Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History: Remarkable Manifestations of the Holy Spirit From the First Century Until Today

Miracles and the Supernatural Throughout Church History: Remarkable Manifestations of the Holy Spirit From the First Century Until Today


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Miracles of the Past Preparing You for the Future

The Body of Christ is ordained to walk in the supernatural. That has always been the plan, and you have a part to play in the mercy, power, and love of God being demonstrated in the earth.

Despite claims that miracles ceased with the apostles, Jesus said that believers would do the same works He did and even greater works (John 14:12). From the book of Acts until today, the Spirit of God has demonstrated an enduring pattern of confirming the gospel through signs, wonders, and miracles. And today, the Holy Spirit desires to continue His pattern by empowering YOU.

In Miracles and the Supernatural Through Church History, author and teacher, Tony Cooke, uncovers the power of God revealed through the centuries to prepare you for the future. Discover the miraculous works of the Holy Spirit through individuals like Ignatius of Antioch, Tertullian, Basil of Caesarea, Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley, Charles Finney, and many more.
These accounts will energize you, teach you, and bolster your faith to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, moving in the same supernatural compassion and power that Jesus did as you carry His life-transforming message to the world around you.

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ISBN-13: 9781680314892
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers
Publication date: 11/03/2020
Pages: 336
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About the Author

Bible teacher and author, Tony Cooke, graduated from RHEMA Bible Training Center in 1980, then studied religion at Butler University and received degrees from North Central University (bachelor’s in church ministries) and from Liberty University (master’s in theological studies/church history). Tony’s passion for teaching the Bible has taken him to forty-seven states and thirty-one nations. Other books by Tony include: Life After Death, In Search of Timothy, Grace: the DNA of God, Qualified, Through the Storms, Your Place on God’s Dream Team, The Work Book, and Lift. Various titles have been translated and published in eight other languages. Tony and his wife, Lisa, reside in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, and are the parents of two children.

Table of Contents

Foreword Rick Renner 19

Preface 23

Introduction 29

Section I The Biblical Basis for Supernatural Works 33

Chapter 1 A Supernatural Faith 35

Chapter 2 The Biblical Record 45

Section II Historical Accounts of Supernatural Works 59

Chapter 3 The Flow Continues 61

Chapter 4 Supernatural Works in Rome 69

Chapter 5 The Holy Spirit at Work in Northern Africa 79

Chapter 6 Outpourings in the East (Asia Minor) 93

Chapter 7 God in Gaul (France) 115

Chapter 8 The Spirits Flame in the Reformation 127

Chapter 9 Faith Gets Personal and Powerful 139

Chapter 10 John Wesley and the Methodists 157

Chapter 11 Great Awakenings in America 175

Chapter 12 Spirit-Empowered Evangelism 201

Chapter 13 Healing Specialists 227

Chapter 14 The Twentieth-Century Explosion 251

Chapter 15 Expansion, Recognition, and Integration 269

Section III Present-Day Realities and Applications 287

Chapter 16 The Supernatural and Associated Pitfalls 289

Chapter 17 When the Miraculous Does Not Occur 311

Chapter 18 Practical Takeaways 321

Recommended Reading 331

About the Author 333

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