEMORIZE with CLEAR PICTORIAL ROAD SIGNS and MEANINGS . As you continue practicing with this manual you will improve over time.
The questions in this dmv handbook are divided into categories which one is required to pass before being certified. Typically, its proven that 70 -80% of the questions you will encounter in your test will come from these carefully compiled questions.

Read the Kentucky driver's license manual a few times before the exam to get yourself acquainted with all the questions and answers. I hope you enjoy the tests.

For a successful test, I would advise you repeat each practical test until you achieve a consistent score of 85% and above correct answers as questions you see here consist of over 80% of the questions you will see on your exam. This will help you in securing a wonderful score in your test.

This book is split into 5 practical tests, each test consists of 76, 56, 80, 75 and 38 questions respectively.
  • General Questions (76 questions)
  • Defensive Driving (56 Questions)
  • Road Signs (80 Questions)
  • Traffic Control (75 Questions)
  • Special Driving Condition (38 Questions)
  • Study Guide
  • New USA Driving laws


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