Miracle from the Heart: A True Mystical Journey of Spiritual Awakening to Find Divinity in the Heart of Self

Miracle from the Heart: A True Mystical Journey of Spiritual Awakening to Find Divinity in the Heart of Self

by Irene Sonja Fanane


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Miracle from the Heart shares the story of author Irene Sonja Fanane's journey from a state of religious confusion to one of spiritual awakening and self-empowerment. This illuminating discovery of personal divinity and God unfolds as Irene Sonja opens herself up to telepathic communication with the Voice from beyond and the presence of guides and angels. The book recounts a mystical adventure filled with metaphysical insights, realizations, and descriptions of countless experiences with the other side. It is an inspirational story for those who seek spiritual enlightenment at levels beyond the conventional.

The inspired messages of spiritual awakening flow generously from the nonphysical world of unconditional love. They reference the Bible-including the apocalyptic prophecies-and other prophetic sources from around the world. They explain the ever-growing awareness of Christ Consciousness-the recognition and blending of the human mind with the Christ within that is the source of human happiness and fulfillment.

Miracle from the Heart offers an urgent message for the current planetary crisis and stresses the importance of understanding universal oneness as the only way to peace.

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ISBN-13: 9781475931013
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/30/2012
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.67(d)

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Miracle from the Heart

A True Mystical Journey of Spiritual Awakening to Find Divinity in the Heart of Self
By Irene Sonja Fanane

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Irene Sonja Fanane
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-3101-3

Chapter One

My Mystical Journey

God has always been very real to me. As far back as I can remember I had a genuine desire to serve a religious cause. In my early adulthood I joined a very zealous Christian group, and completely submerged by authority figures, I followed the strict dogmas. However, all my religious devotion only led to disappointments and shattered dreams. Consequently, I lost my purpose, and left the community. There were moments of doubt while outside the religious influence, but deep down I knew that God had not abandoned me. Actually, the contrary was true; I was ready to connect with my soul's deepest purpose. Back then, I didn't know there was another way to understand reality, a reality that goes far beyond the physical dimension. There is an ultimate wisdom that is outside of time and space. At that level is God, and God no longer feels outside of Self. Rather, we are One; we are merged. Everything is part of God, and communication is natural. At this blessed state of consciousness we achieve clarity of perception, and freedom from religious ignorance.

Once we steer away from fundamentalism, we realize that God is much bigger than the small box religion has tried to put Him in. We can consciously participate in this evolutionary process that will help us to think outside the box. We are always choosing to live our lives from a material consciousness, or a spiritual consciousness. A material consciousness is where we experience life through our five physical senses. A spiritual consciousness is experiencing life through spiritual discernment, insight and revelation. The urgent need of our times is to enlighten humanity; thus the need to explain some basic, important steps for understanding the world beyond the physical and making the world more visible and available for practical exploration.

When I embarked on my journey of transformation, I was facing a personal, and a spiritual crisis—the dark night of the soul. A spiritual breakthrough usually happens in the midst of an intense physical or emotional crisis. An inner turmoil, sometimes only subconscious, is usually the fundamental component that opens the way to a profound change. However, nothing had prepared me for the shift into higher consciousness that awaited me on this journey. In the human constitution we are always balancing fear and love for our own physical and emotional well-being. This is not different when experiencing a shift into higher spiritual consciousness.

From the beginning of the supernatural phenomenon, I was intuitively guided to look for help in my Self. This was not a very familiar route, and I had no map to follow. For the first time in my life I was completely alone, void of any human help. My personal tendency was always to seek help from others better versed to handle spiritual matters. I had a relationship with God in the context of religion, but I knew very little about the true divine wisdom in the hidden Self. Up until then my relationship with family and friends was a very important aspect of my life. I was oblivious of anything to do with having a relationship with my own Self. Puzzled by what was happening in my psyche, I received this surprising message.

