Miracles for the Multitudes: The Miracle Ministry of Signs and Wonders and the Power of Massive Gospel Campaigns

Miracles for the Multitudes: The Miracle Ministry of Signs and Wonders and the Power of Massive Gospel Campaigns

by Joel Hitchcock


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ISBN-13: 9781548001865
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2017
Pages: 234
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Joel Hitchcock has been in the full time ministry for over 25 years as an evangelist and pastor.
Joel is married to Heidi and they have four children - Anthony, Rebekah, Timothy and Trey.
Joel has preached the Good News of Salvation, Healing and the Holy Spirit all around the world - in more than 45 countries. Multitudes have attended his mass evangelism miracle campaigns.

Joel has authored several full sized books such as:
- Son of God and Man
- Christ in You - Union with God;
- The Miracle Ministry, Signs and Wonders;
- Mass Evangelism - the Power of City Wide Gospel Campaigns;
- God's Abundant Provision;
- Jehovah Incarnate - the Wonder of Jesus Christ;
- The Champion in You

Joel has also authored several smaller booklets such as:
- The Great King and the Little Ant;
- One Almighty Mediator; and
- When Jesus Moves into Your House

Joel also maintains several blogs, and has a growing YouTube ministry, such as:
- www.joelhitchcock.blogspot.com
- www.youtube.com/joelhitchcock

Having completed is doctoral thesis on The Deity and Humanity of Jesus Christ, Joel's great passion is centered around the Person of Jesus Christ, and our union with Him.

"I have found the same Spirit in my friend Joel Hitchcock. He is willing to go where few would dare to go. He has endured hardships and dangers to rescue souls."
Dr. Mark Swiger

"Joel Hitchcock has done a wonderful job in teaching the truth of God's Word concerning signs, wonders and the miracles of God. Every person who would like to see the supernatural should read this book as you will gain true insight and faith will rise in your heart. "
Dr. Eric Cowley

"This fact remains - amiraclesettles the issue! Joel's books will seed you with modern day truths that will release the miracle power of the Almighty in your life! Get ready for a release of the supernatural!Joel has lived a life of miracles!"
Dr. MikeFrancen, Evangelist

"The church of Jesus Christ was born amidst miracles, signs and wonders. Joel Hitchcock believes and practices this."
Dr. John Hitchcock, Evangelist (www.johnhitchcockministries.blogspot.com)

"Multitudes and Miracles! Philip saw them in Samaria in Acts 8. Today Joel Hitchcock sees them as he travels to nations all over the world. This book will inspire your faith and challenge you to do big things for God!"
Daniel King, Evangelist

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