Miracle!: Suicide Ridge

Miracle!: Suicide Ridge

by Ollie B Fobbs Jr


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Miracle is a cute story about a town that the presence of the Lord moved in on, and decided to never leave, it is not meant to press against the nerves of others that does not trust in God, nor is it meant to say that God won't do this someplace else, in all truth, when it comes right down to the full concept of God, God is to be magnified as god is to be magnified, it is not our will to oppress God, nor is it his will to oppress us, his people.the full concept of this story is done in fun, I now live in North Carolina, and according to the dreams that i had, concerning this and these stories, the scenes all take place near where i was in the dream, so, what better place to put than in a city in North Carolina that does not exist, well, at least, not yet.

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ISBN-13: 9781518690266
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/10/2015
Series: Miracle! , #3
Pages: 78
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.16(d)

About the Author

Hello, my name is Ollie Fobbs. At present, I live in the State of North Carolina in Winston Salem, my wife LaVonia and I, have a great life that we lead, we celebrate the Lord with Winston Salem's First Assembly of God, on University Parkway, our plans are to build a Church somewhere in the city. Our immediate families all live elsewhere, most of her family lives in Liberty North Carolina, while most of mine lives in Richmond Virginia. We have one son, that goes by the name of Andy Reid, he too lives in Richmond, he has two daughters, and is on his way to his third child. I have three brothers, that too live in Richmond Virginia, they are Michael, Tommy, and Robert, my Mom, Jennie, also lives there. My sister, Sherry, passed a few years ago, and my dad passed a couple years before she did.

Life is good, I have absolutely no complaints, I know what my life had going for it before the miracle appeared in my life, I was in the dark seriously, I was abandoned in faith, and in hope, ii was lost and locked out of life, and in general, I had cast my soul to the pits of hopelessness, even though, I had the call of God on my life. See, I heard a song one time, where the song writer said; it was in that time, when God should have cut me off, hey, listen, I know that you've been good all your little lives, but that ain't my testimony, when I should have been cut off, God had mercy, and he lifted me out of my despair. The words of Minister Fred Hammond. See, that is where I was, that was what I had going on, it was in that time, in that season, that I learned something about me that changed everything, and since coming into that season, every church except one, has blocked me from teaching in their pulpits, and that was the ministry of Bishop Louise Neal, in Greensboro North Carolina. I am convinced that God is about to make a divine drop on his people, and it is coming faster than we know, or expect, we think that god is waiting for a certain thing to happen, no, God can come back whenever he gets ready, whether we are ready or not.

My life has been complete now for many years, then, I met my present wife, and today, our love is stronger than ever. there is no love like that which comes from the Lord, and it is his love, that is more misunderstood over all else.

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