"Irene Sonja, you are human and I know it, but you are the product of my Spirit in you also. I am awakening this Spirit in you. You are the most important aspect of this journey that you will share with many. You are small, but you are also the most important entity in this equation. You are love and you are Light. You are human and you are special, and you will succeed and exceed. But you are always in the dual mode of things: You are the love and the hate in your Self. You are the strong watchtower and the china doll. You are the sky above and the hell bellow. You are logic but you are still fear. You have the sky above to speak to, but scary is the Voice you hear. You are not relaxed on this journey because you are always on guard. You feel sad, and conflicted right now, yet positive is the outcome.

"Now, why is it so much work on this journey? It is work because the human constitution is always in the opposite, working out the healing of the soul. You are not different because of your integrity, but you have always put more pressure on yourself. Now you are healing the traumas of the past, but you are not yet ready to go Home. You cannot to go Home before you found your Self far from Home. You are alone here, and you will go there all alone in the beauty of your Self to know that you have not been alone ever."

The strange conflict in my psyche had to do with some kind of duality in my Self! Before I could fully understand the message, and where this strange crisis was taking me, I was guided to go back in time. This brings me to the beginning of my true story. As far back as I can remember fear had always traveled with me. This is true of all souls coming back to this plane to live and learn in the physical confinement. But in the course of a chain of lives, we can better harmonize fear and ultimately perfect love. Every action has consequences, because our actions cause cosmic vibrations that affect not only this life but our life to come. However, what we do not learn from our relationships in this life must be learned in the next. Although there is no escape from this comic law, these relationships are actually opportunities for learning, healing, and forgiving.

The most painful in my own living and learning experience was the disillusionment in my marriages and my religion. Each time one of these relationships came to a decisive end, it was very difficult to deal with the depression and the feeling of abandonment. I sought to replace the empty void and loneliness, spending years trying to understand what true happiness was. At the height of happiness in any relationship, there is distraction away from the empty void; however, when things are down again, it is easy to blame unhappiness on those involved in the failed relationship, and this mysterious void comes up again, and again.

To find any significant answers to my dilemma with happiness, I had to keep going back to parts of my growing up as the oldest daughter of European immigrants. My family settled in the United States in 1965, after living in South America for a number of years. My two younger sisters and I grew up in a household plagued by my father's alcoholism. Through the magic of naive innocence, we were able to survive a difficult childhood, where only the good was remembered and the bad was blocked for survival. As far back as I can remember I had always been very devoted to God and religion. In my teens I developed a sixth sense, a strong awareness of the spirit world around me. I wasn't afraid of it, but I was not interested enough to try to understand this extraordinary phenomenon. I had religious fear of such supernatural manifestation, and instead of accepting it as a natural gift, I dedicated myself more to church and studying my Bible.

I was married at eighteen to escape the emotional abuse of the alcoholic home environment. I married not for love, but to escape! Raised a devout Catholic, I left the church and converted to a very zealous Christian Organization in my twenties. Together with my husband we became very dedicated to the organization. My life was filled with family, children, and the weekly Bible groups. This zeal for an organized religious service made me very judgmental of those in opposition to my rigid religious beliefs. I was strong and very self-righteous. My husband had a respected elder position in the congregation, and we traveled to many outside communities. My three daughters grew up in this strict environment. In spite of a growing unhappiness, I stayed faithful to the marriage until the end, when the whole family fell apart and we divorced. The bittersweet was not only my divorcing a man after more than twenty years—I was cast out from a religion that couldn't understand why, after my divorce, I wouldn't look for a fellow member for future marriage. This disconnect from a group of people I had known for most of my life, as well as the silent treatment from my lifelong friends toward me (imposed by the rules in the organization when a member leaves), made my life scary and lonely. Nevertheless I believed that now I had the chance to find love and that perfect romantic partner of which I had dreamed.

