Miracles Made Simple: A Professional Psychic Shows You How to Make Your Dreams Come True

Miracles Made Simple: A Professional Psychic Shows You How to Make Your Dreams Come True

by Patricia Ann Dejoseph


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ISBN-13: 9781929841233
Publisher: We Publish Books
Publication date: 02/28/2005
Pages: 152
Product dimensions: 6.28(w) x 9.20(h) x 0.34(d)

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Have you ever sat daydreaming----wondering what it would be like winning millions in the lottery?  Then, the thought pops up---"I could never be that lucky!"  Have you had a friend or family member receive a large sum of money from an inheritance or a gift, and you wished you could be so fortunate.  Or have you sat in a humdrum job, feeling envious of celebrities and popular athletes who are earning outrageous salaries.  Most of us have set limitations in our lives.  We feel we are never lucky enough to win.  We do not have a shot at the moon.  When they said gravity holds us earthbound, we took it literally to mean that fences are blocking us from going anywhere.  Life is unfair and unjust.  We are trapped by our circumstances.  Perhaps we even feel angry, fearful, or lonely because of our circumstances.  Most of all, we feel helpless to change anything.

The message this book delivers is that we are the captains of our own ships.  We are always empowered to create change.  Also, we can find hope and comfort in the knowledge that we are never---never---alone!  God's Love embraces us always.  And His angels, our spirit guides, and loved ones who have crossed over to the other side are continually guiding and supporting us. The tons of times that we stumble and fall, they always are there to pick us up and even carry us when we cannot walk ourselves.  God made us co-creators with Him---giving us dynamic tools that can transform our lives forever.

Each of us comes into this world with the marvelous ability to create our own reality; but as we grow, we are taught that we have to rely on logic, reason, and experience to make our choices.  Because we live in such a scientific and technological world, which only accepts the physical abilities of our brain, we begin to reject the messages we receive from our inner guidance system-our intuitive or sixth sense.  As early as infancy, we are surrounded by negative energy.  Often our childhood is bombarded by negative affirmations.  Our parents give us constant "don'ts"----don't do this, don't go there, don't trust strangers, don't touch this, etc.  As we grow, we are exposed to so much more negativity in the classrooms, on television, in the newspaper, in our music.  By the time we reach adulthood, we are dog paddling in a sea of negative energy.  Constant messages come across of "how hard life is".  Life can be so unfair and such a struggle.  Success and abundance only come to a select few, while most of us have to work so hard for what we get.  Frequently, we see ourselves as victims of our circumstances---stuck in frustration or even misery.  And we accept our plight.  We become convinced that we cannot succeed.  We close the doors to our true potential.  The exuberance of youth dwindles.  And we become blocked and stagnant.

The great news is that you can happily transform your life.  You can be the captain of your ship, because you are what you believe yourself to be.  Changing your life from negative to positive is as simple as replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.  By adding to this process the ingredient of faith, you have the simple formula of success and prosperity.  Discover abundance by believing you can have it.  You deserve to be happy, and you need to claim it.  Three simple tools (affirmations, visualization, and meditation techniques) will dramatically change your life in such magical ways.  I will lead you through this easy process.  I am certain you will discover amazing results.

Table of Contents

Chapter   1            You Are What You Believe                                                     
Chapter   2            The Dynamics Of Miracle Thinking                                     
Chapter   3            Visualization Really Works                                                  
Chapter   4            Be Specific                                                               
Chapter   5            The Importance Of Goal Setting                                           
Chapter   6            Silence Is Golden                                                            
Chapter   7            Daily Meditation                                                          
Chapter   8            What Island                                                                     
Chapter   9            My Angel Meditation                                                          
Chapter  10            The Amethyst Treatment                                              
Chapter  11            You Have The Stuff                                                  
Chapter  12            Remember The Two A's                                                        
Chapter  13            The Power Of Affirmations - My Prayer For You       

Chapter  14            Miracles In Progress                                                      
Chapter  15            Experience Is The Best Teacher                                                   
Chapter  16            Loving Your Self                                                           
Chapter  17            Become The Butterfly                                                     
Chapter  18            It IS OK to ask                                                                      
Chapter  19            Creating Your Own Hope Chest                                            
Chapter  20            The Challenge                                                                       
Chapter  21            Do What You Love                                                  
Chapter  22            The Side Walk Café                                                  
Chapter  23            The Power Of One                                                    
Chapter  24            The Treasure May                                                     
Chapter  25            Approach Life With A Sense Of  Wonder             
Chapter  26            Open Your Hands To Receive                                      
Chapter  27            Blessing Counts                                                               
Chapter  28            Gratitude                                                                       
Chapter  29            The Energy Of Colors                                                    
Chapter  30            Affirmations To Draw Miracles Into Your Life                       

Chapter  31            The Path To Thaao Penghlis and Beyond               
Chapter  32            Dr. Tom
Chapter  33            The "Rags To Riches" Story                                                                          
Chapter  34            The Big Man With The Big Heart                                                        
Chapter  35            Angels Among Us                                                       
Chapter  36            More Angels To The Rescue                                     
Chapter  37            Infinite Possibilities                                                      

About the Author                                                                                                
A Novena Of Prayers To My Favorite Saints                                      
Prayers To Invoke The Help of Your Angels

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Joe Hooper

"Patricia encompasses the Universal Spirituality -- One God -- with unlimited possibilities."
Reverend, the pastor of the Religious Science Church of the Desert

Anne McClaran

"I cannot express what a blessing it has been to find the information contained in this book! Concepts so simple, but so profound at the same time. Joy and caring radiates thru everything Patricia says!"
Director of Outreach, Antelope Valley Special Olympics

Natalie Turner

"Patricia is truly amazing. She has helped so many people all over the world."

Reggie Holmes

"Mine is a true rags to success story based on Patricia's miracle thinking and her powerful insights"
Superior Concepts LLC

Meredith Applebaum

"A gifted and truly inspirational person. Her readings are not only incredibly accurate but very helpful as well."
Producer (NBC Universal, CNBC Studios)

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