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Miracles In My Life

Miracles In My Life

by Charles E Hunt
Miracles In My Life

Miracles In My Life

by Charles E Hunt


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This is the chronicle of every Believer : a relationship with Jesus. He loves us and we are learning to love Him. He cares for my life in this world. He is involved with the details of my life. He is very near. Yes, that includes me. His supernatural, life-changing miracles transform me into His servant, His friend, His bride. On the day of Pentecost, 2000 years ago, as the Holy Spirit poured into the hearts of all Believers, "Everyone was filled with awe, and many wonders and signs were being performed ..." (Acts 2:43) So, what changed since then? Nothing.


It has been said, if you read a book worth reading, the message of that book, will stay with you forever. Miracles In My Life is one of those books. "Charlie", is really, an everyman kind of guy. He is very comfortable and open in telling you his story as you will see from page one. Miracles In My Life is memorable, relatable, warmly encouraging, and one that will leave you hopeful, and thankful to Our Father in Heaven, for His gracious, loving, caring and guiding work in your own life. What happened to Charlie Hunt, is still happening, and it's my prayer, that this book will encourage you to trust in our Faithful God and Savior Jesus Christ all the more, or perhaps for the first time. It has been said, "He is there. And He is not silent." You will find Him, and hear Him throughout this book. - Pastor Bob Grenier, Calvary Chapel, Visalia, CA.

What a journey! From an aimless hippie in the Seventies to a photographer's helper to an electrical engineer at a world-class university. In this remarkable autobiography - a quick and fascinating read - Hunt looks back on his life's astonishing twists and turns and describes the miracles large and small that guided him from start to finish - unmistakably orchestrated by the Holy Spirit. -Michael Guillen, PhD, Physicist, bestselling author, Emmy-winning journalist, and host of "Science + God with Dr. G"

Anyone who reads the Bible knows that God did miracles in Bible times, but it's always good to hear of how God is working today. As you read Miracles In My Life, you'll be thankful that God still works mightily and miraculously in the lives of those who trust Him. Hearing how God has worked in the life of Charles Hunt will encourage you to trust God to work in your life. -David Guzik, Pastor and Author of the widely-used Enduring Word Bible Commentary.


At the peak of the California hippie scene, Charlie dropped out of college. Hoping to fi nd happiness, purpose and love, he took refuge in Yosemite. He found the real deal: he gave his life to Jesus. In the ensuing decade, Jesus planted him in a ragtag Christian commune in the foothills, led him on a journey across America, gave him the family he always wanted, and carried him through the Ivy League. Today, he is a Professor at UC Davis.

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ISBN-13: 9781946277688
Publisher: Kharis Publishing
Publication date: 11/13/2020
Pages: 150
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