Shortly after, I met the one I believed to be my soul mate and fell in love. After all those years of being in a loveless marriage, this time I fell very hard, and before I had a chance to heal from all the trauma of my divorce, I embarked on a major roller coaster ride of emotion. Romantic love is one of the most exciting relationships! It can be appropriately compared to the adventure of two people on a roller coaster, with the ride made up of many highs and lows. The source of this excitement is the intense passion in such idealistic relationships. Obviously the Creator understands our human makeup very well: "The longings in the flesh are the most precarious, because the flesh is fighting with senses of powerful energy and you are not restraining the thoughts, but the senses. Love is human, but love eternal is godly, it comes not from desire, but from the heart."

I did not know enough about love eternal, so I immersed myself in the human love completely. I would write poetry and drive for many miles just listening to music, allowing this "in love" emotion to take over all my senses. Love had touched every fiber of my being. Our body is the recipient of being in love, and in the highs of it, the very essence of our being glows from the healing touch of the beloved. Being in love affects the whole psyche and every cell is nurtured by the lover's touch. Poems have been written about the excitement and passion between lovers. God understands the ecstasy of this emotion, and the Bible spares no details: "O that you would kiss me with the kisses of your mouth! I am my beloveds, and his desire is for me. Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the fields ... There I will give you my love.... Set me as a seal upon your heart, as a seal upon your arm; for love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave. Its flashes are flashes of fire, a most vehement flame. Many waters cannot quench love; neither can the floods drown it. If a man offered for love all the wealth of his house, it would be utterly scorned." (The Song of Solomon)

After a premature marriage in this soul-mate illusion, I found out that falling in love was not enough to save me from the painful disappointments in this relationship. Very soon it became very obvious that it was impossible to harmonize our cultural differences in the marriage. The Arabic culture and my open-minded free spirit did not mix well. The separation from this man was slow and painful, but to accept that even an "in love" relationship can have a tragic end was emotionally devastating. Again I was abandoned, scared, and lonely. However, in the midst of this emotional and financial upheaval, I started to notice missing a more meaningful spiritual connection. Only God could state how I felt. "You knew your greatest love was God. You were drinking in his essence and his passion. You were so in love with the reality, only to experience the illusion in the physical. This illusion was the physical love and the need you had for your human love, but your every fiber was in love with God. You had been addressing issues and pain from the past, but you knew God was the only fulfillment in this longing you had." How true!

Since my separation from my former religion, I had lost a true sense of God; I questioned organized religion and the negative control it had over people. Even though I started searching in numerous religious institutions to find God again, I found limited spiritual comfort in a biased and conflicted system. Obviously I could not find much personal help and direction there, either, so I was forced to face the painful financial consequences and the responsibilities of raising my children alone. Furthermore, I had no professional skills and no steady income on which to support myself. However, none of this went unnoticed by God.

"The world wants you to be to be the victims of this system of things, but we in heaven have nothing to do with this. You are not victims; you are the ones to choose if you believe in victimhood. I gave you the human desire of your heart, but you can never say I have a hospital of broken hearts. I actually have a haven of souls mending in order to be together for a purpose in life. You are the cause of your own longings, and you are the one who needed time to see herself in the eyes of God first, before planning a future where you will not need a man to support you but to love you for what you are. You are lost in time when you cannot see your purpose in this lifetime. I smile when you cry the tears of joy in the choices you have made and already carried out."

Not understanding the reasons for the choices I had made, I was far from crying the tears of joy. The spiritual and financial upheaval left me emotionally empty and deserted. In the 1990s I traveled through the longest decade in my life, where one tragedy followed another. I had to swallow my pride and get over the shame of my own self-destructive punishment, where alcohol was the only answer.

The dark night of the soul continued with my mother's sudden death from cancer, followed by the premature death of my youngest sister, who left four young children behind. More emptiness and grief filled my life when my own children left for college, and my sadness found an echo in every empty room in the house. I did not have much contact with my father to seek comfort, because of his alcohol-related problems. Thus it was easier to give in to a deeper spiritual and emotional depression. Although I still believed in God and miracles, these situations challenged my belief in ever finding some special relationship with God. However, as the saying goes, "When all looks lost, when all is gone, then just like the phoenix bird, you will rise from your own ashes." This passage kept playing in my mind and gave me hope.

A few years later my father died; gone was the last elder in our small family, leaving me only one sister. However, the night Dad died was the beginning of an interesting shift in my life; I noticed that my suppressed sixth sense had activated when I was awakened in the middle of the night with a strange feeling that somebody had called me. I recognized I had connected with a familiar soul-energy and knew instantly what was happening. "Father is dying!" I cried out. I received the confirmation of his death in the morning. Obviously his soul had transmitted his fear of dying the night before; he was scared, very alone, and afraid of the journey to eternity that lay ahead of him. He had finished his evolution on this plane and was ready to return to God. His physical body gave out, and his soul went back to God. All I could remember was the last spoken words I said to him two days before he died: "Happy New Year, Dad." He died only a few days into 1998. With no son to carry on his name, he was the last of his lineage.

"Nothing on this physical plane is real—all is an illusion! The only real thing is to evolve on this plane and return to God. You come back to this plane, which is your divine right as a soul of many experiences. But there always has to be a way back to God, or the cell dies. The soul cannot exist with this lack of wholeness and completeness away from God. The soul is meant to heal karma but come back. This is the divine plan, and you are all part of it. Every time you heal you transform, and in your transformation you come closer to the source."

There are no words to describe the feeling of abandonment when the last parent dies. Even though I never had a good relationship with my father, I grieved his death because of the many unsettled issues in our family. There were too many painful memories of his drinking, and his abusive behavior continued to the day he died. I knew eventually I would have to heal these memories and forgive him for not providing the relationship I wish we could have had.

Losing my father was sad, yet in some way his spirit was very present, and my former sensitivity to the spirit world was activating. I pierced the veil, and entered a new dimension; of angels, guides, and the dead. Sixth sense is a direct channel to a higher range consciousness. Extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, premonition, intuition are synonymous with sixth sense. I also remembered how for a short time this psychic phenomenon had manifested when my mother and sister died. I had dismissed it as nothing because it felt so natural to connect to a person when they were dying. However after my father died, I was at a point in my life where I had less religious fear. Thus after a period of prayer for protection, I was ready to look into it more closely and was more willing to let those on the other side communicate with me. To my surprise it started to feel very natural, and I developed a very clear, telepathic communication with my mother, sister, and father. This telepathic communication was very comforting, and healing began from childhood wounds, especially the pain in my karmic relationship with my father.

A few months later, a most unexpected message from Dad's spirit confirmed my sixth sense in a message to me: "You are a channel for spirits from the other side," he said. After receiving this message, I developed a clear telepathic ability to hear, see, and feel messages that needed to be communicated not only to and from departed ones, but with living souls as well. This was a challenging time for me, because there was no one from whom I could seek help, to understand what I was experiencing. So I prayed incessantly for divine protection and guidance. I later discovered this was just the beginning, as I continued transcending dimensions. Suddenly, without any preparation on my part, I was tuned into the highest range of consciousness, and the Voice from beyond spoke to me. This felt shocking as the power of holy energy was not like anything I had experienced before. Was I actually hearing God or was this my ego? Given my religious upbringing, I knew this would be seen as sacrilegious. I was consumed with this question and was determined to find the answer. In the meantime the Voice became more legible, and I was guided to write all communication down on paper.


Excerpted from Miracle from the Heart by Irene Sonja Fanane Copyright © 2012 by Irene Sonja Fanane. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 My Mystical Journey....................1
Chapter 2 The Divine Self....................33
Chapter 3 The Voice....................62
Chapter 4 Forgiveness....................93
Chapter 5 What is Oneness?....................124
Chapter 6 What is Fear?....................152
Chapter 7 Past Lives....................184
Chapter 8 The World and Religion....................214
Chapter 9 The Future....................244

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